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RUSH: Well, at their low-rated convention last week, Democrats used an 11-year-old crumb cruncher to slam President Trump’s immigration policies. The girl read her emotional letter accusing the president of “ripping families apart,” because her illegal immigrant mother had been deported.

But the few people who watched this propaganda, didn’t get the real story. The child’s mother entered the country illegally in 1998. She was caught at the border, and deported back to Mexico. She snuck back over the border again, illegally, and laid low until she was caught at a traffic stop in 2013. It was the Obama Regime that determined that the mother should be deported. Homeland Security followed through in 2018.

So these asinine liberals should be accusing Barack Hussein Obama of “ripping families” apart, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.

In addition to using this 11-year-old to lie about President Trump, the Democrats have released an ad that accuses Trump of saying immigrants are “not people,” that “they’re animals.” It’s another brazen lie. President Trump was talking about members of the vile, violent street-gang MS-13, a gang that regularly preys on immigrants.

The truth is, liberals support lawlessness, criminality, and chaos. And not only when it comes to illegal immigration. Look at Portland. Look at Seattle. Look at Chicago. Look at New York City. That’s who the liberals are. And that, my friends, is no lie.

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