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RUSH: Larry Schweikart. Larry Schweikart is a guy from Ohio, I believe, and he is a political analyst. He studied trends in elections for years. He’s always come up with fascinating takes, and he’s got one here on the mail-in ballots. He believes that vote by mail is a gigantic boomerang that could end up coming back and clobbering the Democrats, and the reasons are this:

The disqualification rate for mail-in ballots is very high compared to regular voting. This is another reason why… I’ve had people say, “Rush, what is your big deal about showing up and voting?” Do it in person. There’s no doubt. Show up and vote in person. Forget the virus or any of that. They’re trying to scare you into not voting.

They know. The Democrats know the power of actually showing up and voting at the polling place in person. Do it! There’s no counter to it. That is where an election can be won or lost. It’s called turnout. Now, the disqualification rate for mail-in ballots is very high. We have seen this in the recent past, recent months where mail-in ballots have been used. There are timing gates.

There are procedural requirements that can easily lead to a ballot getting thrown out. You’d be amazed at how many mail-in ballots are tossed. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking, “Yeah, but, Rush, when the Democrats get in charge of these things, they’re gonna count them all.” It’s not gonna work that way. The Republicans are not just gonna cede the whole counting of mail-in ballots to the Democrats.

There is a very key constituency within the Democrat Party, and that constituency is stupid people. Stupid people forget to mail their ballots. Stupid people lose them. Stupid people forget to put a stamp on there. Stupid people forget to sign the envelope! Some of them even forget to vote on the ballot and still send it in. All kinds of things happen, and there’s no watching it. It’s not like an absentee ballot.

An absentee ballot… You have to prove your identity with an absentee ballot. With mail-in ballots, you don’t even have to do that. Kurt Schlichter has a column today at Townhall. He said he agrees. “The best thing for [the Trump voters] is to ensure our people go out and vote in-person. We’re trying to get a lot of new voters this time — [people] who realize that Biden has them, their faith, their guns, and their trucks in [his] crosshairs — and the easiest way to ensure a vote is counted is to get them to walk into polling place and [vote] in person.

“[A] huge election night lead provides a psychological barricade…” Have you seen…? I’m sure you’ve seen these predictions that every one of these consultants are making that Trump on election night is gonna have a landslide lead, but is gonna end up losing the election because of mail-in and absentee ballots. Really? We need to break that down — we need to unpack that — because that, folks, is totally senseless.

They are setting you up once again with a phony expectation.

Do not buy into that.

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