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RUSH: The suspect in the Portland fatal shooting of a Trump supporter himself has been killed. Michael Reinoehl, the Antifa thug who admitted to murdering Trump supporter Aaron J. Danielson in an interview with Vice magazine — I saw that interview. This guy was proud. He was proud that he had murdered a Trump supporter.

Well, he himself was killed last night in the state of Washington. Members of a federal fugitive task force tried to take him into custody. He was shot after drawing a gun on officers. So you could say maybe suicide by cop. Suspect in Portland fatal shooting has been killed. Federal task force was behind the effort.

Washington Post op-ed says that the election will end in violence unless Biden wins in a landslide. A Washington Post op-ed published — it’s actually yesterday — suggested that you ought to prepare for war if the election result is anything but a landslide for Joe Biden. The op-ed was written by Rosa Brooks. She’s a law professor at Georgetown University. The title of her op-ed, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

In the op-ed, she notes that the Transition Integrity Project, something she co-founded, built a series of war games, gathered participants, and asked them to imagine what they would do in a range of election and transition scenarios. A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario that she war-gamed involved street-level violence and political crisis.

So now, the American left is forewarning us — now, I’m gonna submit to you that everything they have been doing this year and throughout the past, let’s say three years, has been to send this very warning. Their behavior has had motivation behind it. Their behavior has had reason behind it. They have been trying to intimidate you. They have been trying to manipulate you. And they have been trying to scare you.

And what they want you to believe is that you’ll just help get rid of Trump and all this other stuff will go away, that they’ll open up the restaurants in New York and they’ll open up California and they’ll stop whatever they’re doing in Washington and Oregon, and everything will go back to normal if you elect Biden. Also implied in this, what you’re supposed to infer, is that if Trump wins reelection, this stuff’s only gonna get worse. It’s up to you, it’s up to you, America. Do you want your country constantly in chaos? Do you want the radical left taking over? If you do, then you just keep supporting Donald Trump.

Well, guess what? Now they’re not leaving this to chance. Now they’re not leaving this for you to figure out. They’re not just relying on their manipulation and subtle attempts to influence you. They’re just coming right out and telling you now that if Biden does not win, and in a landslide, meaning it better be doubtless, it better be no question about it, if Biden doesn’t win in a landslide, then your country is going to be violent, violent, violent 24/7. And they published this at the Washington Post, which means they stand behind it.

She’s war-gamed this. She went on, she talked to various Americans and said, “Okay, if this happens, what are you gonna do? If Trump wins, what are you gonna do?” Of course you go talk to a bunch of lunatic leftists and they’ll tell you they’re gonna do what they’re doing now. They’re gonna tear it down, they’re gonna rip it apart, they’re gonna burn it down. Then you go talk to some independents. “What are you gonna do if Biden wins?” “Oh, if Biden wins, it will be great, oh, we’re looking for a change.” Go talk to Trump supporters, “What are you gonna do if Trump wins?” “It’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be great, we’re gonna continue to make America great again.”

Go tell some anti-Trump supporters, anti-Trump people, “Trump supporters just said that if Trump wins it’s gonna be great, they’re gonna keep on making America great again. What’s your reaction gonna be?” Violence, violence, violence. So she’s gone out, she’s war-gamed it, in her terms, and asked people how they are gonna react with various scenarios. And the only scenario where there is peace, the only way there is no violence in this country is if Biden wins in a landslide.

Now, what else does that tell you? It tells you that as far as Rosa Brooks and the rest of the left is concerned, that you Trump supporters, if you lose, well, no big deal. Just be the next thing that happened in your life you weren’t particularly crazy about but you’re not gonna cause any trouble. You’re not gonna get violent. You’re not gonna start protesting. You’re not gonna start burning anything down. And you’re not gonna start looting. You’ll just take it. See? You aren’t gonna do anything. If you lose, why, you’re so used to it, just chalk it up as it couldn’t go on forever.

But note Biden has to win and in a landslide. Otherwise there is peace for nobody. Each exercise that she war-gamed resulted in both Democrat and Republican participants calling for “supporters to take to the streets. Team Biden repeatedly called for peaceful protests, while Team Trump encouraged provocateurs to incite violence, then used the resulting chaos to justify sending federalized Guard units or active-duty military personnel into American cities to ‘restore order.'”

So she did find a scenario where you’ll raise hell if you lose. It’s preposterous. Everything that we have seen says it will be the other way around. It’s the Biden team that is being violent now. It’s the Biden team, it’s the Democrat team that is engaging in riots and looting and destruction. There’s no reason that will change if Biden loses.

Anyway, I just want you to know that they are still out there doing everything they can so frighten you into voting against Trump. Remember we had the story earlier today, 2020 election, a race in which everything happens and nothing matters. Susan Glasser in The New Yorker can’t believe that, despite all of this negative stuff Trump does, it’s not hurting him. They can’t believe it. So now they’re threatening you. Guaranteed violence unless Biden wins in a landslide.

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