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RUSH: In March 2015, a Philadelphia police officer lost his life in the line of duty. His name was Sergeant Robert Wilson III, he was performing a security check at a local video store. Inside were heavily armed robbers.

Sgt. Wilson engaged the thieves in a horrific gun battle. Even after being shot, the officer continued fighting the bad guys. He sacrificed his own life, saving the lives of others in the store. In 2016, President Obama posthumously awarded Sgt. Wilson the Medal of Valor, citing his bravery.

This past weekend, a mural honoring fallen police officer Robert Wilson was defaced with a couple of acronyms. ACAB, which means “all cops are bastards.” And the leftist favorite, FTP: “F” the police.

That’s what the weekend was like on the East Coast.

Out on the left Coast in Oakland there was huge demonstrations against “systemic racism.” Leftist protesters went beyond shouting anti-police obscenities. They chanted: “Death to America! Death to America!” And they posted video of their “Death to America” protest on social media.

Some of you might be surprised that protesters here, in the greatest nation on earth, would imitate the terror state of Iran by chanting “Death to America!” But I’m not surprised. I’ve told you for decades that the left despises America. These days, they are so emboldened that they no longer bother to even hide their hate.

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