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RUSH: California is going through a heatwave. Now, a heatwave in California, I thought, man it must be really scorching out. It’s 93 degrees. It’s 93 degrees and they have to have rolling blackouts to keep the grid from crashing because they can’t handle the load? 93 degrees. Let me tell you something, folks. We here in South Florida, this is an everyday occurrence. The feel-like temperature right here is 109 degrees. The humidity is 72%.

So whatever the temperature is out there you add the humidity, we got a feel-like temp of 109. We never have rolling blackouts. We never have blackouts period, here. The grid can handle it because everybody’s prepared. This is a tropical climate. We love it. We absolutely love it. So I was expecting California, Los Angeles, we’re literally talking about mostly Los Angeles, I was thinking that they must be 110 degrees out there, ’cause I know in Death Valley, which is a desert, it’s 130.

Oh, and speaking of that, if you’ve paid any attention, it’s not a record. If you’ll notice in all the news stories about the 130 degree high temperature in Death Valley, why, we haven’t seen this temperature in 70 years. What does that mean? It means 70 years ago it was as hot as it is now. That means it isn’t anything new. It means it isn’t climate change, it isn’t this or that. The record is older than today. So it is a nonstory, what the temperature is in Death Valley, it’s a desert.

But Los Angeles, let me give you some numbers here. “The outages, which were expected to hit as soon as 4 p.m. in California -” this is yesterday “– would mark the third time in four days that the state’s utilities deliberately cut power to protect a grid that’s been pushed to the brink of failure as people blast their air conditioners and fans to keep cool.”

A fan is not gonna put any load — air-conditioning does, but fans, they’re not gonna affect anything. “The state is facing an electricity shortfall of about 4.4 gigawatts, according to California Governor Gavin Newsom. That’s the equivalent of about four nuclear power plants.” And the governor said this, “Let me just make this crystal clear: We failed to predict and plan these shortages — and that’s simply unacceptable.”

Hang on, now. Hang on. “Rarely if ever have 3.3 million homes and businesses across California, or roughly 10 million people based on the average size of a household, been affected by a planned shutdown of this kind.” Here’s why. “Part of the problem is California’s rapid shift away from natural gas. About 9 gigawatts of gas generation, enough to power 6.8 million homes, have been retired over the past five years.”

Now, remember, up here earlier they’re facing an electricity shortfall of 4.4 gigawatts, which is the equivalent of about four nuclear power plants. Part of the problem, California has shifted away from natural gas. Nine gigawatts of natural gas generation has been thrown away. It has been retired over the past five years in order that California can run renewable and green energy. In other words, they got rid of fossil fuel, natural gas, which is not dirty. Natural gas is not a pollutant. And they threw it away. They made it illegal, and they replaced it with solar.

Guess what? Solar provides nothing starting an hour, hour and a half before sundown and throughout the rest of the night, all of those solar panels are freaking worthless. These blackouts are entirely man-made. They are not the result of exorbitantly high weather. They are the result of a bunch of fruitcake nuts believing in climate change getting rid of nine gigawatts of natural gas power generation and replacing that nine gigawatts with a totally insufficient number of gigawatts generated by solar and wind in order to save the planet, in order to protect the planet. If I lived out there, I would be outraged. I would have known this was coming.

“According to the National Weather Service, Los Angeles International Airport,” where nobody lives, except maybe for the homeless camping out in the wheel wells of the nearest 747, “they hit a daily high of 93 degrees, breaking the previous high on the date of 85 set in 1994.” It’s 93 degrees and 10 million people are suffering from rolling blackouts.

Ladies and gentlemen (especially those of you in California), do you realize how you have been bamboozled here? Why was all this solar and wind built? It wasn’t for power generation. It was to make the people that did it rich — and do you know who most of them are? Do you know who’s really, really heavily invested in solar and wind? Try the Koch brothers.

You Democrats, you haven’t the slightest idea. The people who have gotten filthy rich off of this renewal switch largely are conservative Republican investors. Now in California, you have literally thrown away — you have manually reduced — your own ability to produce nine gigawatts of power by way of getting rid of natural gas.

There’s no way you can replace it with solar or wind, and that’s why they’re having to manually shut down neighborhoods and they’re rolling it out so that not the same neighborhood is affected every day. It is incompetence like you haven’t seen it. It is incompetence squared and on parade. “California Gov. Gavin Newsom: Time to ‘Sober Up’ About Green Energy’s Flaws.” This is from Breitbart.

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday that the state had to ‘sober up’ about the fact that renewable energy sources had failed to provide enough power for the state at peak demand, and needed ‘backup’ and ‘insurance’ from other sources,” which means even though they’re buying power from other sources, they still are having to shut down the grid.

“Newsom addressed journalists and the public in the midst of ongoing electricity blackouts that began on Friday … One reason the state lacked power, officials admitted, was its over-reliance on ‘renewables’…” What do you mean, “overreliance on renewables”? Renewables can’t come close to replacing fossil fuels. Renewables aren’t there yet! They’re never gonna be there.

There’s a reason why fossil fuels are used. The free flow of oil at market prices is the fuel. It’s the blood source of economics. It’s what keeps a country going. It’s what maintains a country’s superpower status. The reason it’s used is because it works, not because there’s some evil mastermind that wants to destroy the planet. It’s because it works!

And the minute humanity and ingenuity come up with something better and more efficient, we’ll switch to it. The climate change people want you to believe that we’re already there. We’ve got everything we need to go renewable and clean and all this. We’re not. We’re nowhere near. And here’s California… Can you imagine how bad this would be if California wasn’t shut down, locked down, if they were still working?


I saw this yesterday, and I about flipped a gourd because this is so predictable, and they’ve brought it on themselves.

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