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RUSH: have you ever wondered what’s going on? They put a lid on the campaign every day at 9:30 a.m., Biden puts a lid on it. That means they shut it down. You know what’s going on? He is doing debate prep. They are scared to death. They’re using money and the media to do their campaigning for them while Biden is obviously doing this debate prep. They’re paranoid what’s gonna happen with these debates.

And I’m telling you, if you overprep a candidate for anything, if you overprep anybody for a debate or public appearance, you’re gonna end up causing them to freeze anyway ’cause you’re gonna overload ’em with information. And with Plugs, it isn’t gonna take much to overload him. It’s just the way it is. Putting a lid on the campaign every day at 9:30? And where is Harris? Where the hell is she? She’s not out there. Everybody talks about Plugs not taking questions. Neither is she. She’s invisible. She’s nowhere out there.

Meanwhile, Trump is working himself like nobody’s ever worked before. And the contrast is so obvious. I mean, Biden couldn’t do 1% of what Trump is doing in any given day. And ditto Kamala Harris.

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