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RUSH: Montville, New Jersey, next. This is Yuri. It’s great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for all you’re doing, and prayers from our family and Ukrainians for Trump. I’ve been escaping from Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Canada, ended up in New Jersey, and it totally disturbs me what is going on here. Meaning the communist activity or efforts of taking over.

I really have a word for Bezos and Zuckerberg and Cuban and all the corporate honchos that are supporting BLM and all the riots and the disturbances that are happening. We lived through the way communists are taking over. First thing, they’ll tax you. You can’t pay your taxes; they take your property, nationalize it. Okay? You end up with nothing. Next thing is they start efforts… (stammers) You know, we’ve seen in Czechoslovakia what happened. They start to —

RUSH: Yeah, here’s the problem, what the problem is, in a nutshell. Communism, you know the truth of it. You know that it brutalizes, you know that it is inhumane, you know that it is insufferable. But the people today who are being targeted in this country, it has been romanticized. Let me tell you what communism is today to the people today who support it.

It’s freedom, it’s equality, it’s utopia, it’s sameness, it’s nobody’s laughed at, it’s nobody’s made fun of. There’s no competition. Nobody loses, nobody’s ever embarrassed, nobody is scapegoated. This is the way communism is taught. It’s the way that it has been, well, romanticized. It’s the way college students today have been exposed to it, because all you need to do is look at Cuba, look at Venezuela.

All you need to do is look anywhere where there has been or is socialism and communism and there is nothing to recommend it — and yet, so many American college students seem to want it. Now, the reason is, they’re not told that Venezuela is an example of socialism or communism. They’re not told that Cuba is an example — or, if they are, they’re lied to about it. They’re told that the best health care system in the world is in Cuba!

And as an added bonus, that it is free. But I’m telling you, Yuri, communism truthfully is not taught. Socialism, honestly, is not taught. You may have thought that I was trying to be funny. I’m not. It literally is presented to college students as utopia, ultimate fairness, nobody loses. Everybody has what everybody else has. Everybody has the same. Nobody has any more than anybody else. Nobody is ever laughed at.

That’s a big one. There is no competition. There are no losers. That’s another big one. It’s another lie that they use to rope young kids in. So is the “nobody’s ever laughed at, nobody is ever made fun of.” (sniveling) “Ooh, man that’s for me! That’s what I want,” and that’s how they get advocates. That’s how they get believers, proving that communists do one thing consistently, and that is lie. All it is, is a gigantic lie.

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