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RUSH: Again I say, folks, it’s only 19 years ago, 19 years ago that everybody in this country was running around proudly waving flags. Everybody, including athletes, were carrying flags around the bases in the Major League Baseball playoffs. Well, not playoffs, they hadn’t started yet, but late season. NFL players were proudly carrying the flag to support the first responders of 9/11, 19 years ago.

First responders, the police, sheriff deputies, were the heroes in this country. They were loved and adored and respected. Everybody was driving around this country, it seemed, with the American flag streaming outside car windows all over the place as a reaction to 9/11. And now look where we are: It’s a time to choose. You are either with the mob or you are with the police.

You are either with the mob outside a hospital in Lynwood, California, where two sheriff’s deputies are fighting for their lives. They are supposedly out of the woods after untold hours of surgery after being shot point-blank range in the face by a single perpetrator who was laughing and smiling all the while doing it.

The deputies were parked. They were rookies. They were in their patrol car. And they were just on lookout. I mean, they were not doing anything. They were stationary. And the perp walks up point-blank and fires at both of them. And standers-by started celebrating. Stand by in just a moment, we have audio of just such a person, a bystander celebrating the event.

But it’s time to figure out where you are, folks. You’re either with the mob, you’re either with the Marxists, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa, where they still are gathered outside the emergency room of this hospital denying anybody the chance to get in. I think they’re still there. They were there all day yesterday. They literally were blockading the entrance to the hospital emergency room. If there were any emergencies that needed to be treated at this hospital, Black Lives Matter had blocked the entrance and the exit.

So, you know what the hospital did? The hospital sent out a tweet, “Please do not block our entryway,” as though Black Lives Matter, “Oh, look, they’re tweeting us, dude, they want us to leave, dude, we better leave.” The Black Lives Matter mob made it clear that they hope these two innocent sheriff’s deputies die. They made it abundantly clear.

Black Lives Matter is also rioting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, because a domestic abuser chased after a police officer with a knife and got shot. What are you gonna do? You’re a police officer, you know what happened to the sheriff’s deputies in LA county. You know they were in the car minding their own business, they were surveilling, maybe. Nobody knows. They were not harassing anybody. And a single perp walks up and fires at them in the head point-blank.

Now in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, across the continent, here comes some perp wielding a knife, chasing cops. What are they gonna do? They did what they did. They fired at the perp. This guy, it turns out, has a history of this kind of behavior at least a year ago.

“An officer in Lancaster City Bureau of Police responded to a call of domestic disturbance. At 4:15 p.m. 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz rushed out with a large knife, according to body cam footage released by the police department. In a statement, the police department said the 911 caller told a Lancaster County dispatcher that her brother, Munoz, was becoming aggressive with his mother and was attempting to break into her house.

“The body cam footage shows a woman escaping the house as Munoz can be heard shouting from inside. An image from the body cam footage of the shooting in Lancaster, Munoz then emerges while brandishing the knife, and the officer is heard and seen firing his weapon.” The 27-year-old Munoz, sadly, falls to the ground. After the shooting crowds gathered to protest in front of the police station. Naturally they did. Some in the crowd damaged a police vehicle. Others threw bricks.

Nineteen years ago, not even a generation ago, 19 years ago the police, firefighters, EMS, all first responders were the toast of this nation, including among African-American athletes. Video is available should you need to be reminded of these athletes proudly, happily carrying the American flag on their field of play, both the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Just 19 years ago.

What happened? Nineteen years ago they were the glue holding this country together. Nineteen years ago they were among the biggest heroes in our culture and society. They went into buildings to try to save people. Now they are the most hated, disgusted, reviled among us? No, they aren’t.

Sadly, so much of this is just PR and marketing. So much of this is people deciding to get in on this because of PR and marketing, not ’cause they really hate cops. They just think that it’s the cool thing to do.

So protests, really? The Democrat base becomes violent when the police do their jobs. Remember, Joe Biden is demanding the disarming of Americans, just as his supporters are making life a living hell in cities all over the country.

So, my friends, the question is, you still want to talk about peaceful protesters? You still want to claim that’s what this is all about, peaceful protesters? These two deputies sitting in their squad car, they were not dealing with anybody at the time. They were the victims of a genuine ambush. They are fighting for their lives in countless hours of surgery.

Both of them were practically rookies. One was 31 years old; one was 26. One was female; one was male. Neither of them had logged any official complaints about their behavior or the performance of their jobs. And yet they were attacked by protesters who are saying that they hope people die. They wanted these two to die. Here. Grab audio sound bite number 2. We’ll just show you. Here’s an unidentified protester showing up at the Lynwood, California, St. Francis Hospital where two of the sheriff’s deputies were being treated — well, I guess they still are. It goes by pretty fast here. Only five seconds. In three, two, one.

UNIDENTIFIED PROTESTER: (outdoor noise) I want to deliver a message to the family of the pigs: I hope they f@#king (bleeped) die!

RUSH: Were you able to understand that? (interruption) Okay. Good thing you can understand it. If I didn’t have a transcript I wouldn’t have been able to make sense of it. “I want deliver a message to the family of the pigs: I hope they F-ing die.”

I said earlier that there is video and audio of a bystander shortly after the shooting took place. The bystander is African-American. He’s wearing a yellow hoodie, and he is deliriously happy with what’s happened. Now, this thing actually runs a minute and 34 seconds. We’re not gonna play the whole thing because half of it is the F-word that we would have to bleep out. The other half of it is the N-word that we would have to bleep out.

But this guy is ecstatic. He’s deliriously happy. And literally it is in the immediate aftermath. No help has arrived for the two sheriff’s deputies who have been shot. Both of their car doors are open. You can see it in this selfie video taken by this bystander. And I don’t know, I haven’t played the edited version that you’re gonna hear. In the full minute and 34 second you do hear the cops arrive.

There are three different cop cars. You hear the sirens. I don’t know if we have that. Doesn’t matter. I’m just saying that during the footage, to show you the immediacy of this, the cops did arrive while this guy was shooting his selfie video. Here it is.

UNIDENTIFIED COMPTON RESIDENT: (outdoor noise) They just aired the police out, ni**er. (bleeped)

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 2: This the only justice we gonna get!

UNIDENTIFIED COMPTON RESIDENT: It go up in Compton. Them ni**ers (bleeped) just got aired out, cuz. They just bust on them ni**ers, (bleeped) cuz. That’s crazy. Damn. (siren sounds) Somebody bust on the police, ni**er. (bleeped) Damn, ni**er. (bleeped) Oh. Oh, two sheriffs shot in the face. Two sheriffs shot in the face. They tripping. It’s going up in Compton. Ni**ers (bleeped) bust on the police, ni**er. (bleeped) Somebody ran up on the car, bust on they ass, right through the window in the face and all, ni**er. (bleeped) It’s a wrap.

RUSH: It’s a wrap. It’s over for the deputies. The N words just got aired out, ’cause. Aired out means shot now, in this current street lingo. So this bystander takes a selfie video. He is in the video for a very short portion of it. And during the video the second half of it, the cops do arrive. The police arrive, you hear the sirens and so forth. You hear the happiness there? So, my friends, it’s really time to choose. Who you with here? And I’m asking those of you college-aged, Millennial-aged, white college graduates, male and female, who are you with here? These are the people you think are justified because of whatever discrimination and racism may have been visited upon them in the past?

This is Black Lives Matter. This is what they really do. This is who they really are. This is the people for whom you have sympathy. You gotta make up your mind. You’re either with the mob or you are with the police. Now, some of you weren’t alive 19 years ago. Some of you were so young 19 years ago, you don’t remember. Nineteen years ago in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the downed aircraft, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, you couldn’t find a single person not supportive of the cops.

You had people lining up to show their support. You had athletes and other public figures demanding to be involved in public ceremonies and in public displays of support for police and first responders. Some of the very people today who have now magically appeared on the other side of this who now think the cops are a bunch of murdering pigs, 19 years ago couldn’t get close enough to them, couldn’t let every one of us know how much they supported them and how much they loved them.

So what’s changed in the last 19 years? These are things you need to ask yourself, particularly if you weren’t alive in 2001. If you were too young in 2001, you need to ask what’s changed. And if you don’t know, you need to believe people like me who have no interest in lying to you. But I will tell you, the cops haven’t changed. Black Lives Matter has come along within these last 19 years, and they are a full-fledged Marxist, communist organization by their own website announcing who they are, by virtue of that.

They’re not a civil rights group. Antifa, ditto. I mean, these two sheriff’s deputies, as I say, had only been on the job — they’re rookies — very short period of time. And you have, like this audio we played, you have bystanders who are celebrating this shooting. And in this they are honoring George Floyd? Really?

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is not happy with the way the NFL dealt with the whole subject yesterday. Colin Kaepernick called the NFL social justice messaging nothing but a bunch of propaganda. By the way, Sunday Night Football season debut ratings are down over a year ago, and they’re down even from Thursday night’s Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans game. Now, they’re gonna go up a little bit because these are the first overnights and the rest of the country will be in, but the ratings are still down, and it’s not insignificant.

So, folks, where does all this end? ‘Cause it’s gonna have to end. Where does all this end? Does it end with where it is now? Sheriff’s deputies and police officers ambushed, assassinated in the streets? Elected officials taking the side of the shooters? Elected officials taking the side of Black Lives Matter, the innocent protesters, the peaceful protesters.

If local governments, like in Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis, continue to offer direct or implied support for this kind of behavior, then all those movies, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, might actually end up becoming our reality.


RUSH: The president had a reaction to the shooting in Compton and in general. Last night at a rally in Henderson, Nevada, the president said, among other things.

THE PRESIDENT: If you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty, (cheers start) and that’s something that’s very important. (:32 seconds cheers/applause/ USA chants) And you saw video of that animal that went up to the car, did everybody see that? He’s an animal. And I called him an animal and I was criticized by people for calling him an animal. They said he’s a human being. He’s not a human being. He’s an animal.

RUSH: There you have it. Long, long, supportive response for the president’s comments. Joe Biden had a response too. It was vanilla, and it was generic. Biden said, “This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable, and the perpetrator must be brought to justice. Violence of any kind is wrong. Those who commit it should be caught and punished.”

You’ll note Biden cannot say Black Lives Matter and Antifa are fomenting violence across this country. He can’t say it because they are in his party. They are supporting him, Black Lives Matter, the shooter of the two sheriff’s deputies, these people are gonna be voting for Joe Biden ’cause there’s a D next to his name. So he can’t say Black Lives Matter and Antifa are fomenting violence. They may be investigated for domestic terrorism. Anybody supporting organizations that encourage criminal activity of any kind, no place in the Democrat Party. He can’t say that. He cannot disavow.

He cannot say, “Black Lives Matter has no place in the Democrat Party. People that would shoot innocent sheriff’s deputies have no place in the Democrat Party.” He can’t say that. That ought to tell you everything you need to know.


RUSH: Cameron, Rock Island, Illinois, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Mr. Rush. It is an incredible honor to talk to you this morning.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Yes. I am 24 years old, and I had a wonderful dad and a very loving mother, and they taught me the utmost respect for law enforcement, anybody in authority that was above me, as I grew up. And I feel as though in the past, I don’t know how long, that the family structure in America has deteriorated and that respect for law enforcement, for just simple authority above you, has just completely gone away, and I think it is showing itself in the war against cops, basically.

I know there’s some cops out there that are not, you know, what they should be, but when I grew up, and my dad was the same way, whether it was a citation issued to him or a verbal warning given to ’em, even if he was in the wrong, there was respect for authority because when you need them, whenever you’re in trouble, they’re there for you. They go to work for every single day.

RUSH: I think you’re really on to something. The overall lack of respect for authority throughout society. Not just for cops. Respect for authority in families, for the parents, respect for authority for the boss at work. I think it’s something that has been slowly creeping its way throughout the various strata of our society. I don’t think there’s any question about this. I’m really glad, Cameron, that you called. Thank you.

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