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RUSH: Guess who’s back in the news, ladies and gentlemen? Dr. Fauci is back in the news. He is saying that, “the U.S. has ‘unacceptably high’ level of COVID-19 cases going into fall.” Now, why all of a sudden is Dr. Fauci piping up? Let me explain it to you. They have to keep scaring you so that you will not go vote. They are hell-bent…

I’ve been urging people all week to flood your polling places on Election Day. Actually show up and vote. It’s one of the… It may not make any sense to you. It may sound like a, “What difference does it make?” kind of thing. But I’m telling you, it’s the kind of thing… If you flood the zone, if you flood polling places, it is one of the greatest ways to combat election fraud.

It skews with the exit polling they try to make with… But more than that, it will do great damage to their efforts to cheat. And one of the ways they’re gonna try to cheat is to convince you not to show up and vote by scaring you. “COVID-19 could be awaiting you in your polling place!” They have to keep scaring you. They have to do whatever they can to keep you from actually voting in person.

That’s what Fauci is doing. So, saying that we have an unacceptably high level of COVID-19 cases going into the fall and pushing for people to exercise caution heading into the Labor Day weekend to prevent further surges. So, a quick question: With all these people urging us all to wear the masks, why are the masks not stopping this?

Why is keeping so many states shut down not stopping this? We’ve got Hawaii shut down. We’ve got all these blue states on the Left Coast shut down, or to one degree or another. Social distancing! Why is none of what we are being told to do working? I don’t think that… I don’t think that it’s not working. I think it is working. They just want to make sure you don’t go vote, is what Fauci’s up to here.


RUSH: They have to keep scaring us, folks. They’re gonna keep scaring you into not showing up to vote in person. They’re gonna try to get you to vote absentee. And that’s a pain in the butt. If you have ever done absentee, you gotta prove ID, you have to do a number of things. It’s not just, “Hey, I want to vote absentee” and do it.

Now, voting by mail, that’s easy as can be. You flood the zone. You don’t have to furnish any ID. That’s why the Democrats are pushing it. But they know that they’re at a distinct disadvantage if you, if our side shows up in person to vote. You know, go back to the Democrat convention. There’s Michelle Obama, Barack Hussein O Obama, and they’re obsessed with you voting.

They know. They know that they’re vulnerable. They know that they’re in trouble. Their get-out-the-vote efforts, they got buses all over the place. They drive up to the nearest corner. Anybody standing on the corner they put on the bus. They try to instantaneously register them to make them legal to vote, then take ’em off to the polling place or whatever.

So, Fauci comes out, “U.S. has ‘unacceptably high’ level of COVID-19 cases going into fall.” Ohhhh, on the other side of that door at your polling place could be the invisible monster just waiting to infect you and wipe you out. Don’t take the chance. And they enlist Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci, by the way, grab sound bite number 23. He did some damage today with the markets a little bit by being a downer on vaccines. He’s on CNN today. And the co-host was Jim Sciutto, he said, “Have you seen any data that has you moving up a likely timeline on a workable vaccine?”

FAUCI: Most of us project that that’s gonna be by November-December, by the end of the year. Could this be earlier? Sure. So if someone comes out and says, you know, I’m gonna shoot for the possibility that I’ll get it by October, you can’t argue strongly against that. That’s unlikely, not impossible.

RUSH: It’s unlikely. It just happens to go against what the intentions of the administration are. And, look, I know there are a lot of people that think that Trump is being purely political by assuring everybody there’s gonna be some kind of a vaccine magically before Election Day. I understand the cynics on this stuff.

All I know is that these are the kinds of problems that Donald Trump solves. These are the kinds of things that he has a track record of delivering on. We’ll have to see. I do know that the left is hell-bent on scaring you, dissuading you, of course destroying Trump.

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