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RUSH: And greetings to you, music lovers, thrill-seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain. I gotta dial it back. I’m so amped, so amped to be back in the air chair here at the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Studies on everything that matters. Really, really great to be back. Cannot tell you how much, and I really, really am sorry for missing last week. It was totally unexpected. It was not planned. And it was — well, it was what it was.

I’ll tell you, 2020 has been some year, hasn’t it? We’re all being tested in a lot of different ways, a lot of various ways. But when you strip everything away and when you boil everything down to its essence, my friends, we are Americans, which means we’re tough, which means that we are oriented toward overcoming any challenge that we are faced with.

For many Americans, a challenge is just the next thing on the docket, the next thing you have to deal with. That’s how I treat them. It’s just the next thing up, the next thing you have to deal with. I mean, you can spend some time lamenting it and you can spend some time going woe is me, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s a natural human reaction to have.

But for me and for millions of others, it’s just the next thing that’s happened that you have to deal with. You have no choice. And when that is your attitude it becomes simply something that you have to accomplish or achieve but, more importantly, just deal with, accepting the realities of life and dealing with them the best you can, getting as much help and assistance from whoever is best to provide it and then trusting that everything is going to work out.

That’s the beauty of being an American, the ability to trust that everything is going to work out. Because, ultimately, it does. There is good in everything that happens. Sometimes you have to spend a little bit more time looking for it, and sometimes it doesn’t reveal itself immediately. But there’s always good in everything that happens. If you look at back on the history of our great and miraculous country, we’ve had our share of trials. We’ve had civil war. We’ve had world wars, terror attacks.

We’re undergoing terrorist attacks even now. It’s the most amazing thing. Have you noticed, by the way, you could see it shift yesterday. You could see it. It was almost like you’re out on the beach and you see a tsunami out there and you see it building and you see it coming and, all of a sudden, guess what? All of a sudden all of the rioting and all of the looting and all of the destruction and all of the damage in Democrat states and cities is — dadelut, dadelut, dadelut — Donald Trump’s fault.

All of a sudden, every Democrat, be he or her in the media, be they in the Democrat Party, be they Black Lives Matter, be they Antifa, all of a sudden, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. And why? Well, folks, I have to tell you, those internal polls must really be bad. I alluded to this on Friday. They must really be bad. You know, the internal polls, the polls that you are paying for, they don’t lie to you. They give you the straight skinny. And I’m telling you, the internal polling has gotta be such that it’s run its course.

The day or days of the media and the Democrats getting away with standing mute, staying silent while their cities burn to the ground, while their cities openly support burning to the ground, openly support the inflicting of damage and mayhem and harm on other human beings, those days have come to an end, and now all of a sudden somehow it’s Donald Trump’s fault in all these blue places. It isn’t gonna work.

But it’s breathtaking to see. You could see it happening yesterday. The whatever it is — marching orders, the mass tweet went out from somewhere, and the orders were given, and everybody on the left began to sing from the same song, the same hymnal. Through all of this, the natural disasters, the terrorist attacks, we have never given up. We have always persevered as determined Americans. It’s who we are. That’s why this COVID thing has been such a — well, it’s been a bunch of things. Some of it’s been disappointing. Some of it’s been eye-opening. But we don’t cower in the corner in the midst of such challenges. Some of us would like to. Some of us would like to cower in the corner. Some of us would like to do anything we can to blame it all on Donald Trump.

But that’s not who Americans are. It’s not what America is. And it’s never been what America is. You deal with what happens. You deal with it head on. I had to spend some time in the hospital. There was no other way around it. And it was the last thing I expected to ever be happening. But we’re here, and we’re back. Every day I thank God, I wake up — and I’m not joking on this, folks. I know it’s clever sounding and it may be even a little humorous.

When I wake up every day, the first thing I do is thank God that that happened. And then I sincerely thank you all for the notes and prayers. We have a special page on RushLimbaugh.com where people can drop notes, prayers, what have you, and they are deeply meaningful to me and my entire family.

But, you know, without embarrassing anybody, nobody can do — as many of you know, I’m by no means going through something that nobody else has gone through. It’s just the exact opposite. I’m going through what millions have gone through. And those of you who have know full well you cannot do it on your own, no matter how strong you are and no matter how committed you are. No matter, as in my case, how brilliant you are, you still can’t do it on your own.

And if I didn’t have the support group that I have — and my support group is one person. It’s Kathryn. And you stop and think about the effect of all this on family members. It is devastating. It’s devastating to everybody you know. It’s devastating to particularly your family. And it takes a special something to gut it up and deal with it head-on, try to maintain, you know, good mood, positive mental attitude. I am so, so fortunate for the people that I have in my life. And I cannot tell you how fortunate that you all are in that massive group of people who are in my life. It’s really terrific to be back here. And the plan is to be here for the entire week.


RUSH: Why was I in the hospital? I thought I mentioned this last week. I got an infection. The one thing I can’t get, the one thing that I have been studiously trying to avoid is getting an infection. You know, the chemotherapy reduces the immune system; it attacks the immune system. Anybody who has undergone chemo knows this.

So, if an infection comes down, all you’ve got are whatever antibiotics they prescribe, and it can get scary. That’s what happened last week. Yeah, there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s… You know, I’m not gonna be a cancer patient on the radio, and that’s sufficient in terms of information. But I thought I’d mentioned it on Friday.

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