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RUSH: Folks, occasionally now and then I recommend a book to you that I have come across, that I have found worth the time, and one such book is Cal Thomas. Now, this book actually came out earlier in the year, January-February. And he sent me a copy of the book, but there was all kinds of other things going on at the beginning of this year that were… well, compared to a book in the mail, they were distracting and they took all kinds of precedent.

So, I never saw it, I didn’t see it. And for reasons that I can’t get into, he sent me a note about, I don’t know, a month ago, “What happened? You never talked about my book.” I said, “What book?” He said, “Well, I sent you a book back in January.” Well, I didn’t get it, or I did get it and didn’t know I had it, whatever. I found out about it now, and I can tell you it’s a fascinating — it’s a small book. It’s not something you have to invest a whole lot of time in.

It’s called America’s Expiration Date. And the reason it’s interesting, people ask me all the time, “Rush, is this it? Rise and fall of the Roman empire. Are we near the end?” This country is over 200 years old now. It’s held on against incredible odds. There isn’t a country on the face of the earth that has held on forever. And is America gonna be like all the others and eventually end its run? And course the temptation today is, yeah, because we’ve got forces arrayed against this country for the first time that are internal forces that may pose a greater threat than our external forces do. Because they are allied with the external forces. Like Black Lives Matter, the current iteration of the Democrat Party and Antifa are all tied in, and so much of American high-tech is tied in inexorably with the ChiComs. The communist Chinese. They have incredible loyalty, the communist Chinese.

And we’ve got one guy in this country who is trying to sound the warning bells about China and every threat they pose, not just the coronavirus, but the threat they pose militarily, the threat they pose economically, the threat they pose in terms of their high-tech and the relationships that they have. So, it’s this that Cal Thomas has written about. America’s Expiration Date. And it traces the history of eight empires and superpowers and demonstrates and shows how each of these eight empires and superpowers followed the same, exact path in decline.

It is stunning. Eight empires, superpowers. Each followed the same path in their ultimate decline. And it finishes with the United States and argues that we only have a short time to turn it around or we will surely be the ninth. We will follow the others. It’s not a Broadway musical. It’s not Hamilton, don’t misunderstand. It’s a sobering look at the likelihood USA survives the various attacks and assaults that are being made against her from within our borders.

And the great thing about this book — look, you’re not gonna have to spend hours and hours and hours reading it. It cuts to the chase. It’s called America’s Expiration Date. And if there’s anybody who would honestly research this and present this subject to you, it is Cal Thomas. So that’s who it is. America’s Expiration Date. As I say, it was published in January-February. But it’s still out there, still out there in hardcover, still out there in paper, still out there in e-book format, wherever you want to go get it.

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