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RUSH: Ann in Bradenton, Florida. You’re next. Welcome to our program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Prayer to you for your ongoing situation.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m a first-time caller, longtime listener. I have two comments. One’s a question, but the first comment I’d like to present to you and want your thoughts on, is in my opinion…. Over this past few months, I have thought that the China virus has colluded with the Democrats, schemed and planned to bring it to the United States to bring Trump — President Trump — down. Is that an absurd thought? And how can it be proven?

RUSH: Well, if it could have been proven, it would have been. You mean the Chinese worked with the Democrats to bring the virus to the United States to bring down Trump?

CALLER: That’s right. Isn’t that a logical thing to think? Because the Democrats have tried to bring him down with so many different things, the collusion and all the —

RUSH: I think that it is such a logical thing to ask about, it is such a logical thing to be curious about, that you are one of the few willing to voice it. But I think a lot of people who have been paying attention say, “Okay, look…” ‘Cause you’re right. They’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of Donald Trump. None of it worked. And then, all of a sudden, this virus from Wuhan hits, and it’s the Chinese.

And we know the Chinese are a bigger enemy than the Russians, and we know that they pose a greater threat. They are a more advanced technological state than the Russians. I’m not trying to say the Russians are a bunch of slackers here. No. It’s a very logical question — so logical that people are afraid to ask it because they’re afraid they’re gonna get ripped to shreds as conspiracy kooks and freaks and all that. Could it ever be proven? No, ’cause I guarantee you people who think it have already been trying to prove it, and we haven’t heard word one about that.

So no.


RUSH: Now, just to be clear: I’m answering the woman’s question: “Do I think it’s logical to ask whether or not the Chinese planted the virus?” Yeah, it’s a logical question to ask. I didn’t say I think they did it. It’s impossible to know. But it was a logical question that she had, I think.

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