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RUSH: I’ve got two columns today. Jason Whitlock is back with a piece that just reams the NFL, Goodell, and Troy Vincent. And there’s also a piece today by Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire basically accusing — two different columns accusing the NFL management structure of being a bunch of cowards by virtue of caving to Black Lives Matter, letting a Marxist organization basically take over your league.

And then after you allow that to happen, then, as your league puts on its games, you make it clear that you’re playing your games for the approval of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the big program that Jason Whitlock and another columnist have come out just firing both barrels at the NFL. This is Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire. Now, Matt Walsh’s piece is headlined, “The Pathetic Moral Cowards of the NFL and the NBA.” Jason Whitlock: “Cowardice-2020 Pandemic Ravaging Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent and the NFL.”

Let me give you some pull quotes from Jason Whitlock first, formerly of the Kansas City “Scar” and then ESPN. Now he’s working at an outfit called OutKick. He says, “The real pandemic destroying America isn’t COVID-19. It’s a lack of principle-based, unselfish, masculine leadership.” That is what’s destroying America. Let me repeat that. In his opinion, what’s “destroying America” is the “lack of … masculine leadership” that is based in principle.

He says further that what is destroying America is “a failure of men, an en-masse surrender to a secular culture that pursues status, wealth and power by any means necessary,” and he means Black Lives Matter. He means Marxist, communist organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa — and the fact that the NFL is cowering in fear to them is beyond the pale.

“We’re eight days from the start of professional football, and it’s clear,” writes Mr. Whitlock, “my beloved National Football League will follow the NBA’s path of turning its games into shrines for Black Lives Matter. The names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other alleged victims of police brutality will appear on the back of NFL helmets.

“The league will paint social justice slogans in end zones and play the black national anthem (‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’) before games. Tuesday, in a joint news conference, commissioner Roger Goodell and his top black assistant, Troy Vincent, publicly announced their capitulation to BLM, aka, Bigots Love Marxism. ‘The NFL stands with the black community, the players, clubs and fans,’ Goodell said.

“‘Confronting recent systemic racism with tangible and productive steps…” Let me just jump in here. Let me tell you what’s got him bugged. He thinks the players don’t know what they’re talking about, that they are easily hoodwinked. He thinks that the players haven’t the slightest idea who Black Lives Matter really is, even though they can easily find out.

But they’re not even taking the effort, making the effort to find out. They are a Marx organization. They are not civil rights based. They are not really rooted in police violence. That’s simply their hook! They are genuinely anti-American, pro-Marxist, pro-communists — and he can’t believe that the NFL players, the black players are buying into this.

He can’t believe that they’re being so easily hoodwinked, and he can’t believe that the commissioner is not making an effort to tell the players what’s really going on because all of this is ruining the game. All of this is doing more damage to this game than these people can possibly admit because there is so much fear of Black Lives Matter and there’s so much fear of the players walking out that the commissioner — and his number one assistant, Troy Vincent, are doing anything.

They’re bending over forwards and backwards, whatever, to let the players have their say and make the players think they are running the show. They’re going about saving the NFL in an entirely wrong way. This is what Whitlock’s point is, and he can’t believe it! He can’t believe there’s not an adult male anywhere in the NFL to stand up and say, “Do we know what we are doing here?”

Let me finish Goodell’s statement here very quickly. “‘We will not relent in our work. We will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change that our society and communities so desperately need. I’m so proud of everyone across our league and others who have taken a stand using their voices and platforms to continue to shine the spotlight on things that must change.

“By listening and working and understanding our players, we built the foundation for tangible change…'” Whitlock says, “There’s so much wrong with Goodell’s statement that I hardly know where to begin. He stands with the black community? The white kids burning down Portland and Seattle under the pretense of black lives mattering represent the black community?” and he’s exactly right.

Furthermore, it’s white suburban women. It’s Millennial-aged white women who have been so guilt tripped over their white privilege, they are — white pepole — predominantly are leading the charge in the unrest, and Black Lives Matter is on the side taking advantage of the other work that they’re doing, and they’re being seen enough to have a connection to it.

“He stands with the black community?” It’s “white kids burning down Portland and Seattle… Confronting recent systemic racism? There’s no proof George Floyd’s death had anything to do with his race. None,” says Whitlock. “Same goes for Jacob Blake. Breonna Taylor?

“According to an excellent long-form story in the New York Times, on the night of Taylor’s death Louisville police executed four separate raids related to the drug case involving Taylor and her ex-boyfriend. There was gunfire at just one of the raids, and that was sparked by Taylor’s new boyfriend firing at and hitting a police officer first.” Anyway, he says, “I digress. Let’s return to Goodell and Vincent, the NFL’s Starsky and Hutch…

“Vincent, the league’s vice president of football operations, said NFL players have the right to sit out games to protest social injustice. ‘They all have a choice, an individual choice and right to either sit out or protest, however one would characterize it,’ Vincent said… Do all workers have this right or is this solely reserved for NFL and NBA players building social media brands?”

You just have the right not to play? You have the right not to show up? “I’ve yet to mention Vincent’s most infuriating comment. He defended his push to get NFL owners to embrace BLM by referencing his Christian faith. ‘I ask my Lord and savior Jesus Christ to allow me to be a bridge builder,’ Vincent said. ‘And I try to stay on the premise of educating, whether that’s a player or a club owner. I just speak to humanity.'”

Whitlock says, in ongoing and continued frustration, “Black Lives Matter is founded in Marxism. It’s founders have publicly acknowledged they’re trained in Marxist political theory. Karl Marx was an atheist who preached religion is the opiate of the oppressed. Marxism, communism and socialism all are hostile toward religion.” They aren’t in it! “Vincent is building a bridge to Satan,” says Jason Whitlock.

It’s a hard-hitting piece, and the Matt Walsh piece at the Daily Wire is, interestingly, much the same.

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