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RUSH: Andy in Baltimore, you’re next. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, mega prayers, mega dittos, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My question is, if the president gets reelected here soon, what kind of frivolous litigation or what kind of ridiculous accusations do you think will come from the losing side? And do you think the riots and ridiculousness that’s going on in this country will even intensify worse than it is now?

RUSH: Well, the Democrats are promising that the riots will continue and intensify. The Democrats are promising that the violence will ratchet up. In fact, this is one of the things that the Democrats are using to try to win the election. They’re actually extorting voters. The Democrats are saying, if you want this, if you want this stuff to continue, elect Trump. If you elect Trump, this stuff’s gonna continue and it’s gonna keep getting worse. If you want us to stop, then don’t elect Trump.


RUSH: They’re actually making a play out of this. And ask yourself, why would they stop? If they lose this election, you gotta stop and examine their psychology. They have been convinced for four years that Trump did not win in 2016. Now, I don’t care what they actually really know. After four years of investing in this abject lie, that Trump stole it, that he cheated, that he colluded with the Russians, some of them have actually begun now to believe that.

In the process, many of them believe they actually won in 2016 and that Trump shouldn’t be there at all. And they believe, as such, that most Americans agree with them now. And they really think Trump is gonna lose. They think Biden’s gonna win and win big. If that doesn’t happen, folks, I shudder to think what we are headed for. But it’s worse if they do win. It’s unthinkable, them winning. It literally is unthinkable.

If the Democrats win, if Biden wins this election with Kamala Harris or whoever that they put up there, that’s the end of democracy. It’s the end of the two-party system. We’re gonna have a one-party government that is going to devote itself to eliminating all opposition. That’s what’s at stake. If they win, I think the Republican Party essentially ceases to exist.

One of the first things they will do is grant statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, and that will give them four Democrat senators. They will never lose control of the Senate. They will never lose control of the House. They will pack the Supreme Court with who knows how many new justices, and they’ll all be left-leaning justices. And it won’t be take them long to do any of this. And after they’ve done it, there will be a one-party state.

The United States will be a one-party government. It will be just like California is now. It’ll be just like New York is now. In California, the Republican Party doesn’t exist. Well, it exists, but they never win anything. In New York, the same thing. Now, you can see what’s happened in New York and California. They are the blueprints and the forerunners for what will happen nationwide if the Democrats win in November. Mark my words.

Everybody thought that the election in 2016 was the election of a lifetime. This one is too, maybe even bigger. The Democrat Party has become full-fledged Marxist radical left. They do not believe in opposition. They don’t believe in debate. They don’t believe they should have to win minds and hearts. They don’t believe they should have to persuade anybody. They don’t believe that there is legitimate opposition.

So they’re not going to have debates, they’re not going to have any circumstance where they could lose politically. They believe in a one-party-dominating government. And it’s what they’re going to set up as quickly as they can. And there will be punishment for people who oppose them, try to stop them.

This is what, for me, is so frustrating about all the Never Trumpers and so many so-called conservatives, why they don’t see this as the immediate future of this country if the Democrats — forget Trump. Forget Trump. Trump is the only guy that can prevent this from happening. There isn’t another Republican on the ballot that can stop these people. Donald Trump is the guy.

He’s the only guy with the gonads, he’s the only guy with the desire, he’s the only guy with the know-how, and he’s the only guy with the spirit to stand up and oppose them. He’s the only guy not afraid of them. But this is what we’re facing. This is the immediate future. It’s within 50 days. That’s why the Democrats can see this. They are salivating. If they lose this election, you ask, will they sue and go to court? Oh, they’ll do that, but they’re going to engage in violence like you haven’t seen yet.

They’re gonna make everybody pay. It’s gonna be a really, really precarious set of circumstances that we are all going to face. Look, I gotta take a brief break here. I’m not trying to scare anybody, but I’m telling you, this is what we’re up against. You can forget about the Democrat Party as a party that has to win its way into power and has to keep proving itself. Once they get it, folks, they’re never gonna take the chance of losing it again.


RUSH: I imagine that stunned a lot of you. If we lose this election, it could be and it most likely will be the end of the two party country that you know and love. If we lose this election, folks, we are looking at a one-party state. The Democrat Party will own and operate this country, and they will pack the courts, and they will make states out of territories getting four new Democrat senators so they’ll never lose the Senate again. It’s worthy of more discussion, but I don’t have any time to do it right now.


RUSH: No, I’m not trying to scare anybody. I actually think the Democrats are signaling that this is what’s going to happen If they win. I mean, it’s what their objective is.

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