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RUSH: Here is Eric in Davie, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it is a great honor. The only better honor would be to meet Donald Trump myself personally.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’ll get to my point. I’ve heard it said that part of reasoning on why we’re having all these protests, burning, looting, and destruction in these major U.S. cities is payback for all the voters who voted for Trump in 2016. My question to you, the genius, is if Donald Trump wins reelection, will it ever end? And if Joe Biden wins, will it ever end?

RUSH: What do you mean, payback?

CALLER: They hate Trump so much, this is payback. Let’s go out and destroy American cities and make these people pay for voting for Trump.

RUSH: Well, except the problem here with that theory is that it’s highly likely they are not destroying the property of Trump voters because the property they’re destroying happens to pretty much exclusively be in blue Democrat states.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: In blue Democrat cities, like Seattle and Portland. Plus, on a timeline, this stuff all really ratcheted up after the death of George Floyd. Now, all those crazed women wearing vagina hats the week after Trump being inaugurated and doing the travel ban, I don’t doubt that much of the civil unrest that’s been practiced out there is literal temper tantrums on the part of people who lost the election and this is simply the childish way that they’re going about showing it. But I don’t think that these people are — if the theory is that they are getting back at Trump voters for voting for Trump, they’re missing the boat.

I mean, they’re tearing up places in California. They’re tearing up places in Oregon, state of Washington, where Democrat businesses are and where Democrat people live. The question is, if Biden wins, does this stuff continue? If Trump wins, does this stuff continue? Under what scenario does this stuff stop? Well, it’s gonna stop. At some point it’s either gonna burn out or a breaking point is going to be reached, and local and federal law enforcement is gonna lower the boom.

I think the reason it’s continuing is because the Democrat Party has determined that it is a positive thing to help them win reelection for all of this chaos to occur. I think they want people to believe that it is all related to Trump, that this rioting, the looting, that the chaos is understandable. It’s understandable these people would hate Trump. He’s a racist bigot. It’s understandable. We don’t think we should try to stop him or quiet them down. This is peaceful protests. These are mothers upset that Trump wants to take their health care away.

So, it’s an active political calculation that this wanton destruction of Democrat cities will delay the opening of Democrat cities and states, which will, therefore, delay the speed of the recovery of the American economy, which, at the end of that progression, ends up hurting Trump.

All of this — like I told a caller yesterday — everything happening, no matter how illogical you might think, everything happening is part of the Democrat Party effort to stop Donald Trump, to defeat Donald Trump, everything. Black Lives Matter being allowed to run amok, Antifa being allowed to run amok, New York, California, Washington, Oregon, governors and mayors not putting a stop to this, all designed to create chaos that they can blame on Donald Trump.

So theoretically if Trump loses, then they would say, “Oh, yeah, it’s gonna end at some point.” A lot of people think the virus is gonna end on November 4th. I mean, the big news about the virus, the virus as an ongoing, daily concern will also end after the election, either way. But I don’t think it’s gonna stop until these people are dealt with. I’m talking about Black Lives Matter, Antifa, they’re gonna keep going for as long as they’re being paid to do it, as long as it is of value to them.


RUSH: It’s a good question: Is this stuff gonna continue after the election? You know, my theory that no matter what it is, everybody — every human being — has an emotional reservoir, and at some point, it runs dry. You simply run out of energy. You run out of the emotion that makes you care. Nobody has an emotional reservoir that gets constantly refilled, unless there’s something abnormal about it.

Unless there’s something sick about them and their lives actually become lived in a perpetual state of anger or angst, and a lot of people on the left — believe me — this has happened to. And it has been done on them on purpose, I believe. So it’s actually… It’s a toss-up whether some of this is gonna go on or not, whether some of it’s gonna continue.

Your thinking on it really would have to be predicated on, “Do you think it’s legitimate in the first place, or is it just all political in nature?” In other words, “Is there really anger at what happened to George Floyd or was it just an opportunity — and when the George Floyd murder happened, did some kind trigger occur? Were some kind of marching orders sent out?”

We know the left can and does operate that way. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not trying to say that George Floyd situation was not legitimately frustrating and angering. I’m just saying, there are a lot of people who didn’t March in the sixties civil rights protests would love to tell you they did, and do lie about it and tell you they did, because it gives them, you know, a sense of identity and purpose.

I think these incidents that are happening now, like the woman that said to explain looting, “Well, we’re looting because this is reparations. We’re owed reparations. So everything we’re taking and looting, it’s legitimately ours. These businesses have insurance. They’re gonna get repaid. So it’s nothin’ off their backs.” So that’s how they’re looking at it.

If no effort is made to stop them, why should they stop? I mean, in the simplest terms of human behavior, if your mayor, if your governor is gonna essentially show him- or herself to side with you, why should you stop? (interruption) Because what says it’s wrong? (interruption) I don’t think these people have an inner compass that says what they’re doing is wrong.

I think that’s what’s missing in a lot of them. I think… You know, there was a Wall Street Journal editorial many, many years ago, “no guardrails,” meaning the morality is gone. The protective guardrails that keep you from going off the side of the cliff, they’re gone. I think morality has been absent the American culture at large for 30 years.

I think when it became an adjunct of the left that morality is nobody’s decision for anybody else, that there is no universal right and wrong — that morality is somebody’s individual choice — I think it was over for morality. When they openly make moves to eliminate God from as much of life as they can, it’s an attack on morality. It’s an attack on what they consider to be judgmentalism.

It’s an attack on what they think is having a good time. It could be any number of things. I don’t think the people engaging in this have a little voice inside whispering to them that they’re engaging in bad things. I think some people actually are missing the little voice — and you can call it your conscience. You can call it your connection to morality or God.

But I think some people genuinely do not have it. Some of it’s born of genuine rage, but how much of the rage is actually genuine versus manufactured and made up? But I think it all boils down. The simplest way to understand all of this — and this is not to say it’s easy to understand, but it’s all happening with the permission of people who hate Donald Trump.

It’s all happening with the permission and the encouragement of people who believe that it will help hasten the defeat of Donald Trump — and maybe there are other factors. The left doesn’t have the guts to say “no” to these people. They’re afraid of them themselves. They envy them. They wish they could be like them, but they can’t. There’s any number of potential explanations for this.

But if you want it to stop, stop empowering liberals. Stop electing liberals. Stop giving them positions of power. This stuff will eventually stop at some point.

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