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RUSH: Here’s Rochelle in Columbus, Ohio. You’re next. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much for taking my call. Snerdley is awesome, and mega prayers to you both. I’ll try to be quick. I’m calling about the big H-word, hydroxychloroquine. I think the Republicans need to exploit this big time because Trump was right. Way back on the 21st of March he put out a tweet saying this could be a potential game-changer, and of course I don’t know why the Democrats are so against it. They’re still putting out, you know, studies that use too much of a high dosage, they use it at the wrong time. But we need to make it simple for the American public.

If you look at Turkey, a country which is one-fourth our size, they have fewer than 10,000 deaths. And here we are in the United States with 20 times that. Trump was right way back in March. And there are other cities coming out. There’s some (unintelligible) ones, but when they all start coming out in December, it won’t matter. They need to exploit this hugely. It’s a huge violation of public trust.

And, in my opinion, if they want the soccer moms, they need to find a soccer mom in the United States somewhere which had a sick child that hydroxychloroquine helped, or maybe find a few of them, and put that on a commercial and have the mother say, “Look, this saved my child. I don’t know what I would have done if I was in a Democratic city where they have banned hydroxychloroquine.”

I mean, and you look at Ecuador. There’s a city in Ecuador, it’s spelled Guayaquil, they had people dying all over the place. Those doctors fought the power, the stupid WHO had like banned or said, you know, hydroxychloroquine is bad. Those doctors in that city in Ecuador, they went against the rule and they used it anyway, and they brought their death rate down drastically within weeks. And granted it’s not a prospective study. But people — we’re not that stupid. But, you know, they need to market that to the United States public, just look at those numbers. Trump was right, and he needs to exploit that, in my opinion.

RUSH: Why aren’t there more people pushing it?

CALLER: What do you mean? Pushing how good it is?

RUSH: Yeah. I mean, if Trump was right, why isn’t he pushing it? Why aren’t a whole bunch of people out pushing it?

CALLER: I don’t know why, but it is very frustrating that they’re not. Look at the Henry Ford study. Granted that’s a retrospective study, but, believe me, I mean, when it’s supposed to come out in December it won’t matter. The GOP needs to get out, do more research, even just, I don’t know, put the studies, some of the really positive studies on Trump’s website. The other studies had bad results. They were using way high dosages, that would hurt anybody if you’re using that high of a dosage. But when they use a normal dosage and they started early, they were saving many lives. I mean the death rates are lower.

There was a study in the Dutch country. It was retrospective. But it’s 8,000 people. And it cut the death rate by like 30%. I mean, the GOP needs to get people looking at this. Because the American public is not bright enough to follow all this stuff with the Steele dossier, but when it comes to health and public trust you can get through to them with that. Look at Turkey. They have less than 10,000 people dead. They are one-fourth our size. Again, the other arguments are, “Well, Turkey did other things.” But, yeah, they did a lot of trace —

RUSH: Don’t forget how cheap it is at the same time. That may be the answer to your question. We gotta take a break. I’m glad you called, Rochelle.

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