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RUSH: The what? (interruption) The post office! Oh, give me a break. You want to talk about a manufactured…? The post office? What is…? Pelosi did not call Congress back to help deal with the COVID-19 unemployment extension bill. No, no, no, no! We can’t do that because we need the chaos and we need people to suffer. But she calls people back in for the post office?

How long has the post office had a reputation of not being very good? (interruption) Your whole life, right? I mean the post office is a favorite kicking ball. Everybody beats up on the post office. Now they want to try to blame it on Trump? Folks, I want to tell you something. Don’t fall for this post office.

It is the biggest distraction, it’s the biggest bunch of nothing that they are trying to make a gigantic controversy out of. All you have to know is, Pelosi doesn’t call Congress back to help deal with COVID-19 extension, unemployment and all that, which is what is really needed. But, instead, she calls ’em back in to defend and protect the post office? Give me a break!


RUSH: You could also say that Pelosi is pulling a stunt here calling Congress back into action during the Democrat convention, but what for? The post office, a nothing scandal. But not COVID benefit extensions.

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