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RUSH: You know, folks, there’s so much negative news breaking today about Biden, I’m beginning to wonder why. Maybe it’s they don’t want me talking about what I think is gonna happen to New York, ’cause I’m telling you, it’s gonna be bad. Maybe… I’m joking, of course, but I really don’t know. This massive… Like two examples just cleared. This is John Solomon’s website, Just the News. It’s a new poll.

Scott Rasmussen: “Fewer than half of all voters say [Kamala] Harris is qualified to become president.” Fewer than half. That’s two polls now. The first poll says that 51% of African-Americans are not happy with her, and we know that’s true because CNN was doing panel discussions on it all morning and all afternoon. “Oh, no! What do we do about this?”

Then there’s this. “Jill Biden cheated on first husband with Joe, her ex claims.” This is from the U.K. Daily Mail: “Joe Biden and his wife Jill had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her ex-husband told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview. Bill Stevenson says that their story about how the presidential candidate fell in love with Jill after a blind date is made up.

“The way the Bidens tell their story, Joe saw a picture of Jill in March 1975 — after her marriage crashed — and they went on a date and have been together since. But Stevenson [the ex-husband] claims he and his then-wife [Jill] met Biden in 1972, when they worked on then-New Castle County Councilman Biden’s first campaign for the Senate.”

That’s kind of written weirdly. Let me tell you what that means. Stevenson, the ex-husband, the cuckolded guy, is claiming that he and his wife, Jill, met Biden in ’72 when they both were working on Biden’s first campaign for the Senate. This is back where he was an admitted segregationist, a proud one. “At the time, Biden was married to his first wife, Neilia, who died with their daughter, Naomi, in a car crash between the election and Biden taking his Senate seat.

“‘Jill and I sat in the Bidens’ kitchen,’ [the ex-husband] Stevenson said. ‘We worked on his campaign.’ Stevenson said he first suspected Biden and Jill were [doing he nasty] in August 1974; He was then 26, Jill was 23 and Joe was 31. ‘One of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close,’ [Stevenson] said,” that they were doing the nasty in public out there!

“That October he got confirmation when a man informed him [that Plugs] was driving his wife’s car and the two of them got into a fender bender. Stevenson said: ‘I asked Jill to leave the house, which she did… I considered Joe a friend. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill.'” So, why is this stuff hitting now? Anybody want to hazard a guess? Maybe they don’t want me talking about what I think is gonna happen in New York and LA.

It can’t be that. That would mean they’d care what happens to Cuomo. This is just really… Now, the real big one… That’s one thing. Now Plugs is gonna have to survive this. See, Trump’s already survived. He’s had the Access Hollywood video. He’s already survived everything. Now Plugs may have to respond to the fact that he and Jill had an illicit affair out there — were doing the nasty — before the ex-wife got divorced.

Now this daily poll with Scott Rasmussen: “Asked if Harris, a freshman California senator, is ‘qualified to serve as president of the United States’ if ‘it were to become necessary,’ just 47% of poll respondents said yes.” Folks, do you know how big that is? She is being chosen with the 95% likelihood that she is going to be president in the first six months of next year. Let’s just be blunt about this.

She was picked knowing full well that she is going to move into the Oval Office at some point very soon, if these people win — if Plugs wins — that she is gonna be moving in the Oval Office as president very soon. Because it is widely expected, it’s widely thought, it’s widely being planned for that Joe Biden is not going to be president for very long.

There are some people who think that he’ll resign the next day. Some think he’ll take, you know, a month or two to resign. This is all predicated on if he wins. I don’t think he’s gonna win. I think all this is moot. But the point is that if the person… This really further makes curious her selection. The first woman out of the Democrat primary… Stop and think of this in a political context, my good friends.

The first candidate out of the Democrat primary before there was even a primary, before there was a single vote cast — the first woman to withdraw because she had no prayer — was Kamala Harris. Of all the people in the Democrat Party to pick as not just your running mate, but the guaranteed person to become president very soon after Biden wins, is a woman who was the first out of the race because she couldn’t generate enough support to even stay in the first election.

This is always… This fact alone has really stunned me in terms of her selection. Now, I know some people say that she was chosen to appease Silicon Valley. Well, fine and dandy. But Silicon Valley is gonna vote for Biden no matter what, and they’re gonna give Biden money no matter what. And Google is going to do whatever it’s gonna do to punish Trump, whether Kamala Harris is the VP candidate or not.

So I don’t know how far the appeasement of Silicon Valley goes, because it’s not as though their support’s up for grabs. Now, there are some people who think that there are some Silicon Valley people that actually like Trump and who might go his way. But Microsoft? No. Google? No. Facebook? No. Twitter? No way. Maybe Apple, maybe Tim Cook is going with… But even that, if that happens, nobody will know it.

So it effectively doesn’t count. So we got two negative polls on Kamala. A, African-Americans do not support her in a majority sense, and now this: Only 47% think she is qualified. This stuff’s coming out the day that their virtual convention begins. Then the news that Jill Biden slept on her husband, having an affair with Plugs, and that’s how they got together. So, I mean, it’s fascinating, but, folks, let me…

I know it’s repetitive, but I have to tell you one more time that I say this the right way. They picked as someone who, if Biden wins, is guaranteed to move into the Oval Office in a very short period of time after Biden wins, after he’s inaugurated. They picked somebody who had the least — by a significant amount, the least — amount of support of anybody that actually ran for the nomination on the Democrat side.

There were a lot of people that ran. There was Andrew Yang out there. There was Tulsi Gabbard out there. You had Pocahontas. You had Crazy Bernie. You had a long list of people. Long list. In fact, it was so big, they had to have two debates, one on a Wednesday night, one on a Thursday night to account for ’em all. They had obscure governors here and there, and it may have been 23 people total.

Of the 23 people they picked — and it’s they; it’s not just Biden. They pick the candidate who garnered the least amount of money and the least amount of support? Now, they can see this as easily as I, so what’s the real reason she was chosen? Is the real reason she was chosen that somebody in the Democrat Party really wants her to be president, but they knew she would never get there on her own?

Remember I had a theory. I was telling you this theory last week and the week before it, that Biden isn’t running his campaign. We know this is the case because he simply doesn’t have the mental capability to do it. I’m not making fun. I’m not laughing at him. I’m being factually here as honest as I can. He’s got some mental acuity problems.

Everybody knows it. Everybody acknowledges it. And I have long thought that there’s either a person or a group of people that are actually running this campaign to put them in office but never be seen. They didn’t run. They didn’t have to spend any money. They didn’t have to get into a primary. They didn’t have to suffer any kind of rejection. But the people running the Biden campaign are the people that are gonna be running the country.

This is my theory, ’cause Plugs isn’t up to it.

Now they choose Kamala, and I don’t know; do you pick her because somebody in this group really, really wants her to be president because she will do whatever they say, and the only way to get her there was to make her the VP because she couldn’t get there on her own? Look, there’s gotta be an explanation for it. And if we keep throwing things up against the wall, I’m sure that it’ll occur to me — which I, of course, will do.

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