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RUSH: Let me grab Sophia in Baltimore. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a treat to talk to you. And I’m so glad that I listened to your monologue today. It was very encouraging because I thought, “Oh, God. Well, of course it’s gonna be another week of lies, lies, lies, embellishment, et cetera.” I was really looking toward this DNC convention with dread, but if you say it’s going to be a fun week, it’s gonna be a fun week. So I’m changing my views —

RUSH: All right, now —

CALLER: — and I’m gonna look at it with an open mind.

RUSH: That’s good. But Sophia, you’re still gonna get mad. Don’t misunderstand.

CALLER: Oh, sure.

RUSH: The media’s gonna be telling you you’re not watching what you’re watching.

CALLER: Well, I’ll be watching and listening to some of my conservative folks on TV and local radio stations, and they and you, you’ll be ripping into them like a monkey on a cupcake, destroying everything —

RUSH: I like that, like monkey on a cupcake.

CALLER: On a cupcake.

RUSH: See if there’s any racial component to that.

CALLER: There’s always gonna be a six degrees of separation if you look for it, right?

RUSH: Monkey on a cupcake. Look, I was telling you the truth. I think it is gonna be fun, and it’s because of this CNN poll. Now, one other thing. There could be a little sandbag in this so that they can show Plugs with a bounce after the election. They almost have to do that. But I will deal with your angst when we come back, when I have a little bit more time. It’s a decent point you’re making out there, Sophia.


RUSH: “Bernie Sanders: We must keep pushing the country further left,” and that’s what you’re gonna see tonight. We had a caller. I told her I’d expand on her point. She called me in, the last caller of the previous hour. Said she was all done in the dumps when the program today started.

They’re all down at the Democrat convention. She’s afraid to watch it, that it was just gonna be one depressing statement after another. One, the media is gonna make it look like everybody loves them, make it look like they’re eminently popular, make it look like there’s no way they can lose. And she was prepared to just be totally disappointed, totally depressed, totally angry about it. She heard me start the program by saying, “This is gonna be fun.

“I can’t wait to watch this.” It totally changed her mind. She called to thank me for being optimistic. See, it’s my natural state. I’m not making this up. I’m not falsifying it. I think it is a golden opportunity. Look, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. They can’t avoid being who they are. They’re gonna say what they believe tonight. They’re gonna send Bernie Sanders out there.

We gotta keep pushing the country left. We have to first elect Biden, then keep pushing the country left. They’re upset, progressives are upset. The Democrat National Committee has given Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only 60 seconds to speak. Did you know that? Sixty seconds! Sixty seconds, at the Democrat national convention, the DNC. Read that as “Joe Biden.”

Now, Joe Biden has tried to make her think that he has signed on totally to her Green New Deal, and yet she’s gonna get a minute? Do you think she’s actually gonna come off? Do you think she’s gonna finish in a minute? This is a virtual convention, folks. This is all online. What are they gonna do? If she refuses to back out of her connection after one minute, how are they gonna do it?

If they stick to it, they’re gonna have to kill her connection, and it’s gonna be very obvious. It’s gonna look like a glitch happened or somebody did something on purpose. But the fact is, they only want to give her one minute. Now, why? This is an up-and-coming star! This is somebody claiming to be the future of the Democrat Party! Everybody’s saying this on their side.

She’s got some people that are mad at her, but, I mean, on balance — demographically and all that — she’s the future of the party. One minute, while Crazy Bernie is gonna get as many minutes as he can because Bernie Sanders knows this is his convention. He knows that Biden has had to adopt his agenda in order to get the nomination. That’s what it took to get Bernie to stand aside.

That and another guesthouse somewhere, and maybe a boat to get him to his lake house that he has. They had to pay him off somehow to get him to relinquish and give up on the nomination so Plugs could get it by acclamation. One of the things they had to give him was the agenda, and he’s gonna run about it. Look, there’s all kinds of stuff.

You wonder why I’m looking at this as fun? Try this story. This is on Friday’s Politico. “Politico Reports Obama Less Than Enthusiastic for Biden’s Candidacy.” The subheadline: “‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [screw] things up,'” only he didn’t say “screw.” Now, you’re probably sitting out there, “What? I haven’t heard this!

“Last thing I heard Obama was saying how great Joe is and this and that.” No. Folks, this is my point. Obama looked at Biden as a sycophant. Biden was really valuable to Obama in one way, and that was he was a total sycophant. If Obama was in a jam and needed somebody… I’ll give you an example. In the 2012 Democrat convention, Biden gave the address, was introducing Obama.

It was one of the most syrupy, sugary… It was one of the most loyal speeches about somebody I’ve ever heard anybody give — and whether Biden meant it or not, he came across as though he did. Obama the greatest human being to live. Obama the most thoughtful. Obama the most considerate. Obama the smartest. Obama the greatest dad.

Obama the greatest grandfather, the great… Whatever it was, Obama was it and he excelled at it, and that’s all Biden’s speech was. I watched it, and I was mesmerized. I said, “To Obama, this is the value Biden brings,” but the fact of the matter is that Obama was continually embarrassed by the guy because aside from when he was on prompter, he’s famous for these gaffes that he makes, and he makes them all the time.

“That less than enthusiastic assessment [in Politico] of the presumed Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden, was made by former President Barack Obama according to a Democrat who was quoted in Friday’s Politico. In fact, that is but one of many examples cited that revealed Obama’s disdain, bordering on contempt, for Biden’s candidacy starting with the downer of a title, ‘”The President Was Not Encouraging”: What Obama Really Thought About Biden.'”

That’s the title of the story that ran Friday in Politico. Why would you do that on the Friday before the Democrat convention? Why would Barack Obama essentially participate in a story that does nothing but run Biden into the ground? What do you think? (interruption) Could it be that there is some jealousy? I mean, I can’t imagine it. (sigh) Could it be that Obama has no faith with the agenda that’s largely his and Crazy Bernie’s being in Biden’s hands?

Biden isn’t gonna be there long enough to have it matter anyway. You know, we never got any tell-all books after the Obama administration. We didn’t get any after the Clinton administration. We never get any Democrat tell-all books. We get Republican tell-all books all the time, even while the Republican president is still in office.

But we never get them about Democrats. This is the closest thing. Throughout the article in Politico on Friday you can see Biden acting like the Rodney Dangerfield of politics because he don’t get no respect from Obama, whose opinion of him is obviously much less than optimal. In other words, they’re not best friends forever. They’re not at all close. Everything you’ve been told about the Obama and Biden relationship was manufactured.

“Young White House aides frequently mocked Biden’s gaffes and lack of discipline in comparison to the almost clerical Obama. They would chortle at how Biden, like an elderly uncle at Thanksgiving, would launch into extended monologues that everyone had heard before.

“Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, who was known for his mind-meld with the president, wrote in his memoir that ‘in the Situation Room, Biden could be something of an unguided missile.’ … Anonymously sourced quotes from Obama kept appearing through the race. One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [screw] things up.'” He’s entirely capable of doing it.

Then the Politico story also had this. You ready for this? Politico, you would think, is in the tank for Biden. But obviously they’re not. Politico is in the tank for Obama. Now, Obama’s not on the ticket. But try this passage from this Politico story. “Biden’s own academic career was unimpressive–he repeated the third grade,” meaning he didn’t pass the third grade, folks. “He earned all Cs and Ds in his first three semesters at the University of Delaware except for As in P.E., a B in ‘Great English Writers.'” Well, you know why. He plagiarized the great English writers and still only got a B.

He got an F in ROTC, reserve officer training candidacy. He got an F in ROTC. He graduated number 76 in his Syracuse University law school class that had 85 students. So he’s number 76 out of 85. “He’s the first Democratic nominee since Walter Mondale in 1984 not to have an Ivy League degree.” Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter to these people. “He was not a binder person, Clinton and Obama aides said.”

What does that mean? It means he doesn’t have a binder of people that he knows, he doesn’t have a binder of contacts, he doesn’t have a binder of this and that. He’s just an idiot. Politico essentially runs a story claiming that Biden is an idiot. Academic career unimpressive. Repeated the third grade. Got all C’s and D’s in his first three semesters, University of Delaware.

“Biden admitted as much in his 2007 memoir Promises to Keep, writing ‘It’s important to read reports and listen to the experts; more important is being able to read people in power.'”

Another passage. “The Biden-Harris ticket has all the chemistry of an arranged marriage. They talk to each other from prepared notes. They talk about each other from prepared notes. They smile when together yet look terribly uncomfortable. The arrangement was meant to make other people happy.”

I’m telling you, folks, there is some major downloading on Joe Biden happening on the day of his convention, the Friday, the Saturday, all weekend long. This is why I thought and think that this is gonna be fun. We haven’t even gotten to the portion here where the Trump team has announced they’re gonna host a nightly recap of the Democrat convention. That’s never been done.

See, this is part of the massive change taking place. And you know what’s making this change possible is bandwidth, affordable bandwidth. Affordable bandwidth is what makes it possible to work remotely, to not have to pay exorbitant rent in New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles, yet be able to work there. So if you have a televised convention, if you’re going to have a recap of the convention, you almost have to have your own TV network.

Now, even Fox would not sell Trump an hour, I don’t believe, to do a recap of the Democrat convention ’cause the Fox News Channel, if there’s any recapping to do, they’ll have their people to do it. Not even Fox. But when we’re talking the internet, when we’re talking Zoom, we’re talking YouTube, whatever forum you want to use to reach people, the Trump campaign can do anything they want. They can go out there, they can have their own response to the convention every night. And since everybody’s gonna be watching the Democrat convention via streaming, how hard’s it gonna be to turn to the stream of the Trump team response?

This convention’s not on TV, right? I mean, the networks are covering what’s happening here, but there is no place to cover. I mean, speakers are speaking with no audience. There’s no delegates. There’s no rah-rah, there’s no whatever. So since the television coverage is not gonna be exclusive, then it opens up all kinds of possibilities for the Trump campaign to already have a built-in audience to do their nightly recap.

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