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RUSH: Zack in Cartersville, Georgia. Glad you waited, Zack. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. First, I want to send out my prayers to your family and you as you go through your treatment —

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: — and everything. But as I told the screener, you know, I’m a combat vet, Democrat, and was a veteran activist for quite some time. And I’ll be honest, you know, a huge opponent of, you know, a lot of things that you stood for and were vocal about. And it was up until, you know, this quarantine as kind of, if you want to call it that, it’s kind of been a blessing in the sense that it’s allowed myself and others, you know, but myself particularly to kind of step back and listen and observe and read things on my own in a non-emotional context. And I can definitely say that I listen to you now as someone who’s really beneficial in my switch. I am no longer a Democrat. I mean, the choice is pretty clear these days.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: And, like I said, I used to listen to you, you know, regardless of me disagreeing, I would always listen and I would seethe and yell back at the radio. And these days, you know, I’m finding the complete opposite. And I just want to thank you. I know there’s others out there like myself, but, you know, coming from the background I came from, it’s quite a remarkable change. You know, I grew up in a conservative family, and I still do have a quite conservative family.

RUSH: I gotta tell you something. I have to tell you something, Zack. We need you. We need as many people like you as we can get. I’m very grateful that whatever it was that gave you the time or the difference in attitude to listen to the program and come to different conclusions. I’m really grateful that whatever you did, you did, because it had that positive result.

But we need so many more people like you joining the effort. ‘Cause there’s a lot of people who, for whatever reason, find problems with Trump or with me or conservative media in general. And however it happened, you have now got a different take on things, for which I, since I’m one of the beneficiaries of it, I’m extremely grateful.

CALLER: As am I. As am I.

RUSH: Well, what was it, do you think? I mean, you don’t need to tell me why you had problems with me because I could pretty much —

CALLER: No. Not necessarily you. Just the agenda that you and your listeners aligned with. You know, just the Republican Party in general. You know, I agreed with you on a lot of things, you know. As I said, I’m a combat vet and your stance in hindsight looking back at the Iraq war, you know, I saw eye-to-eye with you there, but, you know, obviously being a veteran organizer, anti-war for some time, that, you know, was just engulfed in this ideology that was complete opposite of what I would hear today or previously on your show. There’s other things that I was able to kind of calm down and take a step back and listen to. Reading, you know, is a big thing. You know, I turned off, too, a lot of the mainstream media. I can’t subscribe to CNN or Fox any longer. I mean, it’s too
emotionally charged.

RUSH: Totally, yeah. It’s not only that, not only is it too emotionally charged, it doesn’t change. Oftentimes, it’s the same roster of guests and it’s the same quotient of — there’s never any solution, is the thing. There’s nobody ever definitively, “You know, you’re right, you’re wrong, we’re moving forward.” It’s just this ongoing, open-ended thing. And, if you’re a smart guy like you, no, it’s not all open-ended. There are answers to this stuff. There is a right and a wrong answer to this stuff. And somebody needs to be able to come in and say so with a certain amount of authority that wraps it up and move on to the next one, subject, topic, what have you.

At any rate, Zack, thank you. I’m glad you got through to tell me the story today, more than you can possibly know. And I appreciate all the prayers as well.


RUSH: By the way, Zack, it’s not just that we need more of you. We need your prayers, buddy. We appreciate them more than you can possibly know, because we believe they work.

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