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RUSH: A law professor at the University of Texas is ticked off that President Trump is putting “loyalists” in important government positions. In a New York Times op-ed, Stephen Vladeck demands to know why Senate Republicans are “playing dead.” They haven’t stopped Trump from appointing people loyal to him!

Mr. Vladeck is especially mad about a tactic President Trump uses to avoid confirmation hearings. Whenever there are vacancies in executive branch agencies, the president simply appoints people loyal to him as “acting” officials. President Trump says this gives him a lot more flexibility — and as a bonus, he avoids the partisan battles that would erupt in the Senate if these appointees had to be confirmed.

Now, Vladeck angrily complains that President Trump hasn’t referred a single name to the Senate for confirmation since April 2019. This is sending the left into orbit, folks! Vladeck claims that appointing “acting” officers violates “the spirit of the Constitution.”

That’s a total crock! Since when have liberals cared about that?

I’ll tell you what has this guy’s underwear in a bunch. Two things. First, that President Trump has people loyal to him in key positions instead of the Obama holdovers who were undermining the Trump administration since day one. But the main reason he’s mad is that President Trump has outsmarted the left yet again to figure out how to get people loyal to him in positions of importance.

What’s so wrong with that anyway, by the way?

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