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RUSH: You know, at Trump’s rally last night he was in rural Wisconsin. It was in the middle part of the state. And during Hannity’s hour when they telecast, they came away from the rally for a couple minutes, and Reince Priebus, who’s a Wisconsin resident, and Reince Priebus pointed out that what is happening in Wisconsin doesn’t happen. That Trump is experiencing a resurgence in rural Wisconsin, surging in areas that generally don’t surge, either at all or this late in the game, or for Republicans, if I understood him correctly.

He was making a big deal out of the resurgence in rural Wisconsin for Trump that’s occurring as we speak. People in Bradley, Wisconsin, will tell you that the riots there turned them off. And the Kenosha riots and so forth really turned off suburban voters to Biden. But the thing is — and I keep harping on this because it matters. I said yesterday and I checked my email. A lot of people thought, “Wow, Rush, I never thought of it this way. I’m not sure you’re right about that.” I claimed that the most enthusiastic voter in America today is the Trump voter. To me, there’s no question about it. It’s not even close.

And you can pick any Democrat you want. There isn’t anywhere near the enthusiasm for any Democrat — AOC, Gavin Newsom, John Kasich, take your pick of any Democrat out there, they can’t lay claim to anywhere near the enthusiasm that Trump has. And this includes Biden. There is zero enthusiasm for Biden. Biden is benefiting from one thing. He’s the guy with the big D next to his name on the ballot.

There is party loyalty out the wazoo, but there isn’t enthusiasm. Hillary Clinton didn’t have anywhere near the enthusiasm that people believed that she had. And I’ll grant that she had more than Biden does. Kamala Harris doesn’t have any, folks. Kamala Harris, where is she? She’s not drawing flies. She’s not drawing crowds. They’re even try to make fashion statements. She’ll go out and wear a pair of boots that Melania Trump wore a couple months ago and they attacked Melania Trump for wearing boots, they were no class, she’s got no business, that’s yuck-o.

Here Kamala Harris shows up wearing the exact same things and she is making a fashion statement. It’s Michelle Obama all over again. But Biden’s not generating any enthusiasm, doesn’t have any. Neither does Kamala Harris. This stuff matters. It matters on to how people vote and how many people vote, particularly on Election Day. Turnout.

Like I said, the shooting of the sheriff’s deputies in Compton, that’s the kind of thing that could have a huge impact, that people like the media will totally miss, not even notice it. Look at the attorney general, Mr. Barr. He is loaded for bear out there. He is fit to be tied over what is happening to the whole concept of justice in this country.

But I want to go back to this Biden enthusiasm business for one minute. Because it’s always been true. There hasn’t been any enthusiasm for any of the 23 people who ran, folks. If there had been, we wouldn’t have ended up with Biden and Kamala Harris. Now, I’m making a big deal. We really need to know who it is that’s running Biden and his campaign. Who are these invisible people that will be the power?

They’re not showing up. They’re not putting their face in front of us. They’re not raising money. They’re not campaigning. They’re not making statements. They’re being allowed to hide and run a stealth campaign and nobody knows who they are. But we do. When you get right down to, we know who they are, folks. The socialists now are the big money. And it isn’t just George Soros.

There’s a controversy, I guess, that happened on Fox News a couple days ago. Newt Gingrich brought up George Soros or Melissa Francis brought up George, Soros, somebody said, “Shut up about George Soros, you can’t bring up George Soros.” I don’t remember specifically what it was. But a lot of people said, “That’s not fair. What do you mean, you can’t talk about George Soros?”

Look, George Soros is George Soros, and he’s a big-time Democrat fundraiser, donor, but there are more than him. You know, Bloomberg spent a hundred million dollars in Florida. These people, it’s not so much they hate Trump. They are scared to death of Trump. And much of it has to do with China. Same thing with Silicon Valley. The people in big tech. They are in bed with China in ways you would not believe. Wall Street firms have very close relationships with the ChiComs. Almost all of the Fortune 500 families.

I mean, even the Walton family is giving money to Biden, and big. They’re also spreading it around to Republicans, too, but they are also making sure that they are covering themselves with Biden. Now, for some of these people, it’s to make sure that Chinese investments keep coming. For some of them they’re just lunatic, unhinged energy fanatics. Some are terrified that Trump is gonna end up regulating big tech.

But I think most of it is angry, left-wing rich people who realize nobody’s listening to them. And they have zero access now. It’s kind of like the Never Trumpers. You look at the wealthy, rich people that ran for the Democrat nomination, and they were among the first to be waved good-bye to. Tom Steyer, nobody cares. This guy’s dumped how many billions into green energy, political campaigns. This guy is for all intents and purposes, outside of his immediate circle he’s a joke. He literally thought that he could be swept to the nomination out of gratitude for all he’s done for green energy. Nope. He’s not a big enough celebrity for the Democrats. He looks too much like a geek.

Well, you don’t tell Tom Steyer that he doesn’t matter. So I’ll guarantee you Tom Steyer is with Bernie Sanders, and they are together running the Biden campaign. But it isn’t just Tom Steyer. There’s all kinds of these wealthy, rich people who realize nobody’s listening. Do you realize that’s one of the problems the Never Trumpers had? They realized that Trump gets elected, nobody’s listening to them. They’re out there for the entirety of the 2016 campaign, and they believe that they’re the intellectual fuel behind the conservative movement in the Republican Party.

They then believe that they can kill the Trump campaign by simply urging people not to support Trump. These people in the Never Trumper intellectual conservative movement, the Bill Kristols and these magazine types, they literally believed that you and I all thought that they were the brains behind our so-called movement. That they and they alone were able to move conservatism forward. They and they alone were able to give it energy, to give this pizzazz. They and they alone were able to force it into policy and so forth.

They had no clue how irrelevant they were. You got Bolton writing a book, all these supposed conservatives who are really nothing but beggars. “What do you mean by that?” They run around asking people for money. Antithesis of conservatism. Seeking donors. I mean, even for their magazines they have to go out and they have to find Mr. Moneybags to underwrite ’em. There isn’t anything in the meritocracy of the Never Trumpers that can independently support them. But they believe that they were the intellectual force.

So they’re lining up, they’re hating Trump because Trump represents a threat. Trump represents a lot of threats to them. So they immediately target Trump as unacceptable. His manners, his mannerisms, his character or lack thereof, his lack of qualification, his hair, his orange makeup, yuk. And Trump still led the entire field, almost the entire campaign, and they were not listened to. They were totally ignored. And it drove ’em crazy. And it’s continuing to drive them crazy. As such, they’ve got zero access now.

Trump doesn’t give a rat’s rear end what they think. He doesn’t care to seek their advice. And it’s the same thing on the left with some of these rich socialists. The Democrats were happy to take their money, but that was it. Well, now they’ve gotten their way and found their place somewhere invisible in the nooks and crannies of the Biden campaign, and they along with Crazy Bernie are running it.

You know, ego is a big thing with these people, folks. Ego’s a big, big thing with our Never Trumpers. They were doomed by their egos, because their egos told them things that weren’t true about how popular they were, how respected they were, how important they were. They ultimately found out that most people didn’t care who they are. And that most people were not impressed with whatever impresses themselves about themselves, but it’s zero access. It’s about not being listened to, it’s about being ignored.

These really rich people on the left, though, these people are dangerous. They’re gonna give tons of money. People like Steve Jobs’ widow, she bought The Atlantic, the magazine. She bought it as a vehicle to do hit pieces against Republicans and against Trump. Laurene Powell Jobs is her name. Then you got the Lincoln Project, you got Bloomberg and his hundred million dollars in Florida. If Trump wins these people are gonna go beserk because they think they’re dealing with a moron and a buffoon who ought to be easy to defeat.

They thought they owned Hillary, and they were gonna go full Green Deal and outdo Obama, and they would have, except Hillary lost, and now it looks like Biden’s in trouble.


RUSH: This is Casey, Sandpoint, Idaho. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I want to start out by saying mega prayers and thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to say that one of the main concerns that I have is I believe this whole cheat-by-mail that the Democrats are currently pushing under the guise of COVID and everything else right now to defeat Donald Trump this November, I think it’s more of a sinister plan to steal the House and the Senate on top of that. And then they could effectively, if they don’t defeat Trump, push more things like impeachment, you know, Trump wouldn’t be allowed to nominate people to things like secretary of state, Supreme Court nominees, things like that —

RUSH: Hang on. I need to stop you because I’m not sure — did you say you have reservations about mail-in ballots?

CALLER: Not absentee ballots. Mail-in ballots. And then things like they’re doing in Pittsburgh, you know, allowing three days after the election is closed and not verifying postmarks, things like that. If they steal the House and Senate, we’re not gonna have things like the Judiciary Committee. We’ve got the Durham investigation coming up. But they can suppress things, redactions, stuff like that. We’ll never see anything like that. Trump will only get swamp rats and deep-staters approved through the Supreme Court and things like that if the Democrats hold the Senate and the House because they basically can control, if they approve somebody, that he nominates.

RUSH: Yeah. This is part and parcel of the fear I have that if they win the White House, they’re gonna win the Senate. I’ve been talking about it all week, it’s gonna lead us to one-party rule. You’re just giving examples of how that would look.

CALLER: Yeah. They’d effectively neuter everything that he’s running on right now until we could possibly get to the midterms, and then even after that, a lame-duck president, he’d have a couple months to do anything that he’s promised all of us.

RUSH: Yeah. My fear is the midterms won’t matter if they’re actually able to achieve this thing that they’re going for.

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