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RUSH: Pat in Greenville, Texas. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited. You are up next.

CALLER: Rush, I want to just say quickly, you are at the top, you and the election are at the top of our prayer list about every time. I have two questions that are related. What happens to these great American cities when all this business and these people and the commerce that they do are just deserted, more or less? How we gonna make up for that?

And kind of even more important to me personally is all of these liberals are moving to Texas and a lot of conservatives states, but particularly here. And we are a conservative bulwark, and so what happens — every election Texas is a little more blue and a little more blue. What happens when these people come and turn us into blue states?

RUSH: Well, if that happens in Texas, you can forget about winning the presidency unless we convert some other state to it. Now, there’s a lot of variables in your question. The first question is, what’s gonna happen to all of these cities — I assume you mean these blue cities, these Democrat cities like Minneapolis and Chicago and Portland, New York, these cities are essentially still in lockdown and shutdown.

I’ll tell you what they’re planning on. They’re planning on Biden winning and all these states being bailed out. That is the plan. And that’s the bet. The bet is that they’ll be able to tolerate two more months of basically being shut down or in a form of lockdown, just enough to make sure that the suppressed economic activity in these cities will be enough to prevent great economic recovery numbers nationwide so that Trump cannot use them as part of his campaign.

The objective, they think they’re gonna win. And after they win and Biden is elected, then they’re going to bail out these states and these cities. That’s the plan. If they lose, well, then those bailouts are not necessarily guaranteed. That would keep Trump in the Oval Office. And he is going to see no need to reward these people for their efforts to damage his presidency and to damage his campaign.

I think these blue state governors and cities are playing with fire. And I think they’re doing so by playing with the lives of their own constituents that I think is gonna come back and bite them in the rear so bad they’re not gonna know who and what did it.


RUSH: The lady’s last question, what do we do about all these liberals leaving their own disasters of states and moving to places like Texas and Florida and North Carolina, bunch of these displaced liberal Northeasterners moving to Texas. Isn’t this eventually going to turn Texas into a blue state, she said.

Yeah, it could. It could. But if you look at the borders, the border counties in Texas that border on Mexico, they’re already purple. And that’s immigration. That’s illegal immigration. That is already a sign. That’s not migration from the Northeast or from the upper Midwest. I saw that, and that was very sobering.

Now, we’re probably not in danger of losing Texas right now, but there’s a bigger problem that we face. I think it was earlier this week there was some Never Trumper, and even if I remembered his name, I wouldn’t mention it to you. And he’s not alone. There’s a bunch of these people out there saying that the only hope for the Republican Party is a massive defeat. Just lose and lose big. That’s the only way of getting rid of the Trump influence in the Republican Party, and then after a massive defeat, the Republican Party can then begin to reassemble itself, put itself back together into a proper, functioning political party.

And what struck me about this — and it’s not just Never Trumpers, although they’re singing from that hymnal, I don’t understand all of these people who think somehow by losing they win. And it pinpoints a problem that we have. Up until Donald Trump the Republican Party never looked at itself as something that was designed to win. It was supposed to lose. Lose with honor. If it lost, which was going to happen because we’re the minority party, this is what the people that led the party believed.

This is what the Romneys and the McCains, you know, this group of people that led the Republican Party, their belief was — like McCain knew he wasn’t gonna be elected president. That’s not why he ran. He ran to put it on the resume. He ran to make sure that his life and his resume were complete. He wanted the honor of having started out John McCain, son of John McCain, goes to Annapolis, serves in Vietnam, shot down, Hanoi Hilton, all that, caps it off by running for president. He knew he gonna lose, especially after he shut down his campaign in the middle of the financial crisis. Expected to lose. Romney expected to lose. They didn’t really think they were gonna win.

But losing with honor, losing with good manners, losing in such a way that the left and the Democrats still respect you in the morning was the objective. And now we have somebody who doesn’t even understand the concept of losing, doesn’t want to lose, does not think there’s any value in losing and believes, in fact, in the exact opposite, and that’s winning. And the reason this is important — let’s look at Texas. If you just look at demographic shifts, it’s only a matter of time before we lose it.

If your attitude is that the Republicans are not really about winning but about maintaining and losing with honor, losing with dignity, then eventually we’re gonna lose Texas. Eventually demographics are gonna takeover. You’re gonna have the shift from the Northeast and the upper Midwest, and the illegal immigration is gonna have its impact. And eventually Texas is gonna go blue. And they think this is going to happen and nothing can stop it.

Now, naturally people who do not think about winning would have that attitude. So this Never Trumper that I saw earlier this week — and there’s a bunch of them — who literally believe that the only salvation going forward is for the Republican Party to lose. Then it can get rid of all these bad influences led by Trump, sweep everybody away, including talk radio, including Fox News, get rid of the conservatives in the Republican Party, start brand-new, and go back to what the Republican Party was. A bunch of moderate RINO’s who had their own leaders that the left accepted but they were any expected to win.

Sorry. That isn’t who makes up the Republican Party. The Republican Party is made up of people who want to win, who want to defeat the left. And that’s why they do not abandon Trump. It’s why they will not abandon Trump no matter what tricks the left comes up with. So how do we stop Texas from going blue? Simple. You compete. You stop treating all of this as a fait accompli. You don’t simply accept Texas is gonna go blue, there’s nothing we can do to stop it. You compete for these people.

That’s what Trump is doing. That’s why Trump is such a godsend for our party. He is competing. He is out trying to get as many people in this country as he can to join his movement. He’s not trying to lose. He’s not trying to clean things up and make the party something that it isn’t. He’s trying to rename it, reshape it so that it is a party of victory. And what’s the slogan? Make America Great Again. America first.

Everything he’s talking about is real. Everything that he believes, everything that’s part of his campaign, sloganeering, whatever, his agenda. It’s about America and being great. It’s about America returning to great prominence. It’s about America being first again in the ultimate, most positive of ways. And he is attempting to bring as many people into this movement as he can. And that’s how you do it.

You sure as hell do not do it by losing. Who the hell wants to join a party that just lost on purpose, as a means of somehow cleaning itself up? There’s not a reasonable people with a sense of common sense anywhere that wants to join a party that just lost on purpose. But yet all of these former Republicans somehow seem to think that that’s the ticket.

We have a guy who is the president who’s the leader of the party who is obsessed with winning because of what it means for everybody. And there are other moderate, RINO Republicans who somehow are offended by this. Trump has implemented elements of an agenda that they have devoted their lives to advancing. And yet they’re miserable. They’re unhappy. And they hate Trump for doing it.

Now, why? Is it because Trump’s the one doing it and they couldn’t find a way to do it? Maybe they couldn’t find a way to implement their agenda ’cause they don’t have the slightest idea how. Maybe they don’t care because that’s not their objective. Maybe their objective is just to be considered smart, qualified for this think tank or that think tank or this magazine or that magazine, but actually doing the heavy lifting of implementing an agenda? Why, they said all these years if they couldn’t do it, nobody could.

Trump in three years demonstrated the utter incompetence of all of these supposed conservative leaders. And that had to anger them and shake them up as well. But look, politics isn’t beanbag, and it’s not for the faint of heart. And you don’t just sit there and say someday we’re gonna lose Texas. Not if you mean it. Not if you’re serious. Not if you’re in this because you really love your country and you want to save it from the ravages of the radical left.

You have to compete. You have to compete for the minds and hearts of the American people. That’s what Trump is doing. And you see what that is making happen to him. You see what they are attempting to do at him, and yet he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t back off, he doesn’t tone it down, he doesn’t change, he doesn’t beg for better treatment. He just keeps piling it on ’em. He’s showing how it’s done.

Can you imagine if we had an actual party apparatus that was unified by Donald Trump and wanted to help him accomplish his agenda? We would be living in a much different party. We would be living in a much different presidential campaign. And we would be living in a much different country.

Look at this, folks. Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney will team up with Michelle Obama and Hollywood liberals in a comedy special designed to get out the vote. Ann Romney is going to team up with Michelle (My Belle) Obama in a comedy special? Are these two women funny?

So she’s gonna team up with Hollywood liberals in a get-out-the-vote effort, and the get-out-the-vote effort is a get-out-the-vote against Trump. I mean, it is just astounding, the opposition and the obstacles that Donald Trump has to go through in order to see to it that he has a chance of having his agenda implemented.

The thing is, the only thing left in this country that’s allowed to be joked about is Trump and white people and Christians. That’s who you can legally make fun of now. Ann Romney probably admired in the Mormon community in Utah. So who knows what impact this is gonna have. But I think it’s a dreadful mistake. I think it’s pure, petty, personal, nose-out-of-joint stuff.

And all this talk about Donald Trump’s manners offend me and Donald Trump’s tweets offend, those are just convenient excuses for people who just can’t admit that they can’t hold a candle to Trump in any of these competitive ways that would be necessary to beat him.


RUSH: We are literally in a fight for the soul of this nation. We are in a fight to preserve the American founding and to preserve the American way of life. We are in a fight to preserve Western civilization. And I’m sorry, folks, but you don’t do that by losing. You don’t do that by hoping your party loses in a massive landslide so that somehow you get to put the pieces back together because there aren’t gonna be enough pieces to put back together to make anything sensible out of it. How in the world does a massive rejection, which equals a defeat, how in the world does that set you up for massive success down the line? But yet this is what we’re getting from our Never Trumpers and a whole bunch of others.

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