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RUSH: Hey, who is the one person from the get-go who has never wavered in telling you that there will not be presidential debates between Plugs and President Trump? It’d be me, right? I am maybe the sole voice, at least among those in national media, who’ve told you with ontological certitude there will not be any debates. I’ve never doubted this. But everybody in the Drive-By Media is convinced there’s been gonna be debates. Why, there have to be debates. It’s absurd to think that there will not be any debates.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s absurd to think there will be. Plugs can’t do it. Nothing’s changed. And, in fact, it’s getting worse. Now there are some people beginning to write about this, folks. Do they mention my name? No. Does that bother me? No. It’s par for the course. But I just wanted to let you know because I’m gonna be discussing it here as this hour unfolds before your very eyes and ears. Our phone number if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Here is Plugs, by the way. This is today in Wilmington, Delaware. He was outside the New Castle County Board of Elections office. He voted early in tomorrow’s primary election. And an unidentified reporter asked Biden about his vote. And we have here Biden’s response. And you will hear the voice of Jill Biden, who is Biden’s wife, and yet another unnamed, unidentified female person.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: (outdoor noise) You guys voted early today?

JOE BIDEN: (wearing a mask) Because I’m going to be in, where am I tomorrow? I’m in…?

JILL BIDEN: We’re traveling.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE AIDE: Florida. We’re in Florida.

JOE BIDEN: I’m traveling tomorrow.

RUSH: “You voted early today?” “Yeah, because I’m in… I’m gonna be — where am I tomorrow? I’m in…” And Jill Biden said, “We’re traveling.” And then the female aide said, “Florida. We’re in Florida.” Joe Biden, “I’m traveling tomorrow.” The female aide, frustrated Biden didn’t know where he was going to be tomorrow. He’s going to be in Florida.

Speaking of which, there is a little tweet that Biden sent out yesterday at five in the afternoon. He said: “It’s hard to believe, but Monday marks 50 days until Election Day. To kick off the final stretch, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are hosting a grassroots fundraiser. You won’t want to miss this, folks. Chip in to reserve your spot.”

Now, I looked at that, I said this has gotta be a joke. Hillary and Kamala Harris are going to be spearheading a grassroots fundraiser? These are two of the most unpopular women in American politics. Why in the world would they be leading this thing? They are running a money grab? A grassroots money grab? Talking about roots, why couldn’t they have gone and got Pelosi? She just got rid of her roots at the hair salon. Her hair always looks so good. It could have been the three witches from Macbeth. I’m just kidding when I call ’em witches. Just joking here.

But seriously, Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris are two of the most unpopular women in politics, and they’re heading the money grab for Plugs? Oh, my friends, I love it.


RUSH: This is Wes in Philadelphia. Great to have you. Welcome.

CALLER: Rush, mega prayers from Philadelphia, PA.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: If you could indulge me one moment to comment on Biden, Plugs, in a debate because I, too, do not believe the debates will happen. I think, as someone who’s seen dementia, he suffers sundown syndrome. So when the lights go down in the evening, his cognitive —

RUSH: Well, now, you’re jumping ahead, but you’re exactly right about this. There is something about people who suffer dementia and the 8 o’clock p.m. hour and later. There’s something about it, their functionality decreases. So that was gonna be one of the two support stories I was going to use.

And you’ve come in here as a caller, attempted to horn in on what I was gonna make a point about by going off topic about what you promised — you wanted to talk about the absurdity of masks on the sideline. Now you come and steal my thunder on Plugs not doing a debate. But I’ll forgive you because I’m a nice guy and actually you’re right, so I can’t be critical of you.

CALLER: I humbly apologize. Yes, the masks. Totally absurd. That’s what it is. We’re being forced to accept absurdities. Rush, I’m an airline pilot. Passengers when they board the planes nowadays are being asked to keep six feet apart down the jetway, and as they board the plane. And I said to a flight attendant one day, I said, “This is absurd. We have a full flight so these people are being asked to stay six feet apart, they are gonna sit in a full plane, take their masks off when they drink or have a snack, and we’re doing it.” I told Snerdley when the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc fell, one of the recurring themes that they got from people interviewed was that the thing that beat them down the most was having to pretend that the lies they were being told was the truth.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: That’s what we’re having to do. When we drop our kids off at school and say put on your mask, yet we know that children have more risk of getting struck by lightning than —

RUSH: Let me ask you a question about your flights. How many of them are full?

CALLER: A majority because we’ve reduced the number of flights greatly.

RUSH: So therefore it’s impossible for there to be six feet social distancing in a sold-out flight, right?

CALLER: There is no distancing on the flight. Everybody’s sitting next to each other. You know, a plane wants to operate at capacity. I mean, an airline wants its planes to operate at capacity. That’s how you make money.

RUSH: Oh, absolutely. And people have to take off the mask to sip a beverage or to eat the cheap peanuts. And the minute the mask comes out of the hypocrisy sets in.

CALLER: Yeah. We’ve been living with this hypocrisy as we shop and go to Lowe’s and walk by each other, as we look at the people driving alone in their cars wearing masks —

RUSH: So therefore — let’s get back to your assertion of the Soviet Union. What their purpose was, was to force people to live and say and behave in ways they knew were not true. What is the purpose, then, of the mask? What is the purpose of mandatory mask wearing when the authorities, be they local, state, or whatever, come along and demand that you use them?

CALLER: Well, I mean, every time I have to put on the mask, whether it’s at the airport or anywhere else, I just say, this is ridiculous. This is absurd.

RUSH: They’re trying to keep you frightened. The mask has become a symbol of fear. And in times like this authorities want people afraid because they have learned, they have deduced that people are more acquiescent when they’re afraid. And if they believe that the suggestions being made by the authorities will keep them safe or safer, then they will follow the instructions.

And if they believe that wearing a mask will protect them from getting COVID-19, then they’ll do it. If that’s what they have been told. And especially if the fear quotient is there, “You don’t wear this mask and you could get COVID-19 and then all bets are off,” well, they want you wearing the mask because the mask, as worn, is a symbol. It’s a symbol of acquiescence. It’s a symbol of the citizen following the dictates of the authorities. And it’s also a symbol that there’s something deadly out there that’s gonna kill you if you don’t wear this mask.

You still might be saying, “Rush. Okay. Okay, fine and dandy, but why do they want you wearing the mask anyway?” Because it’s easier to control people under an umbrella, if you will, of fear. And the mask conveys something. It conveys either fear or trouble or danger, something. And it also conveys people following orders. It conveys people acquiescing and doing what they’re told to do.

Now, the only reason I bring this up, folks, is because there are plenty of scientific experts who will tell you that the mask is — well, some say it is worthless, in terms of preventing the spread of COVID-19 or anything else. Others don’t go quite that far, but some do say that it is vastly overrated. So it ought to be up to you. If you want to wear a mask, go ahead.

But if they’re gonna demand, for example, that you wear a mask while you’re waiting to get on an airplane, and you gotta maintain six feet of separation while you’re on the jetway boarding the plane, but then when you get on the plane you’re separated by inches from the person you’re sitting next to and you can take the mask off when it comes time to chew on the cheap peanuts or swallow the watered-down adult beverage, well, then people say, what the hell?

Is it okay to take the mask off for five seconds, is it okay to take it off for ten seconds, however long it takes to eat the peanuts and, you know, take a swig of the adult beverage? And I’m okay if I put the mask right back on? So I’m of the belief that it is a functional way of keeping people frightened ’cause I believe they’re easier to control when they are. And that clearly is something that governments want to be able to do right now.

Speaking of — and I was just joking with the caller accusing him of stealing from me, folks. He knew it. He understood it. That’s why he was laughing along with me. But he is right. He is right that people who suffer from dementia, there is something about the 8 o’clock hour, 8 p.m. and later, that makes the circumstance deteriorate and worsen. And when you learn that, when you are first exposed to it and you read about it, you yourself would conclude, there can’t possibly be any debates. There just can’t.

Now, I have that story, and I have another one here. And this is in the Spectator.org. It’s by Rob Crisell. The headline: “Why Biden Will Withdraw From the Debates — It’s the only way for Joe’s handlers to save him from himself.” It’s the American Spectator. Now, the aspect of this I was referring to is, in addition to the points made in this story, it’s called sundowning. People with dementia often, not always, but often get more confused and nervous in the late afternoon and the evening. If you have had someone in your family suffer from dementia or Parkinson’s — not Parkinson’s, but Alzheimer’s to one degree or another, you probably have seen this.

You’ve seen it with family members who had dementia. That as the day went on, as the afternoon grew later and then shifted into evening, you could see an obvious deterioration in the mental acuity of the family member who had dementia or Alzheimer’s. I know people who have seen it with their own parents and grandparents.

You’d have an average day where you would think, “Hey, grandma doing great today. Grandma’s really cool today.” And families are filled with hope when those days happen, and then on those same days, when you get to sundown and later, the deterioration picks up, and you can see it, and you get depressed because earlier in the day you thought, “Okay. This is gonna be a good day.”

I have heard Jill Biden say that her husband Joe was up early every morning on the phone with all sorts of people. And she says this as a way, “Hey, don’t believe this stuff about Joe having mental problems. He’s up, he’s up every morning early, he’s talking to countless people on the phone.” That’s not the time to look. You need to look at Joe Biden at sunset.

In fact, on Saturday Joe Biden sent word to the media that he was shutting the campaign down at 9 a.m. 9 a.m. Saturday, the word went out that the campaign was shutting down. Here it is. A reporter for NBC-MSNBC got word from the Biden camp — the reporter’s name is Jake Sherman — that they put a lid on the campaign Saturday at 9 a.m. So a Saturday, weeks away from the election, Biden shut down the campaign at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

So that prompted a CBS White House reporter named Kathryn Watson to tweet that she couldn’t understand why Joe was not out proving that he can outwork Trump. Kathryn Watson’s tweet: “Not sure why Biden isn’t doing more to show that he can outwork Trump.” That’s after she saw the Jake Sherman tweet claiming a lid has been called in Wilmington, meaning Biden’s not expected to have any public events today. Campaign is shut down. She tweets that she doesn’t understand why Biden’s not out doing more to show that he can outwork Trump.

She doesn’t have a clue, folks, just to show you the Drive-By Media may not even understand the depths of the problem. You shut the campaign down at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, well, let’s see the campaign at 5 p.m. Let’s see the campaign at 7 p.m. This is when debates are gonna happen. And I’m just telling you. Sundowning can be controlled — you know, you minimize symptoms somehow, but being on a stage with bright lights, clapping, pressure, that’s not among the ways that you minimize the symptoms.

I’ve been looking at this. I can’t recall when Biden is out in public at night, save for the Democrat debates which were way earlier this year. You gotta go back to January, February, March, and even then there weren’t very many. But of recent campaign appearances, I can’t recall, I can’t remember Biden out in public at night. And certainly not after a full day of negotiating world peace and having a helicopter ride to the hangar, two-hour speech and banter with 15,000 people and then going out and doing a debate. I haven’t seen Biden engage in that kind of rigorous schedule.

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