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RUSH: Folks, I have a book recommendation for you. Sean Hannity’s new book is out. It’s been out a while. It’s number one on the New York Times in the first week, and it’s probably gonna be number one here in the second week. It’s called Live Free or Die. It has a tattered American flag on the cover. Now, let me tell you what is the premise of the book. And I’ve talked to Hannity about this. I’ve tried to talk him out of this. I failed. He wrote a book about it.

He really believes — and a lot of you may agree — I failed to talk him out of it. He really believes that if we lose the election in 2020, that we’re gonna lose the country. I know a lot of people tend to agree with that because, if we lose, how long is it gonna be before we get power back, and what kind of damage is gonna be done in the meantime?

But that is the premise. And it is an attempt to convey the absolute importance of this election and your commitment to it, that this isn’t just the next election. And a lot of people say that the upcoming election is the most crucial, it’s the most important in American history. They say it every four years. And that may be true, because of the nature of the American left and the fact that the Democrat Party is now all-in with the American left.

And the American left’s agenda is very clear. They do not like freedom. They don’t like capitalism. They don’t like the fruits of capitalism. They want no part of anything that made America this great superpower, exceptional place. So Hannity really believes that the future of the country is literally hanging in the balance. And the only thing that can prevent the loss — look, there’s always gonna be an America. But not as we’ve known it.

He believes that Donald Trump is the single thing standing in the way of the left’s attempt to destroy the country. I talked to him about this, and I said, “Are you just saying this ’cause you’re trying to hype the book?”

He said, “No, I’m genuinely scared.” He said, “I’m glad I’m at the tail end of my career rather than just starting it.”

I said, “Well, I kind of understand that. But are you serious? You really –”

“Yes, I do.” And this is not because of his friendship with Trump, which is long. He’s been Trump’s friend for 25 years. He really has a fear. So the book, Live Free or Die, literally the premise is, if we lose this, then the America you and I know is gone. Sean Hannity, Live Free or Die.

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