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RUSH: You have Biden, who will not even produce a list. Folks, I do not know how the Democrats can sit there and criticize Trump and suggest this or that, that Trump not name his pick, that it be waited and delayed until after the election, when Biden won’t even produce a list. The Biden campaign, Plugs himself, will not even produce a list of potential nominees.

Well, then there’s no reason, especially in that situation, there’s no reason to wait ’til after the election. ‘Cause Plugs doesn’t even want his list of potential nominees to be a factor in the election, whereas Trump has made it a centerpiece. He’s made it a centerpiece twice. Made a centerpiece in 2016. He’s made a centerpiece for 2020. And, again, I’m telling you, the 2020 election’s got nothing to do with this Supreme Court vacancy. Absolutely nothing to do with it. The Democrats are trying to say that it does.

They’re using their traditional control of the media. For example, over the weekend the media was already out with a poll saying Republicans lose big if they hold a vote for a replacement. That’s just a crock. There is no way a reliable poll could have been done that quickly. Because if there was a reliable poll out there that everybody believed, then Thom Tillis, Martha McSally would not have jumped on the “yes” so fast, and they both did. They both jumped on “yes,” they’re gonna vote for the nominee, they’re gonna do it before the election and it ought to happen before the election. There is not a reliable poll. And yet there’s the media saying they’ve got a poll. I think it’s Reuters, I’m not sure which, but they were out there saying they’ve got a big poll, Republicans lose big time if they hold a vote on a replacement nominee.


RUSH: Now, look, I have not confirmed this, but I have been told that one of the reasons why Plugs will not release his list of Supreme Court nominees is that Stacey Abrams — the perennial “I should be governor of Georgia” woman — is at the top of it. That is a reason to keep the list hidden, if you ask me.


RUSH: Barack Hussein Obama, Plugs Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, every Democrat senator and at least two Republicans, every single consultant, every single talking head on cable, everybody’s screaming that Trump should not make the pick until after the election. But that would mean that we would have to know who’s on Trump’s list, which we do because Trump has released it. But Joe Biden is not releasing his list, and he is saying he’s not gonna release his list.

Well, hey, you radical leftists, you don’t get it both ways. And, by the way, you’re not gonna get this anyway, but I’m just making a point. You don’t get it both ways. You don’t get to say that we need to wait for the next president to pick when your nominee will not make his list public. How can the voters make an informed choice? They can’t.

As I say, I am told — and I don’t have any idea how reliable it is — that one of the reasons Plugs is not making his list public is because of who’s on it. And supposedly near or at the top of his list is Stacey Abrams, this woman in Georgia who still thinks that she won the governorship there two years ago or four. Yeah, coming up on four years ago. You know, the one that Oprah went in there and they had coffee and doughnuts, little meeting there, and Oprah tried to push Stacey Abrams over the top. But this was a big push. I mean, there’s a lot of weight involved there, and didn’t quite get over the hump, so to speak.

It doesn’t matter. Stacey Abrams thinks she won anyway. All the votes haven’t been counted or whatever. But she is not nationally accepted. She’s loved and adored by leftist Democrats but nobody else.

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