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RUSH: We had a story, it was a tweet from — I can’t remember who. It might have been Mark Penn. It might have been some other Democrat. They were very, very worried that Black Lives Matter had gone from plus 25 support, I think it was Michigan, but it might be Wisconsin. Black Lives Matter had gone from plus 25 support to zero.

Now, let me tell you how absurd this is. Black Lives Matter is a straight-up Marxist, Leninist, communist organization. It is not a civil rights organization in any way, shape, manner, or form. Not my opinion. It’s what they say about themselves on their own website. This is what makes so much of this mind-boggling.

The NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, professional sports, they’ve all thrown in with a communist organization, and they know it. Many of them have thrown in with another communist organization. That’d be China. Black Lives Matter is not about anything to do with Martin Luther King, not about Selma, it’s not about any of the civil rights activity, slavery, none of that. It’s flat-out anti-capitalism, full-fledged pro-communism. And their objective is to destroy the United States as currently structured.

So I found it fascinating, somebody like Black Lives Matter, you know, people go out and poll them and they were plus 25 favorability. And you know who gave them that favorability was white, Millennial, college-educated women. White women who have been targeted in college and high school classrooms, they have been guilted like you can’t believe into being responsible for all of the misfortune and the unfortunate things that have happened to African-Americans their whole lives, and they have accepted the blame, they’ve accepted the guilt, and they end up supporting Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

They’ve been reached through a high speed tunnel of emotion and they have not been appealed to via reason or intellect or anything of the sort. So Black Lives Matter was plus 25 approval. I think it was Michigan or Wisconsin, one of the two. Now, some weeks ago they had lost all their support. They were down to zero.

The news today is support for Black Lives Matter has dropped 12 points overall, not just in one state, but everywhere since June. And this poll is from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. And they say support for Black Lives Matter has dropped 12 points since June. Get this. This is maddening to me. Back in June 67% of American adults said they supported the Black Lives Matter movement. What a dangerous, scary, embarrassing thing. Sixty-seven percent.

Now, we have to allow that a certain percentage of that 67% were just taking the path of least resistance when they answered. Phone rings. “Hi. We’re from the ‘You’re a racist’ polling company. You support Black Lives Matter?”

“Oh, absolutely, I mean, I got Black Lives Matter signs in the front door. Absolutely I do.”

“Okay, good, you’re not a racist, then.” Hang up. What are the odds? “No, I don’t support Black Lives Matter. They’re not a civil rights –”

“Oh, really? You don’t, huh? Well, somebody gonna be visiting your house maybe tonight. You might want to be on the lookout for that.”

I think there may be some of that. But I think a lot of support for Black Lives Matter is simply the result of media disinformation, flat-out lying. And even despite that, now Black Lives Matter support has dropped 12 points. It’s still over 50%. Still 55% of adults said they supported the racial justice movement. It’s not racial, and it’s not justice. It is anti-American. It’s anti-American founding. It’s anti-capitalism. It’s anti-liberty and freedom, is what Black Lives Matter is.

It ought to have whatever percentage of communists are in this country, 10%, ought to have no more than 10% support. 55%. That’s still dangerously high. And it has to be that a large percentage of our population is just ignorant. I’m not saying stupid. Just ignorant. They just don’t know.


RUSH: Jori in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, prayers to you. I just wanted to say to you before I start you’ve been really an inspiration for me. I’ve had some family members go through some sicknesses similar to what you are going through right now. And just the way that you kind of fight through it and push it to the side and just keep pushing on with your normal life has been a real inspiration to me.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: So I wanted to say that.

RUSH: I really appreciate that. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: So I’ll get right to the point, then. I was just calling — I’m sure you’ve heard about the shooting of a black man in Lancaster that sparked a bunch of protests. If you didn’t, it was a black man that chased a police officer with a knife held over his head like he was ready to stab the officer. The officer turned and shot him and killed him. And it sparked a bunch of protests.

But my main point in saying this is just that I think there’s two ways that the Democrats really try to control the young people in this country. I’ve noticed it specifically just because I’m in that demographic. I’m a senior in college right now. I think the first that’s talked about the most is obviously the media. The liberals control most all of the media.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And then the second is for sure the education system. And I really learned this semester, just because I’m home and online, and my youngest brother is 12 years old, and he’ll come home from school and tell me that they make the students watch CNN in study halls and take notes on it for extra credit. And I’m just like, oh, my goodness, it’s so obvious what they’re doing, it’s so obvious how much control they have over these people.

Then in college just seeing how many college students are at the protests in Lancaster. There was a student from Westchester University that was arrested and put on million-dollar bail, and the school of Westchester and Philadelphia is promoting all these GoFundMe accounts to get her out of prison when she was starting fires in the streets and inciting riots that were dangerous to other human lives.

RUSH: Yeah, in fact, the entire Democrat Party is doing that. Kamala Harris has been raising money to bail out people who have been engaged in protests that have been destroying private property. But you’re right on both counts. Education and the media are the two primary tools that have been used to corrupt young skulls full of mush when they arrive at various levels of the American education system.

Now, it’s rare that somebody in the system actually sees it like you do. Most end up just being victimized by it and don’t even realize it. They think they’re hearing the truth, being told the truth. But you — and I’m sure it’s because of your steadfast loyalty to this program — you know that you’re being lied to. You know you’re being propagandized. And therefore, Jori, you have a responsibility to help your fellow students understand it. And that’s not easy. It’s not easy to tell them that they’re being made fools of.

Nobody wants to think of themselves as an easy mark. Nobody wants to think of themselves as easily manipulated, lied to, and all that. But that’s exactly what is happening. And maybe you’ll find that more of them are aware of it as you are, than you think. But, yeah, I mean, you have a little bit of a task and objective. I’m glad you called. I really appreciate it.

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