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RUSH: Now, I mentioned something at the opening of the program that I might be faced here with doing something I don’t usually do. I usually don’t use audio sound bites of colleagues — and, by colleagues, I mean people in the business.

I don’t, for example, play audio sound bites of a Fox personality and say, “Listen to how crazy this is.” We will play sound bites of guests or newsmakers on Fox, but the actual hosts of shows, very rarely. We will sometimes use a Brit Hume sound bite because they’re funny when he comes to the sudden realization that the media isn’t media anymore. But we do it in good cheer. We do it with a smile on our face.

Now, last night, after the Democrat convention — which was just an exercise in boredom. Everything was taped. There was no live reaction to anything that happened, and all of the left-leaning analysts on Fox, nevertheless, had to analyze this as maybe the best convention ever. “Man, it is so good,” they said, “we may never want to go back to the crowded convention halls!

“This is so heartwarming. Why, this made me want to sing God Bless America. I just thought it was one of the greatest things I’d ever seen.” These were largely comments made about how the Democrats did the roll call, and the way the Democrats did the roll call… You know, normally in a convention you’ve got a state somewhere on the floor.

And it’s the state’s turn to announce, and somebody that runs the delegation says, “Mr. President, from the great state of Alabama,” and then they go talk about how many soybeans they produced and what it was. They get around to shifting the votes and announcing the votes “for the next president of the United States,” blah, blah, blah.

Well, what they did last night since there’s no convention hall, they actually produced 57 separate tapes, because Obama says there’s 57 states, and so they had to do 57 states and territories. And they would go to, say, New Mexico, and they had a Native American guy in Native American dress/wardrobe, announce which candidates were getting how many delegates.

And then they would go to a different state. We got New Jersey. They got the governor, Phil Murphy, and somebody else, and one thing I… You know, they goofed up last night. Now, normally at a convention the candidate, the winner, the nominee’s home state gets the honor of putting the nominee over the top in terms of the delegates necessary to win the nomination. This always happens.

So, in the event of last night they would wait, Delaware would not announce ’til their delegates would be enough to put Biden over the top and make his nomination official. They didn’t do that last night. New Jersey and its 100-some-odd delegates actually ended up putting Biden over the top, and I’m watching this, and I said, “This is not right. They ought to wait. What’s wrong with Biden’s own state getting the honor of putting him over the top?”

What they did is, they let Delaware go last! They let Delaware go last after it was already over, after Plugs had already become the official nominee, and so this 57 bits of tape from every state and territory with people announcing how many delegates go to this candidate and that, the commentary on it was just over the top.

Here’s Juan Williams, audio sound bite number 3. This is his take on it.

WILLIAMS: I agree with all of you. I’ve enjoyed watching. I enjoyed that trip across America so much, it reminded me of the song America, the Beautiful. You know, you could see so many parts of our spectacular country. I loved it.

RUSH: I loved it. See, he has to say this. Up next, Dana Perino, audio sound bite number 5.

PERINO: This night I think just visually and from an energy standpoint, it has a lot more pep in its step. I think the visuals have been amazing. And I don’t ever want to see another roll call taken in a convention hall. I think this is has been awesome. I’ve loved this trip around America.

RUSH: Okay. And here’s Karl Rove has everybody else has spoken —

ROVE: I’m in deep disagreement with everybody that has spoken earlier. I hated the video swing around the country. I’m a traditionalist. I wanted the people in the goofy hats and the nutty outfits. Instead we got the video with generally one person there. This is my third Democratic National Convention. I hope my 12th Republican National Convention has got more of that great tradition that I miss so much tonight.

RUSH: Grab sound bite number 2. One more. Here’s Chris Wallace’s take on it.

WALLACE: I want to talk about two things in this, the first hour. One was the keynote address, and just as you said, you thought that the roll call worked, I thought the keynote worked. It sounded pretty crazy to me. Seventeen up-and-coming Democrats all delivering the same speech. Uh, but, it, it actually kind of worked. And they had sentences, it all fit together, uh, and you saw black and white and old and young. Well, I guess not old. But, uh, men and women. And it was a pretty effective speech.

RUSH: Right. They all loved this. And they especially loved the trip around our spectacular country that made me want to start singing America, the Beautiful. And just a little over the top I think it kind of betrayed the real reaction. I think they felt that they had to wax eloquent about it ’cause, folks, the ratings are down.

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