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RUSH: Ken in Littleton, Massachusetts. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Just pretty simple and direct: Why the hell would Trump agree to peacefully hand over or transition the presidency when in all likelihood it’s gonna be a frigging mess?

RUSH: He wouldn’t. Exactly right. Exactly right. In fact, I had a note here. Who was the…? I got a pop quiz for you, since you’re the first guy that can take the pop quiz. You ready? You want to take the pop quiz?

CALLER: Go. Give it.

RUSH: Who’s the last Democrat nominee to concede on election night, the last Democrat who did it?

CALLER: Hmmm. (muttering) Oh, boy, let’s see. Jimmy Carter.

RUSH: Nope. But you’re close. It’s Mike Dukakis, The Loser. Dukakis is the last Democrat who conceded on election night. You have to go all the way back… That’s 1988. John F-ing Kerry and Hillary Clinton conceded the next day. They didn’t believe it. They conceded the next day. Clinton and Obama both won twice so they didn’t have to concede.

CALLER: Yep. He’s a patriot. He just… The way that guy has stood up for this country is just unbelievable.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: The left will never get it.

RUSH: Isn’t it, though? Just amazing. A guy standing up for the country, Make America Great Again, that’s controversial? That means we gotta destroy the guy? So all this talk, “Are you gonna peacefully concede?” You have to go back to 1988. How many years is that, 30? No. It’s 32 years since a Democrat has conceded on election night — 32 years — and they’re asking Trump?

I’m telling you, the guy that deserves to be asked the question is Biden, or any other Democrat. I’m glad you called out there, Ken. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Folks, you have to give… I’m just gonna tell you something. You gotta give Biden’s handlers some credit. All-in at the end of the day, this may be the biggest con in the history of the country, outside of the hoax of Trump colluding with Russia.

They actually took a mummy, Joe Biden, and they’ve gotten to within 40 days of the election passing him off as a legitimate candidate. Think of the conspiracies and the collusions every day with the media just to get this far? Can you imagine if Joe Biden were a Republican?

The media’s questioning would be relentless. Putting a lid on the campaign every day at 9:30 would not be tolerated. Just the work that the Biden people are doing with the media to keep them quiet is amazing. You gotta give ’em credit, folks. They have kept a mummy around as a viable candidate for how many months, now?

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