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RUSH: Boy, I have a great piece today that I hope I’m able to do justice. Our buddy Lee Smith, who was one of the early journalists to expose the entire coup that was the Trump-Russia collusion story, is out with a piece that explains why the hatred for Trump. And it’s not so much hatred, he says, it’s fear. His investigation has led him to conclude that it really isn’t due to the fact that Trump’s an outsider and that they’re establishment wonks, although that’s a factor. He says it’s all about China.

He said we would not believe the number of Americans in the military, at the Pentagon — he names names — who have become independently wealthy via payments from China. Their entire families have been set up. Their futures of the kids they have are set up. And here comes Trump attempting to inflict great harm on the ChiComs as an enemy of the U.S., when so many Americans, including former ranking officials in previous presidential administrations and at the Pentagon have already sold out to the ChiComs, for money, for personal aggrandizement. And it makes great sense.

It prints out to six pages. And normally we go through these and I mark them up by highlighting just those aspects that convey the central points. This was impossible to mark up. I mean, the whole thing. It appears, where Lee Smith writes, at a website called Tablet. So there’s that to get to today.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier a column by Lee Smith. Lee Smith has done tremendous work. He writes at many places, published at many places. One of them is called Tablet. It’s a website magazine. He was among the first working with Devin Nunes, Victor Davis Hanson, a number of these people that really blew the lid off of this James Comey, FBI, CIA-led coup attempt, the phony allegations that Trump had colluded with Russia, had successfully stolen the 2016 election.

Well, Mr. Smith is back because it still hasn’t been fully explained in his mind, and he has continued to investigate it, because there is so much of this that still doesn’t make sense. For example, this irrational hatred of Donald Trump. It can be explained up to a point, but beyond that point it’s senseless. How does it survive? How does this hatred for Trump hold its passion, its energy? How do they not fizzle out? Most people’s emotional reservoirs are not capable of what these people are exhibiting toward Donald Trump.

So one of the theorems is that this is about more than hate for Donald Trump. It’s about more than just inside elitism versus outside. It’s about more than just the deep state trying to hold on to its druthers and Trump being an outsider upsetting the applecart. It’s gotta be more because it’s irrational under those criteria. None of this makes any sense in rational analysis. Nobody is hated this much.

Now, I will say that I think the failure — these people are all very powerful, and they’re all very aware of their power. They’re all convinced, for example, that they have the power to get rid of anybody, to ruin anybody that they want. And they have failed to lay a glove, in the real world, on Donald Trump.

Up until the virus, he was implementing his agenda and setting records with wage increases, unemployment, the labor force participation rate, tax cuts, he was setting records. Then the virus hits. These people are frustrated to no end. They haven’t been able to get rid of him. So that would explain some, but not all. So Mr. Smith believes that there’s something else driving this in addition.

It is a long piece. We’re gonna link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. We probably already have. It’s well worth reading if you have any interest in journalism or the lack thereof. But I think what this really means, if you read the piece, it means that there’s more than hatred for Trump. There is also a great fear. And this fear is not personal to Trump. It would exist if anybody was doing what Trump is doing in relation to China.

This piece makes the point that the American elite today should be properly named the China class. They have essentially given United States sovereignty and the power that they have over American sovereign, they’ve given it away to China, in exchange for personal wealth, incredible personal wealth. They are thus afraid of what Trump can destroy, i.e., them and their families being set for the rest of their lives.

They are afraid of what Trump will be able to expose. They are afraid of what Trump will be able to explain about James “Mad Dog” Mattis, what Trump knows about Stanley McChrystal, what he knows about a number of these people who have sold out to China, including tech overlords. They’re scared to death what Trump has learned as this has all gone on.

Now, what the piece does not address is what or how, other than Trump, we get rid of this group. How do we overturn them? How do we render them meaningless? Massively rich group of people that had no money. They earned whatever they earned in the military. Then they got on boards of directors after they retired. Then they got a percentage of military contracts that they got themselves in the middle of.

But up until that, these people lived on government salaries. They had no money. And they wanted money because everybody they dealt with had money, like the Clintons. And the reason they got into Whitewater, they got sick and tired of everybody they know was filthy rich. And they didn’t even have enough money to go on a ski weekend Aspen unless Jeffrey Epstein took ’em along.

So these people that we’re talking about, they want the kind of money that they will never be able to earn. And they got it from China. Let me give you some pull quotes from the story.

“Calling out the American elite for betraying American interests in the service of their own personal and corporate bottom lines helped Donald Trump win the presidency. … The American elite’s financial relationship with China is the key to understanding what’s been happening in America the past four years.

“Any president, Democrat or Republican, who took on China would have been targeted by the China Class,” just as Trump has been. “Because it was Trump flying the Republican banner who sided with America’s working men and women, the Democrats resorted to alliances with powers that now threaten the stability and security of the country.”

Trump has been talking about taking on China since long before he was elected, long before he even ran for office. And it explains the hatred these people have had for Trump since day one.

“It is largely because Trump sought to decouple the United States from the CCP that America’s China Class, which owns the platforms on which Americans communicate, has waged a relentless campaign of information warfare against him through its social media and prestige media brands.”

They’ve been doing everything they can to destroy him while he has sought so decouple the U.S. from these Chinese arrangements and thereby imperiling these people.

“Consider the last two anti-Trump info ops: He gratuitously denigrated the historical suffering of African Americans, and he expressed contempt for America’s war dead. These are the sort of false allegations that political operatives are tasked to manufacture and disseminate during election season.

“Their purpose is to reinforce a negative impression of the opposing party among whatever cohort is being addressed, and make the target spend resources–time and money and sometimes blood–on defense. That’s politics 101, since the time of the Romans. What’s new is that this is now journalism too. Since the internet defunded the press at the end of the 20th century -” you know what that means? Since the internet came along and offered news for free, that was the end. That’s how the press was defunded.

“Social media became the dominant player in America’s information space, journalism has abandoned the traditional standards and practices that once defined reporting. For instance, the smear holding that Trump is contemptuous of the military was supposedly based on four anonymous sources recalling exchanges from three years ago, which have been contradicted by dozens of named sources -” Nineteen of them have said this is BS, some of whom were there when this didn’t happen and have said it didn’t happen. “In traditional journalistic terms, that’s not a news story–that’s a failed attack line.” And they continue with it, even though it has been blown to smithereens.

“American journalists, who now draw their paychecks directly and indirectly from the country’s largest economic interest–technopolies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook–are now turning the public sphere into a phantasmagoria of conspiracy theories and hysteria to cement the politburo’s position and privilege.”

Look. It’s a long piece. And it names names. Former highly respected military people like James “Mad Dog” Mattis, Stanley McChrystal. The piece literally accuses them of enriching themselves via favorable policies at the expense of United States interests, national interests, and sovereignty.

And here comes Donald Trump out of the blue running for the presidency, nobody thinks he’s gonna win, and he does, and who is his target? The ChiComs. He’s gonna redo trade deals. He’s gonna make sure that China does not have the advantage over the United States that these people gave it.

America has been sold-out to the ChiComs by a bunch of so-called American patriots. And Trump has come along and said, “No more. Not under my watch is this gonna happen. We’re gonna make America great again. And then we’re gonna keep America great.” Well, what that means to these people is that the advantages the Chinese now have built in are going to be erased, and there’s gonna be a flat-out competition for it.

And these people are not gonna have the access to things in America beneficial to the Chinese because Trump knows who they are and is not gonna let them have free rein. And it’s explained, the piece explains how this is all happening, how it did happen, how it was organized and structured.

For example, when Jeff Bezos, or Bezos, however he pronounces it, when he bought the Washington Post and, by extension, the Bob Woodward brand, when he bought those two things in 2013, he had no more idea than Vladimir Putin did that Donald Trump would one day sit in the Oval Office. Bezos bought the Washington Post and the Bob Woodward brand for the same reason Laurene Powell Jobs picked up The Atlantic — to defend the tech industry, to defend their own businesses and the political arrangements with China’s manufacturing base that drive their profits to protect them from any political interference.

Well, look at Google. Google will allow themselves to be censored in their search engine by anything the Chinese demand. Apple. If the Chinese say you can’t sell that app, Apple says fine, we will abide by your law. If the Chinese tell Amazon whatever they tell Amazon, Amazon will go along with them, whatever the Chinese say. Now, the Chinese have bought this.

Do any of you remember this bogus medical operation called Theranos and the woman behind it named Elizabeth Holmes? You would not believe some of the people who invested in that and who ended up on her board of directors and who ended up being made billionaires before it was exposed as a fraud. You would not believe the names. They are named in this piece. Some of them are involved with the Hoover Institution in California.

So the bottom line is, folks, that, yeah, there’s hatred for Trump for all the reasons that you’ve thought, but it’s not enough to sustain this operation against him. That there’s real money, lifestyle, futures at stake and that it is fear of the guy and what he may succeed in doing that has them out of their gourds.

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