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RUSH: This is Mark in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Mark, great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Longtime listener. I first want to say, my dad, I was in eighth grade, I got in the car one day after football practice one day and my dad said, “Listen to this guy and tell me what you disagree with.” That was back in ’87. So I just wanted to say (crosstalk).

RUSH: That’s back at the very beginning. You’re a lifer then. That’s great. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes. So my question for you is actually twofold. One, I think President Trump will win. But, after President Trump, after these next four years, who do you see in the Republican Party that’s a straight shooter and will put America first? And the second part of that is, we can’t win forever. One of these times, the left will win. Not the DNC, but the left. The AOCs, they’ll win one time.

RUSH: What…?

CALLER: What do you see America looking like?

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. What was the first question you asked me? Not the one about what’s the country’s gonna look like when the left wins. What’s the first one you asked?

CALLER: Who in the RNC do you see coming along that looks — or is the next President Trump that will put America first, who is a straight shooter?

RUSH: I’m still not sure I understand.

CALLER: You know how President Trump always said America first on business deals.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: So, I’m talking about that, and a straight shooter, meaning he made (crosstalk).

RUSH: Yeah. You’re asking what the Republican Party’s gonna look like when Trump is gone? Is that basically what you’re —

CALLER: I’m asking, like, who do you see running for president that is (crosstalk).

RUSH: You want to know who the next Trump is?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. Yes.

RUSH: There isn’t a next Trump.


RUSH: There isn’t. Just like there’s not a next Rush Limbaugh —

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: — and there isn’t a next Mark in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Now, that’s the literal answer to your question, but now that I know what you’re asking, I can more adroitly answer it. As to what the country’s gonna look like — ’cause you’re right. The left is eventually gonna win, and you draw the distinction between the Democrat National Committee, the Democrat Party and the left.

And you think, “The left at some point’s gonna win. What’s gonna look like?” That is the essence of this campaign right now, and I have to tell you… I want to see if I can verbalize this the way I feel it and think about, because Trump is out there every day — and a lot of Trump acolytes are out there — talking about Biden in ways that they happen to be true, but not historically true. Joe Biden is not what he now wants you to believe he is.

Joe Biden, in order to get the nomination, had to sign on to the Bernie Sanders agenda. Joe Biden is your grandfather’s Democrat. Joe Biden is not a radical leftist socialist. He has to act that stuff. Now, don’t misunderstand. If he gets elected, radical leftist socialism is gonna be the order of the day. He’s not gonna be responsible for it because he’s not gonna be the day-to-day president.

I’m just talking literally now, and the reason this matters to me is I don’t know if it’s the right way to go about categorizing Biden. I just… I’m not sure, because the guy’s been around 47 years, and his voting record… (interruption) Yeah, he’s got a perfect 100 liberal voting record. But remember, the liberalism that was public and acknowledged and on display 20-30 years ago is a far cry from the radical leftist, anti-American socialism that is happening now.

But this gets tougher because the Democrat part of 20-30 years ago was planting the seeds for where they are today. So they are today what they have always been. The difference is, they’re just much more up front and proud and honest and open about it than they’ve ever been. They’re not just saying what they believe. They’re actually implementing it. They’re actually doing it as they let their own cities burn and their own states go through this.

But the question of what will America look like if and when these people win one day? That’s what Trump is trying to do. He’s trying to create a picture for voters about what America will be and look like if Biden wins, and… I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to close the loop on this in the time I had, so it’s gonna bleed over to the monologue segment of the next hour.


RUSH: Now, let me tackle this question. I’ve not been avoiding it. We had a guy call, first call today, had two questions for me: Who’s the next Trump. And I said there isn’t a next Trump, like there’s not another you. There’s not the next Rush Limbaugh. You know, we are all truly unique and individuals. It’s not what he wanted to hear. I know what he wanted to hear. Who in the Republican Party or who out there can continue in the same vein and the image of Trump, in other words, courageous and bold, unafraid, willing to take whatever is dished out.

And there will be. There’s gonna be somebody. There’s gonna be I think a host of people. I can’t give you any names right now, but I think that this person or these people are already developing. Countless people are being inspired by Trump in ways that have not yet manifested themselves. We haven’t seen it. We don’t know who these people are. But believe me, they will surface.

As to the other question, what’s it actually gonna be like, ’cause he said, “Rush, someday the left is gonna win.” We used to say, “Someday the Democrats are gonna win.” He made it a point to point out it was the left, not just Democrats. And he’s right. There’s a big difference in what we think of as the old Democrat Party of 20 years ago, 30 and so forth, versus today’s radical left. His question, what’s it gonna look like when they win ’cause at some point they’re going to.

And it’s a great question, and it’s a really challenging answer. ‘Cause as I listen to Trump campaign on this premise, he puts Biden in every sentence about this that he utters because Biden is the candidate. He’s the focal point of the radical left. It’s Biden that these people have to vote for in order for the radical left to win their positions of power. But Biden is a placeholder. Trump’s right. He’s a Trojan horse.

I’ll be honest with you, folks — and I don’t want to make anybody mad here — but when I hear Trump go on and on about Joe Biden, the radical left, Joe Biden — I don’t know that it works. Biden has never voiced this kind of radical leftist stuff in his life. He’s gotten close over two years, and he is voicing it now, but it’s being written for him. He is not the — I’m gonna catch hell for this. But I’ve been studying Joe Biden. He’s been in Washington 47 years, and I’ve been aware of a lot of those years.

I know how he tried to sabotage Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork and a whole host — he ran the Senate Judiciary Committee during a number of controversial confirmation hearings for Republican nominees. And he was every bit the partisan leftist Democrat; he was perhaps the epitome of it. But at no time during his career did I think of Joe Biden as a Marxist, an avowed, devoted commie pinko. Not like Black Lives Matter is today, and not like Antifa is today. And not like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Crazy Bernie is today.

But nevertheless, since he’s the nominee, since he is the guy against whom Trump is campaigning, he does get lumped in with all this radicalism. I don’t know that it works in terms of persuading people. Biden just doesn’t look that dangerous. And of course he is, don’t misunderstand. I’m talking about the effectiveness of how Biden is talked about and how he is portrayed and positioned.

Because the fact of the matter, if you want to know what the country is gonna look like — let’s look at it that way — the minute these people win, you had better buckle up because they’re not going to wait. They’re not gonna take three weeks or a month to get their ducks in a row to figure out. They’ve already done that. They’ve got whatever legislation they’re worried about already written. It’s in the top drawers, like Obamacare was written years ago and they were just waiting for the right time to submit it, try to get it passed as the law of the land.

They’re gonna flood the zone. They’re gonna come for the Second Amendment. They’re gonna come for freedom of speech. They are not going to waste a moment. The people in this country who do not know who these people on the left are, the people who are gonna vote for Biden ’cause he’s got the D next to his name are going to be among those who are shocked over what their party has become. Trump is exactly right about what awaits us if Biden wins. But Biden is gonna be swept out of the way so fast that nobody’s even gonna see it.

If Biden wins, they’ll have the inauguration and have him sworn in, and but after that he’s a placeholder. And he’s not going to be a factor in however the radical left goes about implementing their agenda or what else. He’s not gonna matter. This has already been determined, it’s already decided. Whoever is running this show — Crazy Bernie, I don’t know who it is. I don’t know if it’s one. Group of four, group of five. It’s obviously gotta be a group of people. We don’t know who they are. We can guess, and we might get close.

But I guess it’s because of my opinion that Biden is gonna be the least relevant person in this entire Democratic — even though he’s the nominee. But if they win this election, you better grab and hug as tightly as you can everything that’s dear to you, everything that’s close. They’re not going to waste a moment’s notice. There will not be any debate. There will not be any discussion. The overall objective will be to eliminate all opposition, which will be the Republican Party, number one, conservatism number two. And wherever it exists, i.e., conservative media.

There will not be an attempt to defeat conservatism in the arena of ideas. There will be an all-out effort to snuff it out, to end its existence. The left does not believe in opposition. They don’t tolerate it. They will not put up with it. They will not entertain it. It doesn’t exist. There is no alternative way of thinking. There is no alternative side to a story. There is only their side. There is only their belief. And that’s all that matters.

They don’t think they’re gonna have to persuade anybody, not gonna have to enter into debate, they’re not gonna have to work hard to persuade people ’cause it isn’t about persuading. It’s about the use of force. It’s about forcing people to agree. It’s about using manipulation and fear, threats. It’s tyranny, folks. We’re up against a bunch of authoritarians who fully believe in tyranny. They know that they are a minority when it comes to the way people think. So they know they would lose any debate.

“Well, Rush, if that’s true, how could they win an election?” I don’t think they’re going to. But if they do, it’s gonna be, folks, because there’s a whole lot of Democrats, a whole lot of people who are just gonna vote for the D next to somebody’s name that have no idea. The mainstream media, which is the military branch, if you will, of the radical left, is hiding who they are.

They’re not calling them authoritarians, and they’re not describing them as people who promote tyranny. They’re reserving all that for Donald Trump. Yeah, Donald Trump’s the authoritarian. Donald Trump is trying to tyrannize America. Donald Trump is intolerant. Donald Trump is dangerous.

Whatever they’re saying about Trump is actually who they are. And they’re not gonna win because they’ve persuaded a majority of Americans to go along with what they believe. They’re gonna win because — if they do, it’s gonna be because a bunch of people who vote Democrat literally have no idea who and what they’re actually voting for.

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