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RUSH: Meanwhile, Pelosi is slamming Trump for no masks at his acceptance speech, for no distancing. Let me ask you, why are all of these Democrat officials not wearing masks themselves? I mean, in San Francisco, there is a law that you can’t go inside a hair salon.

They have to do whatever they’re gonna do out on the sidewalk. It’s silly, but it’s the law. Pelosi, not wearing a mask, she goes in there. What do these people know that we don’t? I mean, why do they feel safe when they’re trying to make us not feel safe? What do they know that we don’t? (interruption).

It is — And I’m gonna explore the answer to that question as the program unfolds today.


RUSH: The Sacramento Bee was my former hometown newspaper when I lived in Sacramento. Folks, they are the New York Times of the Left Coast. The Sacramento Bee is more the New York Times than the San Francisco Chronicle is or the Los Angeles Times.

I mean, they are all-in — and they are livid at what Pelosi did. (Well, they are livid that Pelosi got caught.) You know why? Because they think Pelosi now has a credibility problem. I will share details. It’s a lead editorial. I will share it with you as the program unfolds.


RUSH: So, let’s move on to Pelosi, and after we do this we’ll get into the phone segment in the first hour. Nancy Pelosi getting caught on video getting her hair done, not wearing a mask. Nobody in California is allowed to do what Pelosi just took it upon herself to do yesterday. And she was outed by the owner of the shop who leaked the video to Fox News.

Now, there is, as I mentioned, Carla Marinucci. Carla Marinucci is a senior writer for Politico. She used to be with the San Francisco Chronicle. She’s now a playbook senior writer for Politico. She thinks catching Democrats in the act itself might be illegal. I sent this tweet to you, Brian. Put this tweet up. It’s the one with Pelosi walking in the door there wearing her official robe in the salon.

This is Carla Marinucci’s tweet. “Have to ask upon seeing this: Is it legal in CA — a ‘two party consent’ state — to videotape someone in a private home or business without their consent?”

So, as far as the media is concerned, it’s not what Pelosi did that’s the problem. The problem is videotaping her violating the law and these rules, that’s what’s illegal, that’s what we gotta go after, whoever ran the videotape on this. Okay, you can take it down. That’s Pelosi herself walking in.

So here’s the bottom line for you. If it’s okay for an 80-year-old woman to get her hair done without a mask, then why isn’t it okay to do anything? Why can’t we vote in person? Why do we need mail-in ballots? If an 80-year-old woman can walk into a hair salon without wearing a mask, taking no precautions whatsoever, violating existing rules that say salons cannot do their work indoors, she can walk in and make them service her?

I know folks, I know 80-year-olds, I know people literally terrified to leave their homes to this day. They have been scared out of their gourds. They have been led to believe that outside that front door is an invisible killer and it’s lurking outside their door 24/7. And if they dare venture out that door, they’d better be wearing a mask and other PPE. They have been scared to death.

They have seen the numbers that they are the most vulnerable group when it comes to actual death, and they are literally afraid to venture out the other side of their front door. They will not allow people that come in and help them, like cleaning people or whatever other services they’ve bought. They will not allow people to come in. They are so terrified of getting the virus and dying.

And then they wake up and they see Nancy Pelosi. She’s not afraid to go anywhere, without a mask. She’s willing to go into a hair salon, which is not allowed to serve people indoors. But she can make them service her. She can make them wash her hair and blow it out. You know when I first saw this headline — I don’t go to hair salons, so I don’t know what a blowout is. And the term “blowout” was in the headline. To me that’s a party. You know, when I was a young guy and we’re out there having fun, if we ever had a blowout, it was a party. So I thought Pelosi was engaged in some sort of party. I’d never heard — I guess it’s blow-dry, right, a blowout? (interruption) So you live and learn.

But Nancy, Nancy’s not afraid to go out without a mask. She’s not afraid to make that hair salon open up and wash her hair and blow it out. Why? Is she taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic? What is she doing? Why does she feel so secure? Why is it that most 80-year-olds are scared to death about what’s on the other side of their front door and she isn’t? These are legitimate, fair questions.

And it’s not just Pelosi. There is a reason that Pelosi, both Cuomos, the governor and Fredo, the mayor of Philadelphia, he violated his own rules. He went into a restaurant and made them serve him a meal. You have the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightweight — Lightfoot. You have the governor of Michigan. You have rioters. You have looters. You have all kinds of people on the left who have been caught breaking the rules they are forcing on all the rest of us regarding the virus. It’s as if, ladies and gentlemen, they know there’s nothing to worry about. Isn’t it?

You know, even using a hairdryer is strictly against COVID regulations ’cause it spreads the air around, massive aerosol. So what Pelosi did is double and triple down illegal, or at least in violation of regulations and rules. Carla Marinucci: I want to find out who videotaped this ’cause that’s the real crime here. Pelosi didn’t give her consent. Come on, Carla. Every store these days has CCV cameras, security cameras in there, security cameras all over the streets. Nobody has to give their consent to appear on a store security camera. Come on, Carla. That’s such a lame and weak attempt.

The real story here is, why aren’t these people worried? They’re not wearing masks. They’re violating all the rules they’ve established for us. And, by the way, that’s classic liberalism. That is classic radical leftism behavior. They set up two sets of rules: one for them and the other set of rules for all the rest of us. They do not abide by the rules they set up for us. The rules they set up for us are basically about controlling us, limiting our freedom, mobility, while scaring us to death.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ll bet you know some elderly people who literally are afraid to leave home. They pay a lot of attention to Drive-By Media, and they really are scared to death what’s on the other side of their front door and back door. But, again, folks, Pelosi, both Cuomos, Fredo and the governor, the mayor of Philadelphia, the mayor of Chicago, the governor of Michigan, all of the rioters, all of the looters, they’ve all been caught breaking the rules they are forcing on all of us. They know or at least they are acting like there is nothing to worry about, aren’t they?


RUSH: Okay. Let’s go hit the phones as promised, as guaranteed by me, your guiding light. This is John in North Andover, Massachusetts. Welcome, sir. You are up first today. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Rush, I’m calling on Congress to censure Nancy Pelosi for this action. I think it’s disgusting. You know, people are really suffering in this country. They’re losing their businesses because of these COVID restrictions, and I think what she did in, you know, telling people they have to wear a mask and she’s putting all these rules out for everyone else except for herself. She needs to be censured or she needs to be removed from office. So, you know, I would hope that maybe you would support that cause. I do think maybe… maybe a censure at least. I don’t know what you think.

RUSH: Well, I’m not familiar enough with the mechanisms of the House on this kind of thing. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. You know, I’m the Mayor of Realville, and I believe in action as opposed to symbolism. I know what you’re saying. Do not misunderstand. I think since… Personally, I don’t think between new and, say, the election she’s gonna be censured or anything else.

What needs to happen is what you said at the beginning. She needs to be called out. I remember it was two weeks ago when I got a note from a guy who owns a restaurant, Patsy’s in New York. Sal Scognamillo, his family, they’ve owned it for 50-plus years — and it’s one of the greatest restaurants in New York defined by some of the nicest people.

That’s really what makes a restaurant is the people that run it and how they treat you (the food, of course) and Sal sent me a very brief note saying, “You know, it’s just wonderful to listen to you every day. You’re so uplifting, and you give us all such hope,” and it made my day. But the problem is, I wondered. I speculated.

Am I doing maybe something that’s not good? Sal Scognamillo and the entire New York restaurant industry’s on the verge of being destroyed. It’s not gonna open until “next spring.” Next spring could be June 20th, because Broadway is not gonna open up until then, and they all have — a number of restaurants have — pre-theater seatings. They flip their tables as often as they can on an average night, and a lot of business is done pre-theater.

That’s not happening because Broadway is shut down. It’s been the family business for years and years and years, and you are exactly right. We’ve got people that, sadly, are universally respected, Speaker of the House, and she’s got a D next to her name, and she’s out there just ripping Trump left and right for violating all these orders and rules and not wearing a mask himself and not having social distancing at his acceptance speech.

And yet here she is with hypocrisy times 20 on display. You’re absolutely right. She has put the fear of death into millions of Americans and yet she’s not acting like there’s a damn thing to be afraid of. She’s also acting like an elitist, openly in front of everybody, I mean, right in your face. “If I need to get my hair blown out, then by God I’m the Speaker of the House and I can get it blown out. You can’t.

“And I’m going to do it, and I’m gonna make that salon open for me. The salon owner is who dropped the dime on her. Now you’ve got, like I said, the Sacramento Bee. “Nancy Pelosi’s Dumb Salon Visit During Coronavirus Pandemic Deals Blow to Credibility.” In my mind, in our minds, she has not had any credibility in I don’t know how long. She’s just a flat-out, strict partisan and always has been. But people need to know, ’cause nothing’s gonna happen to her. People need to know about this blatant hypocrisy.


RUSH: You know what else Pelosi did? She blamed the salon. Whatever flacks issued a statement that blames the owner of the salon for letting her in. Which is a flat-out lie. Which means Pelosi doesn’t even have the guts to stand by what she did using her own initiative.


RUSH: Shouldn’t Pelosi now have to quarantine herself? Isn’t that what everybody else would have to do? She runs around without a mask, after telling everybody else to wear one, and chiding Trump for not wearing one. I mean, look at the mean-spirited nature of her comments about Trump’s acceptance speech and the nature of the crowd there. She was all over Trump and all over everybody in the campaign that put that event together. It was the height of irresponsibility, she said. There wasn’t proper social distancing. Nobody was wearing masks. Nobody got tested.

They tried to say that Trump had literally put together a superspreader event, which, my friends, is very hard to do at an outdoor event. I don’t literally think there is such a thing a superspreader event that takes place outdoors. Then of course the people who attended were accosted. They were threatened on their way out, just walking the streets of the nation’s capital. Some were threatened, some were physically attacked. Others were manipulated, intimidated.

And Pelosi didn’t have one word to say about the fact that the rioters and the protesters were not wearing masks and that they were not engaging in the proper social distancing. So she’s just been mean-spirited as she can be about Donald Trump and his existence, his personality, and yet here she is. She would demand anybody else be quarantined. Anybody else would have to be sequestered. Put somewhere for two weeks while we figured out whether or not she or he had the virus and was spreading it.

But, you see, she’s able to go anywhere she wants. She’s able to tell a salon owner to open up, “I need a blowout, you’re gonna open up for me.” Why are they not worried? I keep coming back to that question. Why are all of these liberal Democrats not worried? They’re not wearing masks in any of these trouble areas. What do they know that we don’t know?

The Sacramento Bee. The Sacramento Bee is a — I mean, they are the New York Times of the Left Coast. “Nancy Pelosi’s Dumb Salon Visit During Coronavirus Pandemic Deals Blow to Credibility — Shame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for forcing us to agree with Fox News on something.”

Now, it’s a McClatchy paper, and, as such, it’s just a bunch of Democrats with press credentials. But they are royally ticked off. Let me give you a couple pull quotes as an example. “This seems like a particularly bad time for dumb mistakes. Was Speaker Pelosi’s blow-out worth the blow that the Democratic Party’s credibility just took in the middle of both a deadly pandemic and a high-stakes presidential election?”

Another pull quote. “Pelosi has handed Trump and Fox terrific ammunition in their quest to depict the COVID-19 pandemic as an overblown hoax perpetuated by Democrats seeking political gain. The idea that this powerful Democratic leader would sneak into a salon for a wash and a blow-dry against public health rules — and during a month when COVID-19 killed 3,745 people in California — is so ridiculous that it seems like some fictional right-wing conspiracy theory spread by Russian misinformation operatives on Facebook. But it happened.”

That right there proves to you how out of their minds this episode has made them. If they’re gonna try to convince their readers what a dumb thing this was, the Russians couldn’t have made it even worse if it were learned that they were behind this.

“In security footage obtained by Fox News, and timestamped Monday at 3:08 p.m. Pacific Time, the California powerhouse is seen walking through eSalon in San Francisco with wet hair, and without a mask over her mouth or nose.”

Well, yeah, the footage was obtained by Fox News, but all they did was open an email. The salon owner sent it — that’s another thing. A lot of people don’t think there’s anybody in San Francisco that watches Fox News. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of conservatives there. You just never hear about them.


RUSH: Look at this. It’s magic! It is veritable magic. Here’s the headline: “Los Angeles County to Allow Hair Salons and Barber Shops to Reopen Indoor Operations at 25% Capacity.” You see how this works? So Pelosi, why, she’s a pioneer! Why, Pelosi is a forerunner. Pelosi is a woman of action. Why, everybody knew that it was silly to shut down these hair salons and these barbershops, and Pelosi has forced the issue.

Actually what’s happening here is that California political officials, realizing that Pelosi had stepped in it big time, decided to relax the rules and regulations the day after she stepped in it big time so that they can make it look like, “Hey, she was just a day ahead of what we had planned anyways. Nothing to see here!” I know it’s LA County, but still, it’s the California Democrat Party that’s doing this, and it’s all to take the heat off of Madam Speaker.

“Los Angeles County officials Wednesday announced that they would be allowing hair salons and barbershops to reopen indoor operations at 25% capacity, following new state guidelines allowing such operations to resume with limitations to lower the risk of coronavirus spread.” Again, folks, the question of the day” Why aren’t these people afraid?

They’ve got everybody else scared. Look, I don’t mind being redundant here. There are a lot of people who are over the age of 60 who are literally afraid to leave home. They’re afraid of what’s on the other side of their front door. They’ve been told that their demographic age group is the number-one vulnerability for death, particularly if they have any kind of pre-existing medical condition involving the lungs, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system.

So they’re hibernating. Scared to death. Now you’ve got Pelosi and a bunch of other people running around with no masks, not concerned with social distancing, as though they know there’s nothing to be afraid of. Now, why would they have that attitude? Why would they think there’s nothing to be afraid of? What do they know that we don’t? Maybe someday we’ll find out.

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