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RUSH: By the way, Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg presided over a wedding just weeks after she was hospitalized. She officiated an outdoor wedding this past Sunday. She’s 87 years old. She’s not wearing a mask. She’s not wearing a mask outside, ladies and gentlemen. I thought we had to wear a mask.

Isn’t it curious, two weeks ago, Joe “Hiden” — that’s Trump’s new name for him. You hear that? Joe Hiden. That’s clever. Wish I’d have thought of it. Two weeks ago Joe Hiden was not leaving his basement to go to Milwaukee where his convention was supposed to be because it was so dangerous for him. COVID-19. So dangerous.

But today it’s safe and clear for a 77-year-old man to go to Kenosha to have community meetings without wearing a mask. Why is he not at risk now? Why was Pelosi not at risk in the hair salon with no mask? Why are these Democrats who are not wearing masks not at risk? I asked the question yesterday.


RUSH: I still want to know why all these people… Fauci, he wasn’t wearing a mask when he went to the Washington Nationals game.

Why are none of these people afraid? They’re trying to scare us into going nowhere because of COVID-19 — like don’t show up and vote, do it some other way — but they’re not afraid. Why? I keep asking that.

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