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RUSH: Now, you talk about low-rent and no class. On Tuesday, while the Democrats’ convention was underway, DNC chairman Tom Perez slammed President Trump for holding in-person events. Perez said people should ask the family of the late Herman Cain, who recently succumbed to the coronavirus, if holding live events is a good model.

No, Mr. Perez. We should ask American families some other things. Let’s ask the families of people who died in nursing homes whether the blue-state governors’ model was a good one. That stupid Democrat policy forced nursing facilities to accept infected patients, causing thousands of COVID-19 deaths.

And let’s ask the families of those who lost their jobs, their businesses, and are in danger of losing their homes and their life savings whether the shutdown of the American economy – by Democrats is a good model.

Don’t stop there. Ask the families of hardworking Americans whose businesses were vandalized, looted, set ablaze whether Democrats’ policy of letting riots roll unchecked by police is a good model. Ask the families exposed to mortal harm as Democrats defund their police if they like that model.

Your Democrat Party, Mr. Perez, is the worst model possible.

You promote everything that is wrong, and nothing that is right for a strong, prosperous America — and you couldn’t care less, obviously.

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