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RUSH: Josh in Neenah, Wisconsin. It’s near Appleton. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m doing great, sir. I’m glad you called. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Very good. It’s beautiful here. I just wanted to first off let you know we’re sending our prayers from our family to you. (crosstalk)

RUSH: I appreciate that. I think they’re working, sir. I really do think they’re working. I appreciate that.

CALLER: That’s wonderful. I’ll get right to the point here. What I was calling about was, like you said, we’re from Wisconsin; we’re getting bombarded by advertisements for Trump and Biden both. When Trump first started putting advertisements out, they were really pro-American to the point they could make the hair on your arm stand up.

And, you know, make you really proud of our country. And it seems that it’s flipped where he’s attacking. And we’ve been Trump supporters and still are and will be in 2020. But Biden’s put out advertisements that can almost fool you into thinking that he’s just like, you know, me and my wife and our three children and he’s all-American and honestly, I’m talking (crosstalk) —

RUSH: Wait. Wait a minute. Are you saying that Trump’s TV commercials are negative, that they’re fear based?

CALLER: Correct. Exactly. (crosstalk)

RUSH: And Plugs’ commercials — Biden’s commercials — are positive and upbeat and pro-America?

CALLER: Exactly, and the thing is (crosstalk) —

RUSH: OK. Now, wait. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. I have not seen one of these fear-based Trump commercials. Could you describe one for me?

CALLER: Well, there’s one in particular where there’s this older gal watching television about the riots and all this stuff. And there’s a guy sneaking around her house and tries to break in and she calls 911, and it shows… It’s saying what it would be in Biden’s America. The Biden ones are him, you know, driving a Corvette and, you know, showing him and his family.

RUSH: OK. All right. I’ve seen that commercial. I’ve seen that commercial. Let me respond here as only I can. That commercial that you say is fear based is right on the money! The Democrat Party is in the process of defunding police departments in states and cities that they run. And that Trump commercial is an illustration of what’s gonna happen after they succeed.

You’re gonna call 911, and nobody’s coming — or, if they do come, it’s gonna be 45 minutes, it’s gonna be an hour or what have you. It is something to be scared about! The Democrat Party is something to be very, very worried about and scared about. Now, as for Biden, Biden is stealing the Trump agenda. I’ve marveled at this. Biden is doing everything he can to make it look like the Democrat Party is pro-America, pro-jobs, pro-this, pro-that.

It is the exact opposite of what the Democrat Party actually is going to do. Now, you would say, “Well, I don’t care, Rush. It’s still effective. It’s making it look like that the Biden campaign’s pro-America, that Trump is scaring people and so forth.” I don’t blame the Trump people for that commercial. I think defunding the cops is a horrible thing, and they are doing it. They actually are going to defund the police!

They’re going to try to — what’s the word? — rearrange, reimagine the way police departments act. The police chief in Seattle just quit because she can’t deal with it anymore! She can’t handle it anymore. They’re cutting her budget. They’re making it impossible for her to lead the department. This is in Seattle. And it is something that everybody needs to be aware of.

And the media, sir, is not covering what’s happening in these blue states. They’re not covering what’s happening in Portland, not covering what’s happening in Seattle. So the Trump campaign is doing what it can to educate people about it. The other side of this with the Biden campaign trying to run pro-America commercials: This is something that’s gonna have to be dealt with because they’re lying through their teeth.

And this is something that if they’re not careful, they’re going to alarm their own supporters. This is not how their own supporters see America. And it just is another sign, another indication that the Democrats have an identity crisis that they are very aware of. Not just Biden commercials, but I’ve actually heard Biden speak from his basement, and it has been plagiarism in terms of literally co-opting the Trump economic agenda and positive aspects of it.

Now, I want to try to combine that analysis with something else here regarding Kamala Harris as the nominee. If you go back to the actual Democrat primaries and the presidential campaign, remember I said she was the first to drop out; she was polling the absolute lowest. I mean, the fact of the matter is that during the moment of truth when the Democrat voters around the country were in the process of judging and analyzing all these different 16-20 people running for the presidential nomination, Democrat voters wanted nothing to do her.

I don’t mean to sound mean. I’m just telling you. They wanted nothing to do with her. She was not lighting it up. She was not creating any enthusiasm. Even when she went after Plugs and said that she believed the women who said that Plugs harassed them, when she we want after Plugs as a dyed-in-the-wool segregationist racist, all of that stuff was calculated.

It was memorized. I tell you, the problem with Kamala Harris is that she’s fake, and she’s allowing them to fake her up even more. She is a total fake. She will say whatever they put on that teleprompter. The truth of who she is is the truth of what the Democrat Party is. So Democrat voters… Here’s the connection: Democrat voters wanted nothing to do with her, and yet Democrat power brokers have chosen her as essentially the presidential nominee.

“What do you mean?” Folks, I don’t know how long Biden’s gonna make it. But all this talk about him not serving a second term? He’s not going to serve a first term if he wins. He may serve a day and then quit; he may serve a week and then quit. Or he may not even serve at all. He may have to resign before election. He may resign after the election if he wins it and turn it over to Kamala. My point is, she was rejected.

She was among the first rejected by Democrat voters, and now she’s the choice of Democrat power brokers. She was so deeply flawed as a candidate that she dropped out before a single vote was cast in the primaries. Are you aware of that? She didn’t wait until she lost a primary. She got out before a single vote was cast. She ran out of money. She couldn’t raise any money. She couldn’t find anybody enthusiastic.

And now? Now she has been chosen by power brokers in the Democrat Party over everybody else in that roster to essentially become the president if something happens to Plug and he wins. Now, the fact is, as I have been saying all day, it doesn’t really matter who Biden chose because we are still fighting the Democrat Party.

We’re fighting the same bunch of people we have been fighting my entire adult life and yours. We are fighting liberalism, except now it has unabashedly and proudly opened up to full Marxism and communism. No matter the phony moderate record of team Biden, the fact is, the Democrat Party is now home to the domestic equivalent of the old Soviet Union.

Yes, I intended to say it, and, yes, I mean it. You’re seeing it play out nightly in Chicago. How about…? Did you see the sound bite — we got it here if I can find it — of the woman that said looting is essentially reparations because these businesses have insurance? Let me see if I can find it. Is it number 16? Play it. Three, two, one…

ATKINS: I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike because that makes sure that that person eats, that makes sure that that person has clothes, that makes sure that that person can make some kind of money because this city obviously doesn’t care about them. Not only that, that’s reparations. That is reparations.

RUSH: The woman’s name is Ariel Atkins. This was during a Black Lives Matter protest last Monday in support of looters who were arrested. “I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or Macy’s or Nike because that makes sure that that person eats, that person has clothes, it makes sure that person can make some kind of money.” Make money, by stealing it. She went on to say that these businesses all have insurance. They’re gonna be paid off. This is reparations.

That’s the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is not gonna condemn that. And it doesn’t matter if Kamala Harris is the vice presidential nominee or not, that is who the Democrat Party is. And you’re seeing this stuff play out every night in Chicago and Seattle, in Portland, in Minneapolis, almost anywhere and everywhere Democrat governors and mayors are ruling unchecked.

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