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RUSH: Kathleen Parker is alarmed. She’s a columnist at the Washington Post. She’s worried about the wildfires devastating California, Washington State, and Oregon. She’s anxious about the tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kathleen Parker says it would be naive to expect that our environment is going to get better by itself, because there are eight billion people crowding the earth and we’re destroying earth’s natural protective barriers. She says: Earth, after all, is a living organism fighting for her life and we humans, we’re scum. We’re the pandemic of earth.

Ms. Parker, who made her bones as a conservative columnist, is now a Never-Trumper. I don’t know what happened. So now she’s spouting the ridiculous environmentalist wacko-ism that is conventional wisdom on the left.

Let’s get this straight. Earth is not “fighting for her life.” On planet earth, hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and all sorts of natural calamities they’re not rare, they’re not unexpected, they’re not abnormal. They are nature!

The earth is not “overcrowded,” and human beings, you and me, going about our daily lives, as we were created to do, are not a plague. We are not going to destroy the planet; we couldn’t if we tried. We have been gifted with our lives on this earth, we’re part of nature! We are not a pandemic, despite what liberal fearmongers want you to believe. It’s just sickeningly wrong.

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