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RUSH: Speaking of which have you heard, ladies and gentlemen? “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and first lady Pamela Northam have tested positive for [the China virus], the governor’s office announced on Friday.

The governor and first lady were alerted Wednesday that an Executive Mansion staff member who works closely within their living quarters had tested positive for the virus after developing symptoms. The couple ‘received PCR nasal swab tests’ on Thursday afternoon and both tests came back positive.”


RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, Trump has an event scheduled for Virginia, a rally in Virginia tonight, and here comes the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has tested positive for COVID-19. They are trying to keep Trump from holding his event. It’s like all recent Trump rallies, it’s scheduled for a hangar at an airport. And they’re trying to get Trump’s rally canceled tonight due to concerns over COVID-19 and the virus.

Now, my question is, if Plugs has this wrapped up, if the Democrats are believing the polling data and that Biden has got a 77, like the betting markets have Biden up 77, 80% chance of winning — of course, you know, the Atlanta Falcons with five minutes left in the game on Sunday had an 89% chance of beating the Cowboys. And what happened there, Brian?

At any rate, if they’re so convinced that Biden’s got this thing sewn up, why worry about Trump at all? Let him come do his rally. If he’s such an ogre, you know, if Mr. Orange Man is so repulsive to people, let him come into your state. Hell, your state’s owned by Democrats anyway now. It’s a blue state now. Let Trump come in, let him embarrass himself. What the hell are you so concerned about? Why do you want to cancel this rally?

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