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RUSH: A tweet from September 1st. Sean Davis, who’s at The Federalist, I think he’s one of the founders, he said: “The GOP convention ended 5 days ago and the Democrat convention ended 12 days ago, and we’re to see a single post-convention poll (either GOP or Dem) from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox.” And I don’t think there have been any in a couple of days. But at this stage in 2016, the networks had already conducted 7 (!) polls after either convention.

Now, do you think they are not conducting any polls? Ha! We know they are. Why aren’t they publishing the results? Hmm? Why are we not being told the data? It obviously doesn’t look good for Plugs. That’s the thing. Talking about Biden didn’t get a bump from the Democrat convention, and they’re going back and forth on whether or not Trump did. But this is a good observation. By this time after the conventions in 2016 we were immersed in polling data. We haven’t been treated to any news.

There is some, however, that is not the kind of polling data Sean Davis is talking about here. This is from Breitbart. “Donald Trump Takes Lead in North Carolina.” Trump now leads Biden by two points. North Carolina, key battleground state. The numbers are 49% to 47%. This poll is from East Carolina University. It was released yesterday.

“The results represent a three-point swing towards the president and away from [Plugs] when compared to the most recent poll that East Carolina University conducted in June that had Biden up by a point.” Meanwhile, in Georgia local ABC News Landmark poll says that Trump has increased his lead over Plugs by nearly eight points, nearly 48% to 40 and a half percent. Trump’s lead was only two percentage points in the poll prior.

And in Ohio Trump leads Biden in a tracking poll of Ohio likely voters. This is a Morning Consult poll where Trump continues to lead Biden in Ohio by five points. You haven’t been hearing about these places, by the way, where Trump is leading Biden. You only hear about the places where Biden is up by five, by eight, by 12, by what have you. But now you’re not hearing that because Plugs isn’t up by that much anywhere else.

Monmouth poll. “Trump and Biden statistically tied in Pennsylvania.” And for that to have happened Trump has gained nine points on Joe Biden in Pennsylvania over the past six weeks. He’s pulled into a statistical tie. Now, that’s big. And Pennsylvania is a key battleground state that Trump would love to have. The latest Monmouth University survey finds Biden at 49%, Trump at 45% among all registered voters. That’s within the 5% margin of error, far closer than it was in July. Far closer. And when Monmouth forecasts a high turnout election, Biden leads 49 to 46, but the race has grown so much closer among voters the age of 50 that all bets are off.

So, there is polling data. It’s not the nationwide ABC, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, da-da-da-da-da-da polling data, which we still have not seen.


RUSH: This is more polling. It’s the betting markets, actually. “U.S. President Donald Trump has overtaken Democratic rival Joe Biden to stand as the favorite to win the 2020 U.S. Presidential election on Europe-based betting exchange Betfair.”

The betting markets are turning. The betting markets, in some cases, are given a little bit more credence than actual polls because it’s money that people are putting their mouth behind. And they don’t want to lose money, so people are noting the change in the betting markets.

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