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RUSH: The White House just announced that President Trump has a press conference at 3 p.m. today. I think what it’s about, is the Democrats just blocked the Republicans’ targeted COVID bill “aimed to protect workers’ paychecks to help schools reopen and to provide resources to health care professionals.” The Democrats — every Democrat — voted against any such aid, any COVID relief whatsoever.

That is not a good look for them, but they don’t want to have Trump get any credit this close to the election. This is fascinating.


RUSH: Here’s what I think the presser is about today at 11 o’clock. Chuck Grassley, senator from Iowa, just tweeted the following: “Surely democrats don’t want to explain to the unemployed why they should not receive $300 from the federal Govt on top of their state unemployment?? I guess they do since every Senate democrat just blocked it.”

Every single Senate Democrat voted against helping Americans recover from this made-up virus crisis. The Democrats just blocked a Republican targeted COVID bill aimed to protect workers’ paychecks and would also help the schools reopen and provide resources to health care professionals. There’s money in this COVID relief bill for all of that. Every Democrat, House and Senate, has voted against it.

I’m not sure about the House. It may just be a Senate vote right now, but I know what’s gonna happen in the House if they haven’t voted, and now Mitch McConnell has tweeted pretty much the same thing. So I think this is what the presser at 3 o’clock is gonna be about. I think Trump is gonna tell the people of this country that the Democrat Party has just voted against federal unemployment insurance added to what they’re getting from the states.

I think he’s going to tell them how the Democrats have voted against every element of the COVID relief bill.

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