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RUSH: A couple months ago the Los Angeles City Council came up with a plan to deal with their coronavirus financial crisis. They decided to give city employees up to $80,000 to retire. If enough people took the money, the city could avoid pay cuts for tens of thousands of workers still on the payroll. That was the plan.

Two months later, the Los Angeles City Council is taking another crack at the same problem, because they can’t seem to get their financial house in order. This time they want to give twelve-hundred city workers buyouts, and start mandatory furloughs for over 15,000 more. The furloughed workers would have to take one unpaid day off every two weeks.

Here’s the problem. Because of the shutdown, LA’s tax revenues are way down, and the cost of doing business is way up. But despite the financial crisis, some city union workers are balking at unpaid furloughs. They don’t buy the idea that they are the ones that ought to take it in the shorts. They want their money, on time, no questions asked.

Before anyone pulls out their hankies to weep over the plight of LA city workers, remember this. Millions of Americans have lost jobs and businesses with no buyouts and no furloughs, while the Democrats who insisted on these shutdowns didn’t give a damn. Maybe you should wipe something.

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