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RUSH: Last night’s Biden town hall was nothing momentous. He was really bad. Nobody is breaking it down. The Democrats are so hell-bent on power, they had to jettison the entire field for this guy. Twenty-three people ran for this nomination. This is who they ended up with. There wasn’t a one of those 23 who lit it up.

Stop and think of this. The first one out of the race was Kamala Harris. She got out before a single vote was cast. There was no enthusiasm for any of those 23 people. There is no enthusiasm for Biden. What Biden has going for him is he’s the guy who has the D next to his name on the ballot.

They dumped the gay guy for this old man. They dumped the angry woman. They dumped the insane woman. They dumped the communist because the dementia old man was the best choice they had. They got rid of the fake Indian. They got rid of the nutcase who believes in climate change, Tom Steyer, who’s blown billions of dollars on it. Biden is the best they could come up with? No. Biden is the vessel that allows the real powers behind this party to run it.


RUSH: I’m not kidding. If you stop and think, the Democrat Party, there were 23 people that sought that nomination. They had to do their debates over two nights at first in order to get them all in. Not a one of them, folks, jazzed the Democrat Party base. Not a single one of them. They had to ultimately turn to Joe Biden, who, best anybody can tell, genuinely does have dementia.

But what he offers, what he offers is an opportunity for the real powers that be, who were unable to get the nomination, the people that were unable to fire up the base, to nevertheless end up running the party. That’s what the nomination of Biden gives them. Biden’s eager to make that deal. He knows he’s not gonna be in office long. Resume, feather in the cap, but that’s about what this is gonna lead to.

I’m trying to tell people, we’re being victimized here by a tremendous act of deceit, an intricately woven web of deceit. People who were rejected the by Democrat voters are now the people running the Democrat Party, pulling the strings, if you will, behind the Biden campaign and what will be the Biden administration.

Now, it’s kind of strange to say that they’re so power hungry, because that’s the definition of people in politics. But, believe me, they are. Our people are not nearly as power hungry as theirs are. I mean, our people are happy to lose if they do it with honor. The Mitt Romneys, the John McCains, that wing of our party, very happy to lose. Lose with honor. A great, great thing. It shows that you have manners. It shows that you have character. It shows that you have dignity and class. It also shows that you’re a flat-out loser.

So these people on the left, they are the utter definition of power hungry. And they are putting Biden through the rigors of hell. In one sense you could call what’s happening elder abuse. Biden would not join you in the allegation so it would not go anywhere. Last night Joe Biden was holding that mask of his like it was a life vest. And then Wolf Blitzer announcing that he’d been tested. They still stood 10 feet apart. I was thinking last night — Snerdley, you’ll appreciate this analogy.

This was kind of like a virgin being terrified of getting an STD in a room full of virgins. That’s how Biden appeared. He’s a virgin afraid of getting a STD in a room full of other virgins. Question after question, he was unable to actually answer the question. He went off on weird tangents. But he did stand there for the time it took to do that town hall. And that gave them the opportunity to say, “Look. The guy doesn’t have any dementia. He is not suffering. He was able to stand up for –” whatever length of time this thing lasted, hour and a half. And that is a win for the Democrats. He didn’t answer any questions. That’s also a win for the Democrats.

A woman, potato farmer — I don’t know how the woman got in there, ’cause potato farmers are not part of the Democrat constituency anymore. But this woman, who is a potato farmer, asked about regulations. Biden told her that she’d have to get into chicken manure, chicken litter, to survive, because we’re gonna be using chicken crap for energy. So she’s gonna have to get out of potatoes and get into chicken manure. That was his suggestion to her.

Then he goes off on how Trump hates veterans, which has been utterly debunked. He did it by trying to connect his son’s death to being a vet. This is to show his empathy to vets. Get people to feel bad for him for the loss of his son. Emotional connection. But nobody actually points out the fact his son deployed in 2008. His cancer diagnosis was 2013. His death and his service are unrelated, but Plugs may not even know that by now.

So let’s get some audio sound bites in here. This is the Drive-By Media deciding that the CNN town hall proved for once and for all that Biden is not senile.

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: (webcam) You had Joe Biden doing what he does best, really undermining this argument that he isn’t up to it. He really shined tonight.

RON BROWNSTEIN: (webcam) It was a very strong performance. It was energetic, it was crisp, it was forceful.

DON LEMON: One on one, is his format.

GLORIA BORGER: This is his format. This is where he excels. He can empathize. He can be strong.

ABBY PHILLIP: One of the things that you saw in this is Biden’s ability to just stand there and answer questions in a coherent fashion.

STEPHEN COLLINSON: He was coherent on the issues. He appeared to have been briefed.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Obviously, Joe Biden is not senile.

RUSH: Yeah, obviously Joe Biden knew the questions that were coming and the questions were softball. Trump is right. The questions are questions you would ask a child. That’s the best description of the questions Biden gets anybody I have seen. They are questions that you would ask a child.


RUSH: St. Simons Island, Georgia. Arnold, great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. I wanted to let you know that I’m glad that you brought up again this commercial and everything else that Biden has been playing on people’s emotions, bringing up his dead family. That’s one of the most vile, disgusting things I’ve ever seen, and I think he’s lost the people in between not knowing who they want to vote for —

RUSH: He does it all the time.

CALLER: It’s disgusting, just disgusting.

RUSH: What offends you about it? Or by it.

CALLER: The fact that he brings up his dead family to try to get some —

RUSH: Well, the point that I was making, he brings up his dead — in this case, he tried to say that his son died in part serving in the military, but he didn’t. He died of cancer six years after he had served in the military. He tried to link the two.

CALLER: Yeah. That’s what he does. I don’t know who’s putting him up to these things. But they’re going the wrong way, and I’m glad they keep doing it.

RUSH: He talks about his first wife and the automobile accident a lot.

CALLER: Exactly. And they have that picture of him in the hospital. That’s just disgusting.

RUSH: Well, that’s how they’re trying to use empathy and caring and to —

CALLER: Well, it’s not working. Not in Georgia.

RUSH: Well, it’s not supposed to work on you. It’s supposed to work on suburban, college-educated women.

CALLER: Well, I don’t know about them.

RUSH: You can sit there and say, “I’m glad you’re talking about it,” but the target for that approach is women, of which you obviously are not one. So just so you know it may be bothering the heck out of you, and you may think that it’s really low class to do that, but it could be resenting with the target audience.


RUSH: Wendy in Raleigh, North Carolina, hi. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question about a commercial that’s running in this area. It says that Trump is making changes to the Social Security tax that will bankrupt it by 2023, I believe, is the year they said.

RUSH: Hm-hm.

CALLER: And I’m not sure that that’s true.

RUSH: If it’s a Democrat ad, the odds that it’s not true are well over 85 to 90%. Could you explain, why do you think Donald Trump or anybody else would create a policy that would bankrupt Social Security?

CALLER: I don’t believe he would. But it’s continually running, and I heard something that he was gonna give employers a break from Social Security because of COVID for a period. But they’re making it sound like it’s a permanent change that will definitely bankrupt the Social Security.

RUSH: So you’re worried that other people are gonna believe this, which is the common thing that I deal with here.


RUSH: Look, folks, the Republican Party has been accused of cutting Social Security… I’m approaching 70, and they have been accused of wanting to cut Social Security for longer than I’ve been alive. They’ve never cut Social Security. Nobody has ever cut Social Security. Nobody has ever eliminated it. Nobody’s ever even tried. We’re not gonna try now.

Nobody is going to eliminate Social Security. If the Democrats are running ads, it just means they’ve run out of things to accuse the Republicans of because it’s not going to happen. And if you’re worried that people are gonna fall for it, they probably will. It’s a generational thing. But the target audience isn’t gonna fall for it. Seasoned citizens, they know that it never happened.

It’s one of the reasons why the Democrats gave up leveling the allegation for a long time. But they brought back some 77-year-old guy. That’s all he knows is this kind of stuff to accuse Republicans of. You know, Trump says some really intriguing things. This guy’s been in Washington 47 years. This guy, whatever he complains about going on in Washington, whatever he complains about going on in America, this guy has been in Washington 47 years. Why hasn’t it, whatever it is, been dealt with?

This guy was vice president for Barack Hussein O for eight years, from 2009 to 2017. Why hasn’t any of the stuff he’s complaining about been dealt with? Why didn’t he and Obama realize that there was a virus lurking in China ready to come to the United States? Why didn’t they? I mean, this thing’s been percolating out there in the wet markets. Why didn’t they realize all of these calamities?

How is it that Donald Trump was able to revive the United States economy in ways that Barack Obama said were impossible? John Kerry said that peace in the Middle East would never happen by leaving the Palestinians out. Donald Trump has started the peace process precisely by leaving the Palestinians out. There is a peace deal now between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Israel and Bahrain and maybe even Saudi Arabia before the election. John Kerry said not possible.

John Kerry is said to be smart. Donald Trump’s said to be a buffoon. Barack Obama in the campaign in 2016 in Ohio (Obama impression), “I don’t know what Trump thinks, but, uh, these jobs, I’m sorry to tell you, but they ain’t coming back. I don’t know what he’s gonna do. Wave a magic wand out there? I mean, it ain’t happening. We got a new economy out there. Those jobs are gone, not coming back.”

Donald Trump gets elected. Manufacturing jobs in Ohio and elsewhere have been restored. Barack Obama is said to be the smartest guy ever served in the office. Donald Trump a buffoon, hillbilly, idiot. Go figure. Joe Biden is out there ripping everything Donald Trump has done. Joe Biden couldn’t do 99% of what Donald Trump has done in his life.

Joe Biden could not hold a candle to Trump mano-a-mano in terms of achievement, resume, accomplishment, building businesses, creating payrolls, creating wealth. Joe Biden doesn’t know how, except to make deals with foreign leaders where his family gets put on boards of directors in industries they have literally no experience, like his son Hunter and Burisma in Ukraine, which is an energy outfit that Hunter Biden had no knowledge of whatsoever.

So Biden was able to make his kid rich. He doesn’t know the first thing about making your kid rich. He doesn’t care to, either. He’s been in Washington 47 years. That’s a lot of years to have a lot of access to fix a lot of problems. Forty-seven years and all these problems still exist adds up to me to a hell of a lot of lot of incompetence, a lot of wasted time. What have you been doing with those 47 years, Plugs? What do you got to show for it? (imitating Biden) “Well, when Obama and I were president, we went after health care, we got healthcare.”

Yeah, you did. You’re still complaining about it. If you guys fixed health care, why are you still campaigning on the premise that people need their health care improved? Why didn’t you do it yourself? Why wasn’t Obamacare the answer? We’re talking about a guy who, by virtue of his very campaign, is admitting his own incompetence. Forty-seven years. He ought to have a resume that nobody can compare to. He ought to have a resume that made Donald Trump look like a piker. But he doesn’t, does he?

Because in less than four years Donald Trump has made more of his time in Washington than Joe Biden has in 47 years. And, in fact, Joe Biden’s voters, his constituents are complaining about the same things today that they were complaining about when he was first elected 47 years ago. African-Americans are still made about whatever they’re mad about. Hispanics are still mad. Women are still mad over whatever they were mad about when he got into the business 47 years ago.

How in the hell is that a resume that tells anybody he’s the guy to put in charge of the United States so that the United States makes progress? Because we have not made any progress when Biden’s been in a position to create some. Versus Donald Trump who’s created more progress, who’s made more things happen for more people in this country in three and a half years than Joe Biden could even dream about in 47. It’s not even a contest. It isn’t even fair.

There isn’t a single thing on the positive side of the ledger to even recommend Biden. The only thing to recommend Biden is if you are a partisan Democrat and you just hate all Republicans. But if you’re one of these precious undecideds — by the way, I’ve been watching you undecideds. I’ve been watching you people in these town halls and so forth. Some of you people are flat-out stupid.

These undecideds, they are credited with being more open-minded. They don’t make up their minds so quickly. They study the issues, don’t you know. And they are not closed-minded bigots. No, no, no, no, no. The undecideds, they wait for all of the data. They wait for as much input as they can get. And then they make up their minds.

Well, I haven’t seen all the undecideds. The ones I’ve seen on TV as part of the Biden town halls and some of these others, “smart” is not now I would describe them. Partisan bullies, maybe. In fact, I don’t believe that there are as many undecideds as the media wants you to think.

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