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RUSH: Fred in Cleveland. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, good day, Rush. What I’d like to say is I think that the reason the Democrats are in free fall and panic is because they know that this election is over. The minority vote is going to go to Trump. There is no way to turn that around. They’re trying with the riots and all the race-baiting and all the other stuff, but the black vote is gonna go to Trump. There’s nothing they can do. They need 98% of the black vote in order to win. They know they’ve lost it.

RUSH: Well, not quite 98%. They can eke by with 96, 95. But your point is interesting. You think it’s already over?

CALLER: I think it’s over, and I think every time Biden opens his mouth and Kamala opens her mouth, they lose more support every single day. This election will be over by midnight and I’ll even go as far as to say a 57-state “left-hand side” win for Trump.

RUSH: A 57-state landslide win?

CALLER: Yeah! (wild laughter)

RUSH: Okay, we’re gonna hold you to that, Fred. Remember that Biden is going to get a certain percentage of the vote simply because there’s a D next to his name. You’ve got to understand this. It doesn’t matter beyond that to a lot of people. There’s a D next to the name. That’s it — and it wouldn’t matter if it were Trump or if it was any other Republican on the ballot.

Now, I have here a little chart. This is the Real Clear Politics Electoral Spread. Yeah. Throw that up. We’re gonna put this up on the Dittocam. We’ll have it for you at RushLimbaugh.com. What’s noteworthy about this is, this is a comparison between how Hillary was doing four years ago and how Plugs is doing today. Now, it may appear small on your screen, so let me help you out.

On the first line, the first state is Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes. Four years ago, Hillary was up by nine in polling data on this date. So it’s exactly this date prior to the election. Biden is up 3.5. Now, there are two things to note here. Hillary is up by nine, by 8.6, by 7.6, by eight. It’s no wonder she thought she was gonna win in a landslide. She believed this polling data.

That’s why she wasn’t campaigning, and this polling data was dead wrong (as we all now know) and they paid the price for it. They got the polling so wrong, she believed it. Everybody on the Democrat side did. Now the same numbers in Wisconsin find Biden’s up 3.5, where Clinton was up by nine. I have to tell you, the Democrats looking at this are gonna be panicked.

Clinton was up by nine and lost Wisconsin. The key battleground sections of Wisconsin, Trump won enough to win the electoral votes there. Biden’s only up 3.5. Biden’s maximum is Missouri, where he’s up 6.4. I’m sorry, in New Hampshire, he’s up 9.7. That’s the only place where he comes close to being similar to Hillary.

His margin over Trump is one-third what Hillary’s was, on average, in all of these states, and so this is another reason why… I don’t know if they’re panicking, but I’m telling you: Their internal polling is causing them to make all kinds of changes in direction they never thought they were gonna have to make.

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