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RUSH: Well, blow me down. Look at this. “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Viewed Negatively by Two-Thirds of City’s Voters,” according to the latest news report. “Only 26% of voters viewed the mayor favorably … Mayor Ted Wheeler is viewed negatively by 63% — or nearly two-thirds — of the city’s voters … OregonLive.com reported.”

Do you realize how big this is? Let me try to put this in perspective for you. The Drive-By Media has been presenting this guy as a hero. They have been promoting this guy as a hero. They’ve been promoting him as cutting edge. They have been promoting him as on the same side as the peace-loving protesters. He has attempted to be with them when they have peace-lovingly protested. He’s gotten tear-gassed!

They’ve made fun of him. They’ve mocked him. They have firebombed his house. They’ve forced him out of his apartment. Yet he still sucks up to them — and the media (CNN leading the way) has tried to portray Ted Wheeler as some kind of cutting edge, New Age leader. And it turns out that two-thirds of the city’s voters — not population, but voters — view him negatively.

Sixty-three percent — and he’s got an opponent. “In November, Wheeler will face Sarah Iannarone, an urban policy consultant,” (chuckles) an urban policy consulant, “in a runoff election for the mayoralty after failing to attract 50%-plus-one voters in the city’s May election.” The bottom line is they portrayed this guy as universally loved and popular and that, therefore, the people in Portland very much approve of the destruction of their city.

This has been one of the most outrageous examples of media distortion in my lifetime — and not just Portland, but Seattle and Minneapolis — as they have attempted to the portray the people that live in these cities as totally supportive of the destruction of private property, destruction of people’s livelihoods, jobs, and dreams, “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Everybody in Minneapolis is all for what’s happening there. Everybody in Portland is all for it.”

“No, they’re not,” finally, we learn. “No, they’re not, and the mayor is not universally cutting edge popular.” It just… Folks, it’s another bit of evidence that even the city of Portland is not ready to go all Marxist all the time. They’re not ready to go all communist. Neither is Seattle. We are living in so many media myths that it is impossible to keep them all straight unless you listen to and believe me.

I will keep you straight about this.

There is no way the Democrat Party is gonna win this presidential election in a fair one. There is no way they’re gonna win it in a landslide. There is no way what you’re being told is gonna happen is gonna happen. Not if what you’re being told as the Democrat Party winning. It isn’t going to happen, and it’s not because there’s a bunch of secret Trump voters out there that are not willing to be honest with pollsters.

It’s that there aren’t enough Marxists and communists in this country willing to vote for it. We have not crossed the boundary. We have not gone to the dark side. This country is not Marxist, it is not communist, despite CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times’ best efforts to make you think that you’ve lost your country, that Marxists and communists have taken over. No, they have not. It isn’t even close.


RUSH: You might remember mere moments ago I shared with you the details of a story from OregonLive.com. It’s about a polling company, and they found that 63% of the people of Portland, Oregon, view that mayor out there negatively — 63% viewed Ted Wheeler negatively. I said, “Well, wait a minute, now, because Drive-By Media and CNN and the New York Times, they’ve been trying to tell us how popular the guy is.

“Oh, yeah! Ted Wheeler is loved and adored by the people of Portland. Oh, yeah! Ted Wheeler!” This guy sidles up to the protesters like they’re rock stars. He’s like a groupie. He gets with the protesters, and he wants to protest with them — and they’ve kicked him out of his house! They’ve firebombed his house. They firebombed him. They’ve tear-gassed him, they laugh at him, they mock him.

But still, CNN tells us how popular he is, and what’s the reason for that? CNN and the media want you and me to think that Portland is gone. They want you and I to believe that Portland’s gone full commie pinko. They want you to think the same thing about Seattle. Now, these are leftist cities, do not misunderstand. But they are not filled with people who love seeing their property destroyed. Not yet.

They’re not filled with people who love seeing private property destroyed, dreams destroyed. They’re not in favor of what’s going on. They do not support Ted Wheeler and his groupie-like behavior with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. But yet, we are and that the people of Portland are actually all-in for this, and we’re told that the people of Portland do not want this to stop.

They don’t want Donald Trump to bring in federal troops and get a handle on this. No, no, no, no. We’re told the exact opposite. We’re told that the people of Portland hate Donald Trump and they don’t want this violence to stop. The people of Portland totally support it. So do the people of Minneapolis, and so do that the people in Seattle, and so do the people in Chicago, and so do the people in New York.

They support all this. This is what they’re telling us, and they tell us this so that we get depressed and think that we’re losing the country. It isn’t true, folks — and here is another example. Get this. This is from a poll done by Just the News, Scott Rasmussen: “Over 80% of voters believe police officers deserve support and respect.”

Wait! Wait! What? I thought… I thought people hated the cops. I thought after George Floyd everybody hated the cops. Why, I was under the belief that people wanted police departments defunded in Portland and in Seattle and in Minneapolis. It turns out it’s not true, either. Just like the people of Portland do not think that Ted Wheeler’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

A majority of people do not believe the police departments around this country deserve or need to be defunded. Folks, what does this all mean? It means that we are being manipulated by a minority. We’re being overwhelmed, manipulated, media… Whatever. We’re not yet governed by, but that’s the next thing they’re trying. We are being manipulated by a minority.

“Among registered voters, 83% agree that policing is a noble profession, that police dedicate their lives to upholding the law, protecting the sacred rights of their fellow citizens and that they should be shown support and respect. A full 54% strongly agree with that. Only 15% disagree.” So the bottom line is — the point is — your fellow citizens don’t hate the cops.

In fact, a majority of your fellow citizens feel about ’em the same way you do. They respect them. They like them. They want more of them. They believe they are deserving of respect. In other words, we’re not losing the country to a bunch of you leftist Marxists. But you are being manipulated to believe that we are. You are being manipulated to believe that you are in a minority in this country, that you have lost.

That the traditional values Americans — that the values of the founding of this country — have been overwhelmed by the values of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and all of those who want to transform America. Don’t believe it. It hasn’t happened. They are still — not just a minority. They are a tiny minority. They are not going to win the election. Now, I know.

I know that whoever is on the ballot with a D next to their name is probably gonna get at least 45% of the vote just because of that. It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter what they believe. It doesn’t matter what the agenda is if there’s a D. But there are some big things changing. A lot of people who vote for the person with the D are people who are members of unions.

Well, if you haven’t noticed it, police union after police union has endorsed Donald Trump. More and more health care unions are endorsing Donald Trump. So the number of people who are automatically gonna vote for whoever has a D next to their name on the ballot is declining. This election is not shaping up to be a massive landslide based on hatred and disgust of Donald Trump.

CNN, the Drive-By Media, the New York Times, all want you desperately to believe this. They want you to believe that a majority of Americans have finally agreed with the idea that we’re racists, that we have institutional systemic racism and we’ve got to get rid of white privilege and white supremacy — and the only way to do that is to get rid of Trump and every other Republican, and that we’re on the way to making this happen.

They want you to believe that — and because of this, let me give you an election night heads up. It’s gonna be late, late, late before they project the winner, particularly if it’s Trump. They’re gonna wait as long as they can. They already know what’s gonna happen. They’re already telling us that Trump, on election night, the first reports are gonna make it look like — because of people who actually show up and vote — that Trump will win in a landslide.

“But — but — but after the absentees are counted and after the early votes are counted and after the mail-in ballots are counted, then it’s gonna be Trump is gonna lose.” So they know what’s gonna happen. The only way to trump them, I’m telling you, is to show up in person and vote. They’re gonna try to tell you you’ll die if you do it, that you’re gonna get COVID, that there’s no way to save you.

And they’re gonna have people try to intimidate you, keeping you from going in and voting. They know what’s gonna happen. Folks, they know that Joe Biden’s not setting up here to win in a massive Democrat landslide. Just like they want you to believe that Ted Wheeler is loved and adored in Portland and that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are loved and adored in Seattle.

They want you to believe that Biden is being celebrated, loved, and adored by more and more in America.

It isn’t the case.

Just hang tough and do not doubt me on this.

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