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RUSH: Folks, I am of the opinion that it looks to me like everybody in that town was colluding with the Russians except for Trump. For crying out loud — and do you know we wouldn’t know what we learned yesterday, last night and today if it weren’t for Judge Emmet Sullivan?

If Emmet Sullivan hadn’t insisted on this stuff with Lt. General Flynn, then we would not have seen the documents that the FBI tried to hide. They were released some time ago’ now they were demanded to be produced. If it weren’t for the fact that Judge Sullivan can’t wait to put Flynn behind bars (which isn’t gonna happen), we wouldn’t have learned what we now know — and this has been known by so many people for so long.

Do you know that the people in this investigation actually went out and got liability insurance for themselves because they knew how rotten what they were doing is? They knew that the Mueller team was all about getting Trump? There are two investigators on this team telling each other, “This is not looking good, Jack.” “I know, Fred.” There’s a distinct get Trump attitude with these people.

The source, folks… Trump was right. Trump has been right about all of this. The source for the Steele dossier… Now, the Steele dossier, remember, there’s not a single thing in it that is true. There’s not an allegation. There’s not an assertion. There’s not a single word in it that is true. It is literally made up. The source for the Steele dossier was investigated by the FBI for being an asset for Russia.

The guy had contacts in Russia. Trump has been right about this from the get-go. The FBI knew the Steele dossier was bogus. They knew there was nothing to it. They still went and got FISA warrants. But what this news is today, is the sub-source — which really is not the deal. He’s the primary source. This guy’s actually the primary source. This is the guy that fed Steele the BS. So in a way, he’s actually the primary source.

They call him the sub-source because Steele’s name is on the dossier, so he is presumed to be the primary source. But he was fed this stuff by a Russian agent, a Russian asset. Folks, this is… It really is, even though it’s kind of an in-the-weeds thing to try to explain but I’m gonna give it my best shot here. It really is a bombshell of a report.

Christopher Steele’s “main source was the subject of a two-year FBI investigation between 2009 and 2011 under suspicion of being a Russian spy and a threat to American national security.” Obama knew it, everybody knew it, and yet they used this guy when he became the source for Steele in the Steele dossier. The FBI says that this source “had previously contact with the Russian embassy and Russian intelligence officers.”

We know the name of the sub-source thanks to Paul Sperry — and we know that he for a time wondering in a Democrat think tank, the Brookings Institution, or Institute. The FBI knew about this investigation into the Russian spy, 2009 to 2011. The FBI knew about this investigation into the source in December of 2016. It knew!

The FBI knew they were relying on information from a suspected Russian spy.


RUSH: Okay. The name of the Russian spy, the sub-source for Christopher Steele and the Steele dossier — that everybody knew was being investigated as a Russian spy! The FBI knew it. They investigated him 2009 to 2011. His name is Igor Danchenko. He’s Ukrainian. He lives in Washington. He lives in the D.C. suburbs, in Virginia. He is amongst the natives. Catherine Herridge, CBS News:

“The primary sub-source for the Steele dossier was deemed a possible ‘national security threat’ + the subject of 2009 FBI counter-intel probe. According to new records, those facts were known to Crossfire Hurricane team in December 2016,” which means that Obama knew about it. They knew that somebody who had been investigated as a Russian spy attempting to undermine the United States was the primary source.

They knew he was a liar, they knew he made things up out of whole cloth, and they still went to get FISA warrants based on this guy and Steele. They knew it was all lies! Adam Schiff, everybody knew. We’re just now finding out ourselves. This sub-source, Ukraine… Remember, it turns out this guy worked closely with Lieutenant Colonel — O say can you see — Vindman, who was a good friend of the whistleblower.

He worked side by side with Fiona Hill at the Brookings and the National Security Council, and a Russian spy and the National Security Council, and he’s a best friend of Fiona Hill and Lieutenant Colonel — O say can you see — Vindman. The impeachment — the Trump impeachment — the Russia scandal, they’re run by the same bunch of people, and the Crossfire Hurricane team has to have been part of it ’cause they knew all of this.


RUSH: Emails: “Rush, this is such an old story now. Why do you spend so much time on it?” Folks, it’s an old story, but it’s perhaps the most outrageous political scandal of our lifetimes. The danger is having it thought of as no big deal because it’s now so far in the past. The more that’s learned about it…

I’m not exaggerating. It seems like everybody but Trump was involved in the Russians in an effort to bring Trump down. Trump was exactly right from the get-go about this. Let me give you some other little information about this. Remember, now, the same FBI, the same Democrat Party, the same bunch of diplomats from Ukraine that testified during the impeachment hearings in the House against Donald Trump…

Those people. Every one of these locoweeds in the Washington establishment so, so concerned about Russian interference in the election — so scared, so worried — were using information from a Russian spy to investigate this presidential campaign. They were the ones in bed with Russia, not Trump. At the same time they were telling the American people how horrible it was that the Russians were involved in meddling in our affairs and trying to sabotage our election, they were the ones in bed with the Russians.

Fiona Hill! Lieutenant Colonel — O say can you see — Vindman, the whistleblower. Adam Schiff. Everybody on the Crossfire Hurricane team. Comey, Brennan, Clapper. They all were in bed with the Russians. They all knew that the source and the sub-source in the dossier were absolute liars. They were Russian agents.

Remember Clapper and Brennan testified they didn’t see one shred of evidence that Trump had ever colluded with Russia when they were under oath at congressional hearings. On television, they’re lying through their teeth for two years about this. This is the FBI… Kimberley Strassel points out: This is the same FBI that claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent. They knew he wasn’t.

They just needed a fall guy to go get a spy warrant from the FISA court, and Carter Page was the guy. They claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent. They were making that case based on information from this Russian spy. That’s the paper trail. This Russian spy is who gave them cover to go ask for a warrant on Carter Page. But as Ms. Strassel points out here.

Most importantly, the FBI never told the FISA court about the investigation of this Russian spy that took place between 2009 and 2011. The FBI withheld that information. They continued to re-up their applications at the FISA court to surveil Carter Page and the Trump campaign. The FBI vouched for information supplied by a suspected Russian agent.

They knew that he was lying. They knew he was a Russian asset. The same FBI that tried to tell how horrible it was that Trump was involving the Russians in our elections. They were. The FBI, MI5, MI6 in the U.K. My lord, folks, I mean, these people were so thick and into it with Russians, that it’s even a bigger crime what they did to Mike Flynn.

It’s an even more outrageous thing that Jeff Sessions recused himself as attorney general. Just a couple of more things about this. We have known for a long time that the sub-source — the Russian asset, the Russian spy, that the FBI investigated from 2009 to 2011.

We have known this guy disavowed the Steele dossier claims! It gets even better. This guy told them that what Steele submitted was not true, and they continued to use it — and Adam Schiff knew that it wasn’t true, and Fiona Hill knew it was true, and Lieutenant Colonel “O say can you see” Vindman knew it. They all knew it wasn’t true. And their sub-source, this Russian spy, told them it wasn’t true.

They continued to use it.

What we didn’t know and what the FBI didn’t tell anybody until now, was that this guy was a known Russian intelligence threat who had been previously invested. This guy, Igor Danchenko, had attempted to penetrate the Obama administration. This guy attempted to run a spy operation on the Obama administration, and the FBI knew that he was still considered dangerous just because of that.

Rather than throw his allegations about Trump away and discard them, and rather than… They should have been up to Capitol Hill, and they should have been telling Congress what was going on. They didn’t say a word about this. They, the FBI, continued to use this guy’s lying claptrap to salvage Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation into Trump stealing the election with the Russians.

So the FBI keep that information from Congress. Catherine Herridge says they never told the FISA court about it. They kept saying that Carter Page was the spy, Carter Page was the guy they needed to surveil. I mean, folks, it’s just… It is a continuing outrage, and everybody involved in this sordid tale was aware that not a single aspect of what they were alleging about Donald Trump and the Russians was true.

Now, I briefly referenced something, just a little kicker here. “Newly disclosed internal FBI notes and text messages,” and again, this largely surfaced (chuckles) because of Judge Sullivan’s relentless pursuit of Michael Flynn. “FBI agents that were tasked by…” Comey knew all this stuff that I’ve just told you.

“FBI agents that were [ordered] by Comey to take Trump down were so concerned about the illegal behavior…” We’re now learning there were two agents in there that didn’t like what was going on at all. We’re just now learning that. We’ve thought up ’til now that everybody there was all-in on this, like Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page.

There were two agents so concerned about the legal behavior, you know what they did? They went out and “purchased personal liability insurance to protect themselves less than two weeks before Trump was inaugurated. These new communications and the internal FBI notes with this information were disclosed in federal court filings [yesterday] from Sidney Powell, the attorney who leads Flynn’s legal defense team.”

Liability insurance? They needed protection because they were openly being forced to lie about this — and the attorney general, William Barr: The source for the Steele dossier investigated by the FBI for Russian contacts. Again, his name is Igor Danchenko. He lives in the D.C. suburbs in Virginia.


RUSH: This is Margaret in Rochester, New York. I’m glad that you called. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, honor to speak to you. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Prayers are with you every day. My question since 2016 to early ’17 we’ve been hearing about all the criminal acts that’s been happening on the left and these indictments, according to Sean Hannity, were gonna be coming down any minute, any minute, and look how fast they put Steve Bannon in jail and yet we have one small FBI employee that’s been indicted. Why? What is up with the Republicans that they can’t indict any Democrats?

RUSH: So you’re fed up with hearing about it, I take it?

CALLER: I’m fed up with no indictments.

RUSH: Well, yeah. It’s not over. I still think there are gonna be some indictments. What you’re really mad about is there haven’t been any yet.


RUSH: And you’re asking, what good are they gonna be after the election?

CALLER: Well, that, too, but not only that, just why haven’t any of them been indicted at all?

RUSH: ‘Cause the investigation isn’t complete. Look, I know what you’re thinking. The Democrats never get indicted. They always get away with all this ’cause they run the swamp —


RUSH: — at the end of the day. And so you’re upset because you think you’ve been sold a bill of goods again. You’ve been promised this or assured, led to believe that this time these people are gonna pay the price. And they’re not. And you’re just fed up. You’re fed up with being led down this primrose path that never has any payoffs to it?

CALLER: Right. That’s exactly right.

RUSH: I understand it. I feel the same way in a lot of ways. But I do know that the attorney general has been very honest from the very first day he acknowledged that he thought the Trump campaign’s been spied on. He then appoints Durham, and I know that they’ve been doing an investigation. I know they’ve been turning up some very serious stuff like this stuff we learned today. The thing about this stuff, it’s actually been known for two years. And we’re only finding out about it yesterday and last night.

CALLER: Right. Thank God for Bill Barr. I’ll say that.

RUSH: Yeah. Look, I understand your frustration. What did you say about they put Bannon behind bars?

CALLER: Yeah. He got back out, but how quick they went after him and how fast they had him under arrest for his pardon supposedly, the money laundering or whatever. And yet they can’t put one Democrat? Schiff. The whole bunch of them.

RUSH: Well, it wouldn’t be members of Congress. It would be these FBI people. It would be the people that lied to the FISA court. It would be the people that ran Crossfire Hurricane. The names would be McCabe, Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, Jim Baker. You might even put Brennan and Clapper in there. But just have to be patient. I think it’s gonna happen sometime.

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