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RUSH: Northern Virginia, Andrew, welcome, sir, it’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for taking my call, Rush. Hey, I’ve been with you since 1988 when I was stationed in McClellan Air Force Base in Rio Linda.

RUSH: Well, that’s the beginning. You are a lifer here. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, I wanted to add to your opening monologue about the enthusiasm gap. I’ve got a very active following and presence on social media where I can always get the pulse of the left through social media. But I am seeing absolutely nothing on social media. I usually check it in the mornings to see what’s going on the night before. Tuesday morning I had two posts about Michelle Obama and one happened to be from a president of an NAACP chapter, and today I had one repost of Colin Powell’s speech.

In contrast, over the weekend, if I had one, I had 50 posts about the post office and mailboxes being moved. So, again, just to summarize, I am seeing nothing in social media that would lend to any enthusiasm on the left.

RUSH: And what are you specifically saying you’ve seen about Michelle (My Belle) Obama?

CALLER: Yeah. So literally I saw two posts Tuesday morning about the convention, and those are the only two posts I saw from Democrats, from the Democrats I follow —

RUSH: Now, wait. There have to have been more than that, I gotta be real careful here.

CALLER: I’m sorry?

RUSH: There have to have been more than two posts about Michelle Obama on Twitter.

CALLER: Again, you know, so I’m curious, because, you know, if it was Republicans I would think, you know, that the content was suppressed or shadow banned, but I’m literally checking it periodically throughout the day, and I’m seeing nothing from the people that would normally post, none. I don’t follow a lot of the left-wing sites on Twitter, but literally there was nothing saying what a great speech it was other than a few comments that they said that they love Michelle Obama.

RUSH: All right. Well, now, I have a story that backs this up. It is from The Daily Wire, which is Ben Shapiro’s website. And the headline: “‘A Star Is Born’: GOP Candidate’s Ad Trounces Michelle Obama DNC Speech In Digital Metrics,” which is what you are talking about.

We played the three-minute commercial of the Republican candidate, African-American in Baltimore, Kimberly Klacik. She is just trouncing Michelle Obama on Twitter and in Facebook in terms of likes, dislikes, all of that. I’m up against it on time. I’ll give you the details here shortly. Hang on. It’s big.


RUSH: We played the three minutes… It’s actually two minutes and 50 seconds. It’s a three-minute commercial by Kimberly Klacik. She’s the Republican candidate for Congress in Baltimore. She’s African-American. She’s eminently qualified, so, the total package. It’s just… It’s a great, great ad. We were among the first to air the ad. It has taken off out there. It has zoomed.

She is everywhere now by “digital metrics, “digital metrics defined as, “Wow. Twitter went nuts last night! Wow! Twitter went viral last night. Wow! Twitter blew up last night.” So those kinds of metrics, Michelle Obama bombed at the DNC last night. Now, I’m bouncing off the last caller that we had in the previous hour. I was talking about the enthusiasm gap in the first hour, and I have been attempting to tell people there isn’t any on the Democrat side.

Contrary to every effort they’re making to get you to think otherwise, it’s clear. The reason why the ratings are down for their convention is stuff they’ve told us. In fact, they have proudly said — they have proudly said — that their research indicates that a majority of people that are gonna vote for Biden actually just hate Trump and are gonna be voting against Trump, and they are saying that that really bodes ill for Trump.

When you’ve got that kind of negative out there, when you’ve got that kind of hate, “Ooh, that’s just bad news for Trump!” Sorry, folks. I think it’s the exact opposite. I think when you can’t drum up enthusiasm for your candidate, you are the one that has the problem. When you can’t drum up enthusiasm for the person you have arranged to be your nominee, then I am sorry, you have the problem — and I think they have the problem.

Trump doesn’t have an enthusiasm problem. The people that are gonna vote for Trump can’t wait to vote for Trump, and there are so many more of them than you know. And they’re just waiting. And every day the Democrat Party tries to do more damage to this country, the more energetic and desirous they get of showing up and voting. Ninety-one/95% the Republican Party still supports and is aligned with Donald Trump.

So the evidence is right in front of our face. Their ratings… The ratings are down so much, it’s so bad that they’re not even really spending a lot of time detailing it. Well, trying to lay it off on, “Well, there’s actually a lot of streaming going on out there. We just don’t not how to quantify it. We don’t know how to tabulate it.”

But I guarantee you they don’t really believe that. So they’re now trying to say that Michelle Obama killed it. She racked ’em up last night or whenever she spoke, and this story makes the opposite point. “‘By digital metrics, Michelle Obama bombed at the DNC last night. The former first lady was completely outdone by an unknown House candidate,'” Kimberly Klacik.

“On Facebook, Michelle Obama, despite being promoted by the traditional media giants, couldn’t scratch the virality of Klacik and the new media outlets who pushed her. The mere two results populated for Klacik show over 12.5 million views, whereas Obama’s numerous results totaled just shy of three million views, including views from conservative pundit Graham Allen criticizing her speech.

“‘Even on Twitter, Klacik has 25% more views than Michelle Obama.’ [T]he former First Lady’s Twitter account, shows 3 million views, whereas Klacik’s has 4.1 million. In 2016, Trump won because he offered a different message and used new[,] different media. In 2020, it seems the Democrats repeating their same mistakes.'” Somebody is quoted here as saying, “‘I thought this election cycle was over a month ago — but everything seems to be shifting now.'”

Yeah. Somebody believes that Plugs had it wrapped up a month ago. They believe their lying polls. They believe the narratives they tell each other. This is what’s happening to them, folks. There’s two things. They believe Twitter is America, and they believe, therefore, that they are America — meaning the media — and what’s happening is that they are actually just a circle, and they don’t do news.

They don’t deal in truth. They create narratives — and the narratives are, by definition, not factual. They’re stories that they have created that are designed to influence people. So they end up believing their own fairy tales. They end up believing, “Oh, Biden’s got this! It’s a lock. Look at this. Every poll, every poll Trump’s down eight, he’s down 10, he’s down 12.” So they end up…

Twitter fuels the media, the media absorbs Twitter and then sends it right back. So they end up feeding off of each other, and neither of them are dealing with reality. They’re dealing in the false narratives that they have created for whatever reasons — to make themselves feel better, try to influence people or what have you. Now, “digital metrics” is a name for how people’s popularity in social media and digital media is judged and what these metrics happen to be.

The conclusion… Well, the Post Millennials chief marketing officer Jeff Ballingall looked at all this, and he’s one of the sources for determining how much action there really was after Michelle Obama’s speech. See, the Drive-Bys will tell you after the speech — immediately after it, into the next day that it was a home run, that everybody’s talking about it. “Everybody thought it was just the greatest!

“Oh, my goodness, why isn’t she the nominee?” You get to social media and it was a yawner, when compared to Kimberly Klacik. Even without comparing to Kimberly Klacik, Michelle Obama did not break any records. She did not shatter anything, didn’t break through any glass ceilings or any of that. So the enthusiasm gap is real, but it’s not what they want you to believe.

They desperately want you to believe the enthusiasm has abandoned Trump campaign and abandoned Trump personally. If you haven’t seen the Kimberly Klacik ad, we’re gonna play it for you again. We’re gonna do this on the Dittocam. Again — and we’ve posted it at RushLimbaugh.com — I’m not playing these videos on the Dittocam in a sly attempt to get to you subscribe. I’m really not, folks.

The Dittocam is available only to people who are subscribers at RushLimbaugh.com. There’s a whole lot of stuff available free on my website. You do not have to subscribe to have access to every transcript of everything I say on this program every day. Now, you don’t get access to the live streaming. You don’t get access to the Dittocam. But you do get archival streaming of radio show.

You do not — and you can go to the podcast. So this is not an attempt to get you to subscribe to something because it’s all gonna be available at the website eventually anyway. This is just using the technology that’s available to us and servicing those who are subscribers. So here it goes. This is the commercial for the woman in Baltimore that — and even the audio of this.

Just imagine her walking through some of the dirtiest slums you can imagine in a bright red dress looking smoking hot. Imagine that. She’s walking through a really depressed area of Baltimore looking good, and the theme of this is “this is what the Democrat Party does not want you to know.” Go ahead and hit it. Here we go…

KLACIK: Do you care about black lives? The people that run Baltimore don’t. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this.

ON SCREEN: Kim Klacik walks real Baltimore.

RUSH: Kim Klacik is her name. Kim Klacik.

KLACIK: I’m Kim Klacik.

ON SCREEN: I am Kim Klacik.

KLACIK: This is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is the reality for black people every single day: Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime.

ON SCREEN: Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime.

KLACIK: Baltimore’s been run by the Democrat Party for 53 years.

ON SCREEN: Democrats run Baltimore for 53 years.

KLACIK: What is the result of their decades of leadership?

ON SCREEN: Top 5 most dangerous cities in America.

KLACIK: Baltimore is one of the top-five, most-dangerous cities in America

ON SCREEN: The murder rate in Baltimore is 10X U.S. average.

KLACIK: The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the U.S. average.

ON SCREEN: The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%.

KLACIK: The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%.

ON SCREEN: Homicides, drugs, and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city.

KLACIK: Homicides, drugs, and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city. Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people, who make up 60% of the population. So why don’t we care about our communities?

The Democrat Party has betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walk the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affects us. But they want to see it. They don’t want you to see this. Go to any Baltimore neighborhood and ask this question: “Do you want to defend the police?”

ON SCREEN: Do you want to defund the police?

MAN #1. No.


MAN #2: Absolutely not.

ON SCREEN: Real Baltimore resident.

MAN #1: I had three sons killed in Baltimore city, and I think if we defund the police office, it’s gonna be worser than that. So, no, I’m opposed to that.

ON SCREEN: Real Baltimore resident.

MAN #4: What are you gonna defund the police for? Why? How do you defend your city, your community? Families are losing people!

KLACIK: It’s not just Baltimore. The worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat-controlled city. It’s 2020. Name a blue state where black people’s lives have gotten better. Try. I’ll wait. Look at this. How are children supposed to live here and play here? Democrats think black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever.

That we won’t demand better and that we’ll keep voting for them forever despite what they’ve done to our families and our communities. Are they right? I’m Kim Klacik, and I’m running for Congress because I actually care about black lives.

ON SCREEN: Black lives.

KLACIK: All black lives matter.

ON SCREEN: All black lives matter.

KLACIK: Our communities matter.

ON SCREEN: Baltimore matters.

KLACIK: Baltimore matters. And black people don’t have to vote Democrat.

ON SCREEN: Kim Klacik for Congress.

RUSH: So that video has taken social media by storm. And, by the way, that’s another thing. We’re told that social media is dominated by Democrats, dominated by the left, and you’re not welcome there. And this is an attack on the Democrat Party. Now, I know, what she says in the ad — Mr. Snerdley got very offended, “You’ve been saying this stuff for 20 years. What does it matter?”

The reason it matters is because this is an African-American woman in Baltimore running for Congress attacking the Democrat Party. She’s gonna have a little bit more credibility because of her race. I said, “If you really wanted to give this thing some power, if she were a Democrat, then we would have some real fireworks.”

Now, they’ll do their best to ignore her. But the fact that that three-minute ad has generated so much positive reaction on social media, I think that tells us that there’s a lot of misconception that we are faced with about our supposed minority status, our supposed lack of influence, lack of power and so forth. I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.

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