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RUSH: You know, we do this now and then, A-B, side-by-side comparison. I’m gonna show you the media softball questions that Biden gets versus the vicious, rude town hall questions that Trump got. Did you see Trump’s presser yesterday at 5 in the afternoon, a little after 5 o’clock?

My goodness, folks, the media people in the White House pressroom were as rude as I have ever seen them be. It was maddening and infuriating. There was no respect. They were just flat-out rude. They couldn’t do 10% what Donald Trump has done in his life. And they’re sitting in there acting like he has no business even being in the same room that they’re in. Who the hell is he? What gives him the right to even freaking breathe? I mean, it reached a new low.

But he kept his cool during the whole thing. He didn’t take the bait. I mean, he had some stark reaction to them here and there but, I mean, it was bad. Then we’re gonna go back and play some audio of one of these undecideds at the ABC town hall, and you just draw your own conclusion over who’s mean and who’s rude. You know, Trump doesn’t act presidential. Well, these undecided voters didn’t act like responsible American citizens.

What is it that grants every citizen the right to act like a thug, every citizen has the right to act like a scumbag, but Trump has to act presidential, he cannot tweet, he cannot do anything that offends anybody. He’s got to be perfect. The people sitting in judgment of him apparently have the right to act out as human debris. They can be mean; they can be rude; they can be vicious; and nobody criticizes them. Well, sorry. On this program, they’re gonna get called out, and they’re gonna get criticized.


RUSH: Little A-B, side-by-side comparison. Yesterday afternoon Wilmington, Delaware, here we have a Democrat nominee, Joe Biden, talking about COVID-19 vaccine development. After his remarks he took questions, supposedly. And we have a montage of those questions from ABC, CBS, CNN, and Delaware online. That’s where the reporters are from.

Biden Presser

MARY BRUCE: Thank you, Mr. Vice President. You just said that when it comes to a vaccine you don’t trust Donald Trump. Is there a risk that that message, that questioning the president on a vaccine could prevent people from trusting the science, from trusting a vaccine when there finally is one?

CAITLIN HUEY-BURNS: Thank you, Mr. Vice President. You say that you don’t trust the president does that mean you also don’t trust the CDC and the FDA? In polling we see time and again that President Trump has an edge over you on the economy. Why do you think that is?

JESSICA DEAN: Thanks Mr. Vice President. You’ve previously called for a mask mandate, a national mask mandate. If you were elected, what steps would you take to put that in place? And how would that work?

MEREDITH NEWMAN: Sir, in terms of the distribution of the virus, communities of color been greatly affected. Would they get access to the virus first?

RUSH: So there you have the questions that Biden was asked, and of course his answers are written for him. They show up on the prompter. Here is Tuesday night, ABC town hall the president and the people, a montage of questions from supposedly undecided voters assembled by George Stephanopoulos.

PAUL TUBIANA: Why did you throw vulnerable people like me under the bus?

JULIE BART: (wearing mask) Why don’t you wear a mask?

AJANI POWELL: (wearing mask) Why would you downplay a pandemic?

CARL DAY: When has America been great for African-Americans in the ghetto of America? Are you aware of how tone-deaf that comes off?

JIM ROUDESKI: Some have called your behavior not presidential.

ALEXANDRA STEHMAN: (wearing mask) Regarding your recent comments, about our United States soldiers, referring to them as suckers.

ELLESIA BLAQUE: (wearing mask) Should pre-existing conditions, which Obamacare brought into — brought to fruition, be removed?


BLAQUE: …without. Please stop and let me finish my question. I’m a black woman and in the medical community I’m minimized and not taken seriously. I want to know what you are going to do about that.

RUSH: So this undecided voter that you just heard, shows up on CNN and says that she’s now decided.

BLAQUE: I’m 57 years old. I’ve been a dedicated, you know, voter since I was 18 years old. And what have I ever achieved or gained from it? Nothing. I don’t care if it was a Democrat or Republican, Obama, doesn’t matter. I really did not gain much, if anything, from their presidency. So what is the point? And that’s where I was, until I got home last night.

RUSH: Right. That’s it. ‘Til she got home. She’s voting for Biden and Harris, or Harris and Biden, or whoever comes first in her mind.

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