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RUSH: Grab sound bite number 2. Romney, Capitol Hill today. He was also on Fox Business. But I think this bite is from CNN. Yeah. Yeah. Here’s what he said. This was CNN with Manu Raju. Manu Raju sounds like that Italian sauce company. “Back in 2016, the message from the Republican Party was, let the voters decide. Why is it appropriate now to not let the voters decide?” I want to see what Romney says.

ROMNEY: On the other hand, when there’s a nominee of a party that is in the same party as the Senate, then typically they do confirm. So the Garland decision was consistent with that. And the decision to proceed now with President Trump’s nominee is also consistent with history. I came down on the side of the Constitution and precedent, as I’ve studied it, and make the decision on that basis.

RUSH: All right. But he doesn’t even need to go that far. Let’s go back to the question here. The question is so misleading. The question is so distorted, the question from the CNN reporter, “Back in 2016 the message from the Republican Party was let the voters decide. Why is it appropriate now to not let the voters decide?” Mr. Raju, the voters did decide. They decided in 2016. They elected Donald Trump specifically because of the list of Supreme Court nominees that he shared with everybody.

Last I looked, the 2016 is the most recent election where the voters decided. The 2020 election has nothing to do, Mr. Raju, with this Supreme Court vacancy. Nothing to do with it. The voters have decided. They voted for Donald Trump to fill Supreme Court vacancies in 2016. And, lo and behold, we’ve got one now. And, lo and behold, we have enough Republicans who realize that, that we have the votes to confirm the nominee, whoever she ends up being.

But this is one of the things they’re trying to do, is to say that voters are being denied the opportunity to weigh in on this, that for some reason we need to wait ’til the next election since we’re so close to it for the voters to decide. Voters are already decided. This vacancy occurs during the presidential first term of Donald Trump. According to the Constitution, he gets to fill the vacancy. He gets to fill it. He gets to nominate the vacancy. The Senate gets to advise and consent. And they are going to do that.

So they can try to distort this all they want, but they don’t have a way right now via votes to stop it. Even the Washington Post: “Democrats Largely Powerless to Stop the Republicans from Confirming Court Choice.”

Trump’s approval numbers ticked up to 48% in the Harris-Hill poll. They have another story here from the Wall Street Journal, James Freeman, Pelosi promising that her quiver was filled with arrows, this past Sunday. James Freeman says her quiver is empty. There aren’t any arrows in it. She doesn’t have any ammo. There is no way to stop Trump’s nominee. The Democrats don’t have the votes. The House has nothing to say about it in the first place, which is where Pelosi lives. The Democrats in the Senate don’t have the votes.

There’s nothing that she can do to stop. Trump has dared her to impeach him. She’s thrown that out: I can impeach him every day of the week to slow down the process. Trump has dared her to do it. Romney says that it’s time to move ahead with this on the basis of the Constitution.

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