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RUSH: Well, it’s gonna be a little bit uncomfortable today, folks, because of the comments that I am inclined to make here about people I normally leave alone. What I saw last night watching the Democrat convention, oh, my goodness. It was pathetic. It was pathetic!

And then to watch everybody talk about how wonderful it was and how great it was and, oh, my goodness, I hope we never, ever go back to conventions in a big hall and the big floor and all the — My friends, the lengths to which people are going to cover up for the absolute, pathetic nature of this convention is just amazing. It’s breathtaking to behold.

Anyhow, it’s great to be here. Great to have you with us, as always. The telephone number, if you want to be on the program, is 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

The ratings continue to be also pathetic for the Democrat National Convention, and they can’t figure out why. They’re trying hard. They’re assembling all the experts. They’re talking to all the professionals. They’ve got the creme de la creme of Big Tech. They’ve got the creme de la creme of broadcast network talent. They have the creme de la creme of the political world on the Democrat side. And they can’t figure it out.

They do not know why the ratings — and they’re not good, folks. It’s not that they’re down a few percent here, few percent there. It is record low, no matter where you go. They originally were holding out hope that the streaming numbers, which are harder to actually ascertain, that the streaming numbers would make up for the loss or the down numbers on conventional, over-the-air broadcast television and cable. But it hasn’t happened.

So, there’s all kinds of excuses that are being offered. “Well, it’s the pandemic.” I actually heard, this is the number-one excuse. “You know, people are having to Zoom all day long. They’re having to go to work on Zoom. They’re having to communicate, do their jobs on Zoom. The last thing they want to do at night is go home and watch something else on Zoom,” which is how the Democrat convention is happening.

I said, “Man, that is scraping the bottom of the barrel.” Because, you see, I, ladies and gentlemen, as a powerful, influential member of the media can tell them exactly why their ratings are down. It’s not hard at all. They themselves ought to be able to figure this out. Maybe they have and just don’t want to admit it to themselves. And I’ll be happy to tell ’em because they’re not gonna believe me. And even if they do believe me, they’re not gonna acknowledge that I may have a point.

But it is real simple. We talked about it yesterday. We talked about it the day before. It all boils down to one thing: There isn’t any enthusiasm in the Democrat Party for Joe Biden. They will tell you. They will tell you their own polls show that a majority of people who say they’re gonna vote in November hate Trump. They’re voting against Trump. They are not voting for Biden.

Well, folks, that’s all you need to know. If the Democrats admit that their own nominee isn’t engendering or generating any excitement, then why would you expect massive tune-in to your convention featuring the guy? The two go hand in hand. You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t expect this.

And then the VP, Kamala Harris, yeah, she’s historic. No, she’s not. These people lie to themselves. “Yes, she is. She’s the first woman of color to be picked as vice president.” We’ve been there, done that. We’ve had the first person of color be president. Anything else is a step-down. You Democrats, you keep trying to create excitement out of identity related things. It’s not how most people look at other people. But it is on the Democrat side.

The Democrat Party, if you’re an average leftist or liberal walking down the street, the first thing you notice about somebody is their skin color. Then you try to determine what their sexual orientation is. The next thing you try to determine, are they tranny? The next thing you try to figure out is something else related to their identity. The last thing you’re interested in is who they are. Because who they are is irrelevant to you. What they are is what matters.

So in the vast swath of the American population — don’t doubt me on this — the fact that Kamala Harris is a woman of color, Jamaican person of color, Indian, nation of India person of color, it’s nice and all that, but it’s not historic. It certainly isn’t enough to get people to tune in and watch the convention. Besides, Kamala Harris, as we also discussed, was the first Democrat to get out of the primaries. There were 23 or 24 of ’em in there. She got out before the first votes were even cast. She was the first out. And now she is in place to become president.

Tell me how that works in terms of creating excitement. The first person out of the race because she had no hope, because she had no prayer. She had thrown everything she had going after Biden, who was the front runner. He’s a racist, he’s a big, I believe all of the women, I think the guy is a reprobate, all that stuff, it didn’t work.

I could have told them it wasn’t gonna work. But it didn’t work, so she gets out. And now they’re sitting there expecting that this convention is gonna be, I mean, uncontrollably exciting, when they admit there is no excitement for their candidate and they’re having to manufacture this so-called historical choice of Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, their cities are burning, and they don’t even talk about it. They don’t even mention it. I mean, the Democrat Party, the one thing that they are really illustrating they have a talent for is to be absent reality. So it’s no mystery to me. Now, there’s some stuff to learn here as a result.


RUSH: The main thing to realize is the reason the ratings are down is Biden isn’t exciting. Nobody cares to tune in.

You know what? Most people on the Democrat side, because of the media, don’t know the extent of Vice President Biden’s mental drop-off. They just don’t know it. So they don’t even have the element of, “Gee, is he gonna…? Is he gonna not know where he is tonight?” Some people would watch just to see if that happened — and it did. It happened a couple times last night.

We have it on tape. We’ve got it on video. We’re gonna show you on the Dittocam. He didn’t know where I was. I tell you, whoever… Did you…? James, did you see when he actually accepted the nomination? He was in a VHS or a videotape library in the basement of a school, and they had some streamers — like five or six streamers — come out of the ceiling, which is like a 10-foot ceiling and two or three balloons.

Well, it looked small. It looked… You could count the number of streamers, and Biden looked like he thought they were snakes — they were coming out of the roof to attack him — and he’s looking at them like, “Whoa! Whoa! What’s this? God love ya. Oh, my God.” He went out after Jill Biden, his wife, finished her speech, and (sigh) basically said, “Why am I here?” You’ll hear it.


RUSH: By the way, PMSNBC has this guy on there named Chris Hayes. The first time I saw this guy, I said, “Did he just walk in off the street and sit down, or did somebody actually hire this guy?” And I said, “If somebody actually hired this guy, why?” I mean, metrosexual and Pajama Boy don’t even get close.

Anyway, this guy was on PMSNBC, and he was characterizing the average Trump voter. Remember Peter Strzok Smirk? Peter Strzok Smirk said that you could smell the Trump support at a southern Virginia Walmart. He actually tweeted that to his paramour, Lisa Page. Don’t worry, Babe. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry. Trump’s not gonna win. I was in a Walmart the other day in Virginia, you could smell the Trump support, was his tweet.

So Chris Hayes — he’s an Ivy Leaguer, and you wouldn’t doubt that, if you see him. He described the Trump political base as white men without a four-year degree who have just enough extra money to buy a boat. This was in a Twitter exchange with a reporter from the Washington Post, David Weigel three days ago, on August 16th.

Late on Sunday, Weigel, who earned a journalism degree from Northwestern University in Chicago tweeted, quote, “I keep trying to make this point, but I don’t want to be patronizing. The Florida guy with a high school degree and a pile of disposable income really is a perfect Trump supporter.” So here’s Hillary Clinton with her deplorables. Strzok Smirk with the fact you can smell the Trump support in a Walmart in southern Virginia, showing their true colors.

The need to mock and make fun of you Trump supporters. A Florida man with a high school degree, pile of disposable income, perfect Trump supporter. And that’s when Hayes came back and said, “Yeah.” And this by a guy, he went to Hunter College High School, he earned a philosophy degree from Brown University, said, white men without a four-year degree, disposable income, enough to buy a boat, are genuinely the Trump base.

They haven’t slightest idea who the Trump base is. Just wanted to share this with you. They haven’t taken the time to learn who the Trump base is, why the Trump base is there. You need to be feeling really good about things here, folks, like I told a couple callers yesterday. You’ve got a Democrat National Convention that is a sorry joke. You’ve got a Democrat National Convention with no audience. They can’t figure out why. And it’s very simple why. There’s no enthusiasm for their nominee.

And the American people do not see some sort of historical moment that they’re part of in the choice of Kamala Harris as the vice presidential running mate ’cause most people are not into identity politics like the Democrats are.

On the other hand, here comes the economy roaring back, elements of it, evidence of it. Trump’s the one guy that’s been promising it. He has been assuring everybody, he’s been telling everybody he knows how to do it. Voila. We’re starting to get the signs that it’s happening.

And the Democrats continue to preside over absolute misery in the cities and states that they run. They don’t seem at all interested in stopping that. They don’t seem at all interested in cleaning up the mess being made in their cities. At the same time they’re talking about defunding the police.

I’m just trying to assure you, you are not watching, whether you’re watching the convention, whether you’re watching the nightly news, whether you’re watching cable news, the broadcast news, reading the New York Times, you’re not watching a winning movement. You’re watching a movement that thinks it’s winning. I don’t even think that. I think they know they’re not. I think they’re in deep doo-doo and know it and are trying to hide that.


RUSH: They got the best and the brightest from Big Tech. They got the best and the brightest from Hollywood. They got the best and the brightest from political consultancy and so forth, and there hasn’t been a single bit of obvious innovation in this presentation, and your expectations would say that they would have really come up with the wow and the pizzazz and fabulous ways of doing this. But it’s not working. Of course, one of the reasons is that the nominee kind of defeats the whole purpose. He doesn’t have any enthusiasm specifically for him.

But I have to tell you, folks, when they went to Biden – and we’ve got this on video here. Hang on a minute, Brian, we had success running the video on the Dittocam yesterday, so we’re gonna do it again, but this one we’ve had to loop it because it’s just four seconds. It goes by real quickly.

They cut to Joe Biden just after he had been officially formally nominated. This was after New Jersey put him over the top, not Delaware. He was standing — I don’t know, it looked like his basement with a library of DVDs. Maybe it was a basement of a school or something. But there were four or five balloons, and there were some colored streamers that looked like snakes that appeared to come out of the ceiling.

So you got the balloons and the snakes. They looked like they were attacking Biden. He didn’t quite know where to look. He knew that the camera was on him. He didn’t quite know where to look. He had kind of a tense smile. And behind him these streamers popped out. They fell down from the acoustical tiles in the ceiling. The visual was awkward, and it was really ill-conceived. If Biden is trying to become a world, historical figure, a king slayer who will become a king himself. This is the guy that they have chosen to finally slay the mad king, Donald Trump. The scene made him look like a mid-level executive having a retirement party on Zoom.

And then they cut dozens of people applauding. And then just the setting itself. This is the biggest night, arguably, of Joe Biden’s life. And it was filled with balloons in a DVD library. Now, who was the genius, the creative genius who came up with this setting? You talk about mailing it in, the Democrats worried about the post office, you have got a lot of other concerns before you get to the post office. You talk about mailing something in. This is what Joe and Jill get after winning the Democrat nomination? It’s a big deal.

A sleep deprived second grade teacher could have put something together that was far better than what they gave Biden last night. A guy who celebrates with balloons in a basement video library? This is not somebody who’s building anything back better, and isn’t that slogan? We gonna build it back better. Didn’t see any of that on display. This was a bigger dud than Biden’s recovery summer.

Brian, let the tape roll. You’ll see it, folks. Four seconds on the Dittocam. Here we go. Three, two, one, let ‘er rip. Don’t know where he is. Oh, the snakes! The snakes! Four or five balloons there. Oh, look at the excitement. Oh, my good. Jill Biden doesn’t know what’s going on behind her as this stuff is all — here we go again. Oh. Oh. Okay, Brian.

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