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RUSH: Look at this. The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler… Now, we just had news on Ted Wheeler yesterday, important news, and that news was two-thirds of the people of Portland disapprove of Ted Wheeler. I tell you, if you were not here yesterday, let me tell you why that’s important. We have been manipulated into believing that Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, is universally loved and adored by the people of Portland.

We have been led to believe that the people of Portland support the destruction of private property there, because they support Ted Wheeler, and Ted Wheeler is doing nothing to stop it. Ted Wheeler is doing nothing to stop the destruction of private property, the murder and mayhem of Portland citizens, and we’re told that people support the mayor so the people of Portland must support all of this.

It’s led us to believe, “Oh, my God, this is horrible! The left has truly taken over the city of Portland. A bunch of Marxist-Leninists, actually have taken over and they support all this.” Well, it turns out they don’t. It turns out two-thirds of the city of Portland disapprove of the mayor! We’re being lied to. It’s not just we’re being lied to. We are being manipulated by a very tiny minority that, without the media making it look bigger than it is, would be a joke.

So, Ted Wheeler is not universally supported. He’s not universally loved. It’s not even close. Two-thirds disapprove of what he’s doing. Now, after 105 nights of rioting, the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, has a solution. He has ordered the police to stop using tear gas. You know, he got tear-gassed himself when he tried to cozy up to the protesters and the rioters.

He’s a groupie. He wanted to be seen as one of these people. He got tear-gassed for his trouble. “But ordering the cops to stop using tear gas might actually stop the rioting,” quote-unquote, because “under new guidelines, the Portland police were only allowed to use tear gas after they declared a riot.” So, if they didn’t declare a riot, they couldn’t use tear gas.

Now they won’t have any reason to declare a riot because even if they do, they can’t use tear gas. Police will have no other way to defend themselves from the thugs except physical violence. “The Oregon state police have announced they probably will not be able to help the Portland police, because banning tear gas puts them in an untenable position.”

When you read the headline, “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Orders Police to Stop Using Tear Gas,” you say, “Oh, that’s a positive! That’s a good development!” No, it’s not. It is really a circuitous way that stands in the way of the Portland police declaring riots.

They will have no reason to declare a riot because they can’t use tear gas anyway. In other words, to use tear gas they had to claim that there was a riot going on. So now there’s no incentive for any of these riots in Portland to stop, even though two-thirds of the people of Portland apparently disapprove of the mayor.

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