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RUSH: On Monday, President Trump said that he has narrowed down his list of nominees for the Supreme Court vacancy to five people. He’ll likely announce the choice by Friday or Saturday, following funeral services for Justice Ginsburg. He’s urging the Senate to act quickly, and hold a vote before the election.

The Democrats are livid. Nancy Pelosi floated the idea of impeaching him — again — to delay the nomination. Radical Democrats are calling for their fringe base to take to the streets — again. They’re demanding that Republicans honor Justice Ginsburg’s supposed “dying wish” to wait until after the election to fill the vacancy. And, of course, the Democrats and the media are harping on the failed nomination of Merrick Garland, following the death of Justice Scalia, as a reason to wait.

Now, Democrats and their media lackeys can whine, moan, and threaten all they want. The president is charged by our Constitution to fill the vacancy. The Senate is charged to advise and consent — which is exactly what happened with Garland. Obama named him; the Senate withheld consent.

Justice Ginsburg’s “dying wish” has no force of law. (It’s not her seat.) Neither do protests, complaints, or revisionist history. The only thing that matters in filling a Supreme Court vacancy is the Constitution.

And, as usual, that’s what Democrats are opposing. That’s what they are intent on ignoring: The Constitution.

“Screw that!” they say.

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